Liberals, fanatic followers of the manic cult of political correctness, went into a feeding frenzy when photographs, allegedly of  illegal migrant children were posted on the net. Oh my god, little illegals separated from their parents! But, then all of the hate Tweets directed against President Trump were deleted when it was pointed out that the photographs were taken in 2014, under the regime of magic prezzy Obama. No, the libtards did not say; no, this is bad, and it was bad that Obama allowed this. If they had any honesty or consistency, that is what they would have done. Instead, they showed their true red colours by simply going into damage control.
The usual suspects were involved, including Hollywood wankers, who lack the courage of their alleged convictions. We should not be surprised, since acting is a rather false profession, making money out of pretending to be someone one is not. If I am still permitted to hate, then I hate actors intensely.