Yes, along with Antifa, the Left has generated its usual band of violent protestors:

“Animal rights activists who invade farms to stage protests will be hit with huge new fines in measures announced by Australia’s south-eastern state government after they were branded “domestic terrorists” by the region’s deputy leader. The New South Wales (NSW) government has introduced on-the-spot trespassing charges of $1,000 (£565) for each “vigilante” caught illegally entering private farmland. The new rules, which come into force on 1 August, could also see individuals charged up to $220,000 (£124,000) and corporations up to $440,000 (£248,000) for any major violations of the Biosecurity Act. “Vigilantes who are entering our farmers’ property illegally are nothing short of domestic terrorists, NSW deputy premier John Barilaro, in remarks widely reported by Australian media. “Our farmers have had a gutful. They don’t deserve, nor have time, to be dealing with illegal trespass and vile harassment from a bunch of virtue-signalling thugs.”

     I could not have put it more forceful myself; farmers are sick to the guts of having their livelihood threatened by these people. And, if we did go the vegan way, most farm animals would cease to exist anyway, there is no way society can afford to give the remaining animals a cool social welfare life. The only answer I can see is to keep eating  our great Aussie meat.