Wow, a fragility epidemic! It is enough to make even the hardest of men, well … fragile.

“Jonathan Haidt has a prediction. In the not-too-distant future, Aussie backpackers will no longer be found exploring far-flung corners of the world. The decades-old tradition of setting off with a backpack and a one-way plane ticket will likely be too daunting for a generation who have been sheltered from any kind of risk by their parents, and too alien from the world they have built themselves online. "I have no data on this, but I am going to predict that it's going to become less common," said the New York University social psychologist and co-author of the bestseller, The Coddling of the American Mind. Professor Haidt was in Australia this week, adding his voice to growing concern about the threat posed not only to children, but to the rest of society by parental over-protection in the middle classes of the English-speaking world.”

     Here is a link for Haidt’s book, The Coddling of the American Mind, which I can’t afford:

     That book may be an interesting exploration of the coddling that precious snowflakes at universities get, and the dire social consequences that follow, but the bigger problem is the softness of an entire civilisation produced by consumerism and technological conveniences, with the crash of manhood. It is assumed that all of the cornucopia will continue forever, but the slightest disruption to vulnerable supply chains, by EMP, nuclear war, pandemics and many other horsewomen of the apocalypse could bring it all tumbling down. For example, this is but one illustration of the lack of common sense that youngish people have today, even dealing with something basis like heat. I won’t discuss, but if you want to read the example, here it is:

     Otherwise you get the picture.