I have been paying attention to knife crimes here in Britain, because, well, I am a knife collector, or rather was many years ago, and still own a butter knife sharp enough to spread butter on my morning crumpet. That’s something.

“Gang members in London and the wider country are taking part in a deadly game in which they receive varying points for stabbing or shooting victims in different parts of the body. The system of point scoring sees 50 points given for an attack on the head or face, 30 points for the chest, 20 for the stomach, and so on. The gang members often brag about the points they have racked up in rap videos posted to YouTube and other social media. One such victim of this type of crime was Rhyhiem Barton, a 17-year-old boy who was shot in South London last year. Barton had himself been seen in a video rapping about “the scorecard” in a drill music video seen over 300,000 times. Barton was involved in a mentorship programme and his mentor, Sayce Holmes-Lewis, told Sky News: “Is there a literal scoreboard? Yes. People are keeping count of the attacks that each organisation is carrying out.” Mr Holmes-Lewis continued: “You stab a person in the head or the chest you get a certain number of points. You get varying points for the severity of the violent act. Young people’s reality seems to be very warped when it comes to violence. They think it is a game. Taking somebody out and killing somebody is now fun.”

“These videos are not being taken down quickly enough and they should be screened before they go on,” he added. “I know it’s very difficult with the high volume of traffic on social media but these are young people — young people are dying as a result of some of these things that are being released on YouTube, on Instagram and Snapchat and more needs to be done.”     Of course, social media giants are too busy controlling whites protesting about genocide, such as being targeted by gangs who want to slice and dice them, to worry about such videos. And, if you cry out when you are being cut to pieces, then of course, you are a racist. If you die in silence then you still are a racist. Consider:

“A magistrate defending his family against an armed gang who stormed his home ended up being arrested himself – and accused of a racially aggravated assault. Police detained Nigel Stringer for three hours and he remains under investigation while the gang – believed to have been armed with a gun, knives, metal bars and a crossbow – were allowed to leave. The 67-year-old, who has been a magistrate for 26 years, is now standing down to pursue a private prosecution against the men. His wife Cindy, 55, says she lives in constant fear following the terrifying events of January 14. Mr Stringer says justice 'runs in my blood', with his grandfather and parents having careers in policing. But he said: 'They would all turn in their graves to know that modern political correctness caused my son and I to be taken from our home for defending our family. 'In detaining us the police left my wife and daughters unprotected with some of the gang still in and around our garden.' The millionaire property developer believes the incident – during which both sides allegedly used the racially incendiary n-word – may have arisen from a bitter dispute with a tenant over rent arrears. Mr Stringer was enjoying a Sunday afternoon with his wife and three children aged 26, 24 and 22 at their £2million, 40-room home in Morningthorpe, near Norwich, when three cars pulled up at the gates and a group of men climbed into the grounds.

He rang 999. 'I told the operator we were under attack,' he said. 'I could see at least three men running between the trees. One had a weapon which looked like a crossbow. The others had steel bars.' When a fourth man armed with what appeared to be a handgun started banging on their glass front door, Mr Stringer said he was compelled to act. He grabbed a child's hockey stick and confronted the intruder. 'My son told me he had seen a gun,' he said. 'I went outside and I kept shouting loudly at him to leave and that the police were on the way. 'I used my hands and the stick to push him away from the house. He kept punching and kicking me. I was by that time bruised, bleeding and utterly exhausted.' Mr Stringer said he was then horrified to see four other men on the other side of a hedge urging their companion with phrases such as: 'Go on my n*****, slog him.' He said: 'I had no strength left, I only had my voice and I tried to find the most shocking words to shout, thinking that if they came through that hedge we could be killed. There was nobody there to save us, we were alone. 'Using their own words, I shouted 'and if you n*****s come into my garden I will f***ing hit you with this'. I merely flung their own words back at them. I am not racist.' The other men retreated to their cars by the gate, where they stood holding a crossbow, claimed Mr Stringer. Moments before police arrived, the remaining intruder made a 999 call saying he had been attacked by two men, suffered numerous injuries and racially abused. Five police cars then arrived and officers arrested Mr Stringer and his son on suspicion of a racially aggravated attack. Police briefly questioned the men at the gate but none was arrested.”

     A common tale, but all true. It is more important to keep whites in line than to deal with home invasion, because the only really important crimes ar thought crimes:


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