The breakdown of American institutions is proceeding rapidly, so Australians need to pay close attention to what happens, because when giants fall, the ground trembles. Here is the US legal system in action:

“A liberal jury and judge in Berkeley, California, has issued a ruling of “not guilty” for five Antifa thugs who nearly murdered a man during a violent political clash that took place in the city’s Civic Center Park back on March 4, 2017. According to, the jury had already unanimously decided “early on” that the five defendants who provoked and physically attacked Trump supporters at the “March on Berkeley” event were not guilty of committing any crimes – even though they were visibly seen doing so – but they went through the motions of a trial anyway. In case you missed all of the details, anti-Trump Antifa extremists decided to launch full-scale war on Trump supporters who attended a series of what would have otherwise been peaceful marches in Berkeley in support of the president. One Trump supporter in particular by the name of Moshe Daniel Quillinan bore the brunt of this violent assault, sustaining injuries to his head that could have killed him.

Quillinan was simply minding his own business as he sat quietly on a wall near some firefighters who ended up intervening to save his life when the Antifa terrorists started to beat him to death. They wrapped a large bandage around his head and waited with him while friends arrived to take him to the hospital. Quillinan later sued the individuals in question, only to have the justice system stack itself against him simply because of his political beliefs. Because Quillinan supports President Trump, both the jury and judge in the case politicized their decision against him. They ultimately decided that the Antifa members who attacked Quillinan did nothing wrong, basically implying that Quillinan deserved what he got.”

     At this point the rule of law has been undermined by the division of America into warring political tribes. Sure, for the orthodox conservative, this is shocking, just like war is shocking, but at some point people will need to make a reality check and understand just how deep the swamp actually is. As I see it, the swamp that Trump talked about pretty much covers the entire society. How does one repair something which has already fallen apart? Surely, only by rebuilding it again from the ground up after the Fall. It is not going to be easy, as Civil War 2.0, is in its  early stages: