This moves everything absurd into the impossible category. What happens when someone who did not want to have sex at all, and ran in the other direction goes down for rape? Why not have a lottery with all men’s names in and just Randomly draw out a name every few minutes to prosecute or execute? Can the system get more putrid? Sure, it can, because as always, good men do nothing, or so little that it simply gets washed away:

“A male student at Columbia University is claiming in a recently filed lawsuit that a female student falsely accused him of rape after he denied her advances. According to a report from the New York Post, expelled Columbia University student Ben Feibleman has filed a lawsuit against the university. Fiebleman claims that the university wrongly expelled him from the school after a female peer falsely accused him of rape. Moreover, Fiebleman claims that the female student only accused him of rape after he refused to sleep with her. According to the lawsuit, Fiebleman and the female student were engaging in consensual kissing before he ultimately decided to slow things down. Fiebleman pointed out that they must stop because the female student had a boyfriend at the time. At that point, the female student allegedly began to verbally berate Fiebleman.

The lawsuit recalls a 2014 incident at Columbia University featuring Emma Sulkowicz, who is known by some as “Mattress Girl.” Former Columbia student Paul Nungesser settled a lawsuit with the university after it encouraged Sulkowicz to participate in a performance art demonstration that involved carrying a mattress around campus. Sulkowicz even carried the mattress with her onto the stage during commencement. Nungesser, who has maintained his innocence, argued that Columbia’s endorsement of the performance art piece hurt his reputation. Nungesser was ultimately found not responsible for the alleged assault of Sulkowicz by Columbia’s administration. In 2015, Sulkowicz released a bizarre sex tape recreation of her alleged encounter with Nungesser. In the video, Sulkowicz and a male portraying Nungesser engage in consensual sex. At one point during the staged encounter, Sulkowicz withdraws consent but the male actor forces her to continue engaging in intercourse.”

     It makes no sense at all, but that is the point of the New World Insanity: it is not meant to make sense.