The idea of film wars appeals to my twisted sense of perspective; that before the shooting war, there will be a battle of the celluloid:

“With the trade war between the US and China suddenly erupting after a 5-month ceasefire, CCTV 6, the movie channel of China's leading state television broadcaster, aired three anti-American movies last week, reported What's On Weibo. The three movies are Korean war films: Heroic Sons and Daughters (1964), Battle on Shangganling Mountain (1954), and Surprise Attack (1960), which aired about one week after President Trump raised an existing 10% tariff on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods to 25%. All last week, anti-American propaganda flourished across the country, with the slogan "Wanna talk? Let's talk. Wanna fight? Let's do it. Wanna bully us? Dream on!" going viral on Chinese social media platforms. CCTV 6 broadcasted the movies to 500 million people in 23 provinces. The films fall under a category called "Resist America, Help North Korea," first debuting at the end of the Korean War (1950-1953). The first movie is Battle on Shangganling Mountain, also translated as Battle of Shangganling. It depicts a group of Chinese soldiers who are fighting against American soldiers on Triangle Hill. The second movie is Heroic Sons and Daughters tells the story of a political commissar in China's Army runs into his lost son and daughter in North Korea during the Korean War. The movie shows how China and North Korea were battle buddies against the Americans.

China's government broadcasting anti-American movies to hundreds of millions of its people shows how officials are starting up the propaganda machines ahead of a potential armed conflict with the US. Because no one wins in a trade war, tensions between both countries will continue to increase and could eventually lead to a shooting war in the South China Sea. China is the major rising power challenging America's global empire, this destructive pattern of structural stress is called Thucydides's Trap. This phenomenon goes back to the Peloponnesian War that devastated ancient Greece, the historian Thucydides explained: "It was the rise of Athens and the fear that this instilled in Sparta that made war inevitable." History is playing out before our eyes, and war is inevitable if trade tensions continue to increase, this latest piece we share with our readers shows that China is starting to condition their citizens ahead of potential conflict, and just in case you thought that was 'conspiracy theory' fearmongery, here is China's (un)official mouthpiece twitter voice confirming the war-conditioning just this morning...

Hu Xijin ???@HuXijin_GT

Shangganling, and other old films about Korean War are rerun in China's TV stations. Chinese troops' win in the 1952 Battle of Shangganling boosted China's position in negotiations with the US. Enlightenment from this film to Chinese: there's no equal negotiation without fighting.

12:54 AM - May 20, 2019”

     These articles contain more of the same, indicating the inevitable march to war. After all, the neo-con men in the US are itching for killing. The China/Russia war may not happen directly but could be a spinoff of an Iran war, a quick destructive detour:

     The elites always get what they want, sometimes more than they want. China is determined to be number one and rule the world, and the US does not want to lose its top dog position, keeping the other grunters of the West in politically correct line. So, a clash of civilisations is inevitable. How can it not happen? This is the real world, or close enough to, not a movie, so there is no black and white, only 50 shades of grey.


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