Is humanity prepared for the coming pandemic? It is inevitable that in the concentrated sweathouses of humanity, called modern diverse societies, disease will rise and strike, like an enraged cobra.

“Researchers from the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security designed a frighteningly realistic scenario to see how prepared the government is for a global pandemic, and the exercise showed how woefully unprepared we are for such a situation. The researchers came up with a scenario that included a disease that could realistically exist and tested it to see how it would play out in a world that contains the same resources that we have today. In the simulation, a committee met to advise the president and discuss how to respond to the imaginary virus around one month after it had first appeared, striking 400 people and killing 50. The parainfluenza virus Clade X was bioengineered and released by a fictional group whose goal was reducing the world population. They were modeled after the cult that released sarin gas on the Tokyo subway in 1995. Those struck by the virus suffered from confusion, fever and coughing, with many also experiencing brain swelling that plunged them into a potentially deadly coma.

When the Clade X simulation was carried out in real time, those who would respond to such a situation in real life were involved. Some of the players included former CDC director Julie Gerberding and former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle. At the end of the day-long simulation, which represented 20 months since the beginning of the outbreak, 150 million people across the planet were dead, with as many as 20 million deaths in America alone. The designer of the Clade X simulation, Eric Toner, told Business Insider that the exercise illustrated how even experienced and knowledgeable public officials who have been through crises in the past can struggle to deal with this type of situation. He said it all boils down to a lack of proper response systems. He said that a disease like this would be capable of killing as many as 900 million people, which is roughly a tenth of the population.”

     This projection of the death of about a tenth of humanity is wildly optimistic. The Spanish flu (actually from China), infected 500 million people in 1918, which was one third of the population, and killed 50 million of them. But, the world of 1918, was much more decentralised that the sardine tins we live in today. We can expect infection rates to be much higher than anything  yet seen, given that genetically engineered viruses will be more lethal than anything humanity has experienced, and that the concentration of population into small areas because of mass migration will lead to people dying like hens in a battery farm.

     As well as this, modern society depends upon the worker grunters coming to work to keep the system rolling along, and mass infections will grind things to a halt. The entire fabric of society could collapse within days. It is not a pleasant thought, but it is difficult to see how this problem could be addressed as it is an inevitable part of modernist expansion. Most may well die in their own biological wastes. We must ensure that this is not our fate.