Hussein Obama, who most libtards would be happy to have as global emperor, is back, promoting racial harmony as never before; officially backing the grabbing of the land of Whites in South Africa:

“Former US President Barack Obama has officially endorsed South Africa's leaders for introducing new laws to seize land from White farmers. The South African Government amended the country's constitution this week, allowing for the seizure of farmland owned by White people, without compensation. On Tuesday, South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa vowed to confiscate farmland owned by the White farmers since 1600s, and "return" it to the country's Black population, by introducing a constitutional amendment in parliament. Race killings and violent land grabs have reached epidemic levels in the country, with some referring to the crisis as "White genocide." Following Ramaphosa's promise to take back land from the countries White minority and give it to Black citizens, thousands of South African farming families have arrived in Russia after fleeing their farms for fear of death as the government, and violent mobs, take land from White citizens.During a speech at the 2018 Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture in Johannesburg, Obama praised Ramaphosa for amending the constitution and legalizing the theft of land from White farmers without compensating them.”

     He should not be surprised to find that Obama has come out in support of the new anti-white racist laws of South Africa. Again, White South Africans must vote with their feet, and hope that Vlad Putin is interested in taking in a race of hard working people. South Africa can expect to become as prosperous as Zimbabwe is now, in its future.