With knife crimes surging throughout the UK, and London becoming too dangerous for women to walk the streets, according to the Mayor, one would have hoped that the police would have better things to do than prey upon people going for walks during lockdown. But, no, we have the Covid police now. And getting these people are easy targets for revenue raising, while fighting rape grooming gangs and crazies with knives, is just too much work!






“A man in Wales was arrested by police for going for a walk too far from home and failing to identify himself before he claimed he was taken to the police station and subjected to a strip search.

The incident was highlighted by Welsh member of Parliament Neil McEvoy, who posted a video of the arrest to Twitter.

According to McEvoy, the couple in question were grieving the recent death of an uncle and wanted to visit the nearest beach to go for a walk.

Mr. Radek, the man seen being handcuffed in the video, says that the couple had been struggling with mental health issues as a result of lockdown.

“My family was struggling with many issues that are sourced in the constant lockdowns and homeschooling,” said Radek. “On top of that came personal family problems which we faced in the last months. They include the very serious illness of my wife’s brother and death of close relatives. We were not even able to say goodbye or go and attend the funeral in Poland.”