Does anyone still have their two bob watches? Nah, I thought so. Not to matter, because we have the multicult, in all its diverse splendour.

“Three Sunni Muslim men were sentenced on Wednesday to prison terms of 16 and 22 years on convictions including engaging in a terror act by burning down a Shiite mosque in the Australian city of Melbourne three years ago. A Victoria state Supreme Court jury convicted Abdullah Chaarani, 28, Ahmed Mohamed, 26, and Hatim Moukhaiber, 31, in May over the firebombing of the Imam Ali Islamic Center in December 2016. No one was injured. Mohamed and Moukhaiber had both denied any involvement. Chaarani admitted his role, but argued he had been part of an act of protest, advocacy or dissent, but not terrorism. They each faced a potential sentence of life in prison. Chaarani and Mohamed were also found guilty of attempting to commit a terror act over a failed attempt to burn the mosque down two weeks earlier.”

     Ok, but even twenty thousand stories like this would not “prove” anything would they? But, the slightest murmur from the populists … well that is a different story! The rules of inductive logic have been revised to show this, or soon will be. Meanwhile: