To The Australian         Danny Gilbert claims ("For too long constitutionally invisible, indigenous Australians need their voice", 30/8) that Aboriginal constitutional recognition and our Aboriginals being heard "cannot be separated". That is patently untrue. Aboriginals have been heard and are being heard in all sorts of ways with powerful interests supporting them and massive government funding being provided. All this despite no mention in the Constitution, a document which happily treats all Australians today on an equal footing. Gilbert ignores the major objections to recognition of Aboriginals constitutionally - that it is fundamentally inequitable, divisive and dangerous to our security and stability as a nation. Instead he resorts to a ridiculous sweeping statement that our Aboriginals "have always been out in the cold." On the contrary, throughout our history there have been many fruitful interactions between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians and many Aboriginals have led most rewarding lives.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic