Here is the standard European rape story, but I note the historical irony in it:

“Police have launched a manhunt for an ‘Asian’ man after a teenager in a small Buckinghamshire village was raped in an alleyway. The victim was standing in an alleyway in Hazlemere, an English village known to date back more than 800 years, at around 8 p.m. on March 15th when a stranger grabbed her and proceeded to rape her, police said. Appealing for information from the public on Friday, Thames Valley Police released an e-fit of the attacker, described as “an Asian man, around thirty to forty-year-old, short and of large build, with a tattoo on his forearm.” Investigating officer Detective Constable David Mitchell of Force CID based at High Wycombe said: “We have been conducting a thorough investigation into this horrific offence and the victim is being supported by specially trained officers.”

     The people of 800 years ago would never have allowed the events leading to this to have happened, which is a good argument that modernity represents a vast moral regress. Whatever.
This video should be watched before it is taken down, made illegal, or all of the above:

“Written questions by Geert Wilders, Marie-Fleur Agema and Raymond de Roon, Members of the House of Representatives of the Netherlands belonging to the Party for Freedom (PVV), submitted to the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs about the arrest of British activist and Islam critic Tommy Robinson: 1) Have you heard about the arrest of British activist and Islam critic Tommy Robinson for “breaching the peace,” while he was covering a trial of Islamic rapists, and that he was within a few hours convicted to 13 months imprisonment? What do you think of this madness? 2) Do you realize that, if the said Islam critic has to spend his jail sentence among Islamic criminals, this may cost him his life? What is your opinion of this? 3) Does, according to you, freedom of speech also apply to Islam critics in the EU and are you willing to immediately voice your dissatisfaction about this violation of freedom of speech by the United Kingdom to your British colleague and demand his attention for the personal safety of the person involved? If not, why not? 4) Do you and your colleagues in the EU realize that you cannot silence the dissatisfaction in society about Islamization by prosecuting or arresting Islam critics, and that a large segment of the population will at a certain time no longer accept this and turn against you and your colleagues? 5) Can you answer these questions before Tuesday, May 29, 11 am?”

     Homework viewing:

     However, there is another point of view that should be considered which is a bit prickly to discuss here, but these guys do it:

     Readers are now well informed and can make up their own mind. Either way, the whole incident shows that the iron fist of the state has been taken out of its silk glove, if it ever was in one.