To The Age         Dvir Abramovich wants "anti-bias and Holocaust education compulsory in every class" ("An anti-Semitism crisis in our schools", 5/10). That is excessive, surely! What should be taught pervasively throughout the whole primary and secondary curriculum is respect for all one's fellow human beings who, no matter what their ethnic ancestry, are members of the one human race. This means no bullying; it also means the cultivation of long-attested values such as acceptance of the dignity of the person, compassion, fair play, prudence, gentleness, courage, co-operation within community and patience when disagreement arises. This does not mean that affection for and loyalty towards one's particular ethnic ancestors should be disregarded or demeaned, but it does mean that anything that smacks of political indoctrination should be avoided.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic