I am dug in, with my family and plenty of food and guns, here in florida. I am in what is generally regarded as a safe suburb, but, depending on whether or not there is civil war here, nobody is safe.




“Rioters quickly moved from a business district in northeast Portland onto residential streets after police declared a riot condition. Anti-capitalist, anti-police rioters marched through a neighborhood overturning trashcans and shouting at residents.

Rioters took to the streets of a northeast Portland business district and began vandalizing the windows of companies, Breitbart News reported Saturday night. Portland Police Bureau officials quickly declared the demonstration dubbed “Capitalism is Scary” to be a riot and ordered their immediate dispersal.”


Let them come; the ordinary people are getting sick of this leftist nonsense, and we must whether this storm, like we do those that Mother Nature throws at us. And, Trump faces even worse:


“J. Michael Waller, an expert on strategic communication and unconventional conflict and vice president for government relations at the Center for Security Policy, said at a webinar with reporters on Wednesday that federal officials should be prepared for violent mobs on the streets of Washington, DC, that could attempt to attack the White House if President Donald Trump is victorious in winning a second term.

“We have to prepare for these mobs by the tens of thousands if not more right in downtown Washington, DC … and storm the White House,” Waller said.

Waller said that D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser is playing a role in what could be post-election violence by instructing the city’s police to stand down when protests become violent, even if their targets are senior officials in the White House or Congress.

Waller compared the Black Lives Matter Plaza set up under Bowser’s leadership to the kind of staging areas used to conduct massive anti-government coups in places like Eastern Europe and Iran that he has studied in the past. Waller said:

They need a staging area that’s right close to the seat of power. What Mayor Bowser has done now for half a year is she has cut off a prime commuter avenue — 16th Street NW in Washington, DC,— with high end hotels and the headquarters of the AFLCIO and other big unions — from a block north of the White House on the other side of Lafayette Park … extending the length of three football fields.

“It remains a closed-off staging area armored with concrete barriers,” Waller said.

Waller said Trump should federalize D.C. police to enhance security around the White House.

“[Trump’s] first duty as president is to protect the presidency as an institution and when you have organized violent groups saying that they are going to lay siege to the White House — burn it down,” Waller said, “the president has to treat that very seriously.”

          The answer is to put the US military around the White House, backed by tanks and attack helicopters with 50 calibre machine guns. Zombie apocalypse proof, just like in the movies.