President Trump has upset the UK (decay) applecart, with his statement that immigration is essentially destroying Britain.

“Donald J Trump’s explosive UK tabloid interview has “hit the establishment like a bombshell”, Nigel Farage has said, remarking that the U.S. President ‘gets’ the public’s concern over mass migration. Speaking on Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM on Friday, after a tabloid interview with President Trump sent shockwaves across the globalist media, Farage asserted the President “recognises and understands” why immigration has become “the number one issue across all of European politics”. President Trump’s remarks to The Sun provoked fury from leftist British lawmakers, who branded his distress at seeing millions of third world migrants pour into Europe “racist”, and said the President’s criticism of London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s stance on terror was “Islamophobic”.

     Yawn. Do the progressive bullies have any real arguments to offer against President Trump beyond the primary school “but it’s racist,” mantra, as if that stops all debates now? And, banning pro-Trump rallies, simply shows how  corrupt the system is:

     Anyway, the much-hyped Trump baby blimp, a mock balloon of the Donald, failed to gain height. The blimp would have soared to a height over London enabling a royal view of all the stabbings, gang rapes of children, and everything else London is famous for, but it only went to a height of a small tree. Perhaps this is a symbolic thing, showing that the Left will only go so high before their wings of wax melt, like a modern street-scum version of Icarus. Meanwhile back at the ranch in the US of Decay, you can be freely groped and subjected to body cavity searches by airport officials. Next, they will be sawing people in half to do real body cavity searches, trailing through the entrails, so to speak. Nope, no nuclear bombs in this body. Next. Never mind that the US border is so open that any terrorist could bring a nuclear bomb across, if he had one to spare.

     San Francisco leads the descent into the zombie apocalypse, as social decay, with mountains of HIV-laden syringes, aggressive mentally-ill homeless people with sharp objects, and swamplands  of human waste, some  faecal, fills the streets: