The weakness of President Trump was revealed yet again by his remarks about the Obama administration spying on his campaign, when he said that if he had done it, Obama and the Democrat thugs would have been after him for treason:

“President Trump ripped into Obama and his administration for 'spying' on his presidential campaign, claiming if the same had happened to the former president it would be considered treason, audio tapes obtained by reveal. In Trump's Enemies: How the Deep State Is Undermining the Presidency, authors Corey Lewandowski, Trump's campaign manager, and David Bossie, deputy campaign manager and part of the transition team, sat down with Trump for a 45-minute interview, covering a wide-range of topics, including the Mueller probe, fake news and his strained relationship with Obama. When asked if he believed Obama knew that his appointed CIA chief John Brennan and director of national intelligence (DNI) James Clapper were conducting surveillance on citizens, specifically members of his campaign, Trump said he believed the former president was aware of what they were doing. Trump responded: 'Personally, I think he knew. Yeah. Just remember what they did.

The authors write in their new book, which is out on Tuesday: 'We have little doubt that Obama had let his intelligence agencies spiral out of control during his eight years in office, even going so far as to either implicitly or explicitly allow them to conduct surveillance on citizens of the United States on domestic soil—and not just any citizens, but members of the Trump campaign.' The two claim people at the top of Obama's government were more left-leaning than in any administration in history, and they felt threatened by the incoming Trump administration, leading to 'treasonous' surveillance and sparking the Russia probe. But Trump believes the investigation has made his supporters even more loyal, saying: 'I think it makes my base stronger. 'I would have never said this to you. But I think the level of love now is far greater than when we won.'”

     The great irony here is that after all the evidence against Obama and Hillary Clinton, Trump does nothing. My hypothesis is that the Deepers may something big on him, whether he did that something or not, as well as most of the others and that they have set boundaries. If Trump was to step out of line then Pandora’s box will be opened.