Another great story by the even greater Andrew Bolt, Australia’s best journalist.

“No need for communist China to invade.  Victoria's police have already raised the dictatorship's flag over a police station in a heavily Chinese suburb. And guess who came to cut the cake to celebrate the dictatorship's birthday? Why, it's Gladys Liu, the Liberal MP tied to China's propaganda arm. My editorial from The Bolt Report.

     Sure, it is multicultural madness, but we have not seen anything yet. There has been a public sphere debate about whether Australia should follow the traditional friend, the US, or jump ship against Western civilisation and go with China, as that is what is needed for trade, apparently.  What do they call those who sell their bodies for money again? Expect to see in a few years’ time, the communist Chines flag flying over parliament house Canberra, since the pollies are pretty much owned by China now anyway: