The Catholic Church reads like a branch of the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, whatever it is called now. First, it was the Pope, now it is the entire structure of the Vatican clamouring for mass immigration to the West, unending.

“Cardinal Anders Arborelius said in an interview Thursday that although many world leaders do not follow his advice, Pope Francis has a “prophetic voice” regarding immigration and many people are in fact listening to him. Speaking with Crux, a U.S.-based online Catholic website, the bishop of Stockholm said that “not many political partners” follow Francis totally, but “people of all creeds and opinions are listening to him, so there is always a possibility for him to help people open up for a more positive outlook on migration.” The pope himself has said that this is indeed his goal, to effect a “change in mindset” regarding immigration. Arborelius, who received the cardinal’s hat from Pope Francis last year, said that despite the rise in populism and nationalism he does not think “that the entire European project is in danger,” but lamented the fact that “every nation is eager to follow its own policy in these matters.” The cardinal said that he regretted Sweden’s tightening of its immigration policy in response to a sharp increase in violent crimes linked to migrants. Like so many countries, he said, Sweden “has changed its attitude and it is much more difficult for refugees to enter the country. I am sorry that Sweden’s policy is not as positive as Pope Francis thought.”

     So, this fellow does not have a concern about crime and terrorism, only immigration, indicating that this is his new religious faith. After all, some bishops are so dedicated to the mass immigration of Muslims, that they are proposing that all the churches be turned into mosques:

     This is something that the Catholic Church must do, to be completely consistent  with its policy of embracing multicult diversity. And, while they are at it, their vast wealth can be given to these mosques, and to all the immigrants, as a true gesture of humility. Go on, do it, I dare you!

“The Catholic Church in Australia is worth tens of billions of dollars, making it one of the country’s biggest non-government property owners, and massively wealthier than it has claimed in evidence to major inquiries into child sexual abuse. A six-month investigation by The Sydney Morning Herald has found that the church misled the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse by grossly undervaluing its property treasures in both NSW and Victoria while claiming that increased payments to abuse victims would require cuts to its social programs.”

     Perhaps we would listen if this organisation started telling the truth about its wealth.