Well, Four Corners, which brings to my mind a tasty square meat pie (coming senility), certainly took a bite at the international student-marketed-universities with its exposure of universities ignoring English language requirements to bring in the big payers …  yes sir, we love those Renminbi with their glorious picture of Chairman Mao, not that I am saying that there is anything wrong with that:

“The University of Tasmania (UTAS) has announced an external review of international admissions processes following allegations students are being admitted despite not meeting English requirements. Four Corners, which aired on Monday night, contained allegations Australian universities have been waiving their own English entry standards in a bid to attract more high-paying international students. The report cited an email from a UTAS staff member, which referred to "waiving" English requirements. "As a part of our last-mile efforts to encourage acceptances for July 2018, the university will be waiving the English condition in order to assist the students who are yet to meet their English conditions," the email read. The email went on to say students could provide documents to the university showing work experience in English, or two English tests combined where one fails to reach the admission standard in an attempt to get an English waiver, the Four Corners report said. In a statement released this afternoon, UTAS vice-chancellor Professor Rufus Black denied the university treated international students like "cash cows".

"We care intrinsically about our international students. They are not cash cows as they have been described by the program; they are people who come to our university to learn," Professor Black said. Independent expert Hilary Winchester will conduct the external review, which the statement said would provide a "broad, deep health check" of admissions processes. Professor Black said a senior group of university leaders would oversee admissions until recommendations from the review were introduced. "We want to be a university that is focused on high-quality education for qualified international students," Professor Black said. "We also have made it very clear within our new institutional strategy that we are taking a right-sized approach and that the march for constant growth is not part of our future. "I am concerned, having seen the claims from Four Corners, that the changes we have been introducing to align to those two things have not had enough impact soon enough."

     There are stories of international students not being able to speak any English at all getting in, and why not, for isn’t it racist for multicult Australia to insist on this? Teach in 8 billion languages, or do not teach at all! What are we in this country, a bunch of racists!?

     Now I am actually on the universities’ side on this one, as part of my destructivist campaign to close down the universities! International students should be able to buy degrees without even coming to Australia, or studying for them. Of course, this could not be done too openly because of fears of falling standards and nonsense like that, but I am sure that some deal could be worked out, with jobs going to local past migrants as academic surrogates/avatars, to do degrees for rich O/S students, Mao and Confucius, bless them. In this endgame, why should intellectual standards matter a jot anymore? I say that anything should go, which is better than the politically correct wonderland that the universities have made. Money should rule everything, until these institutions fall apart under the momentum of their own rottenness.

     So, on this one, I champion the universities! After that, we need to close them down.

Authorised by K. W. Grundy
13 Carsten Court, Happy Valley, SA.