London, which has more killings now than New York, continues to have exploding, or is it slashing, knife crime:

     The emperor of London is getting deadly serious about all of this, banning knives and searching white people, in a stop and fondle policy:

     This will do nothing, because the people doing the killing are not going to be frisked by police, because that is racist, and anyway, it is more fun to terrorise the soft white bunnies. Be that as it may, even in the US, knives are used more than guns to kill: 

     It may take a bit of effort to make a gun, but knives are dead simple. You don’t even have to be very sharp to do it!  They make shanks in prison, so they get the point. Some have been made out of toilet paper, but don’t ask me how, it is a gaol secret, and I would not want to take the edge off of things. Today they ban knives, but tomorrow they ban puns.