Healing … by Way of Leftist Bombs and Bullets! By Chris Knight

While Beijing Biden is talking about healing America, even though his kind made the wounds, his followers from the Left are out there getting  … busy … healing with bombs and bullets. Thus:


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Good Summary of the US Election Situation By Chris Knight

If people in Australia are seeking a one stop shop summary of where the US election stands today, and so much depends upon it, with the China threat growing each day, I came by this neat summary by Graham Summers of Phoenix Capital Research. It came by email, without the source reference, as is the standard with email communications nowadays.

“The 2020 Presidential election fiasco will have several key developments this week.

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The Sale of Cold Steel Knives: End of an Era By John Steele

Cold Steel knives, founded by Lynn Thompson has/had a massive fan base for their knives, swords and melee self-defence weapons. It was the Cold Steel nation, if not family. But, now the firm has been sold to a bigger corporation, and that to an investment firm. The comments made below the vid are worth looking at, as they express once loyal fans’ sense of loss, and the likelihood that the brand will be like Disney buying up Star Wars, and we know where that led. As one person said:

“This sounds just like the same speech we got right before they moved my job to China.”

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Covid-1984: Is a Mainstream Media Miracle Happening? By James Reed

China’s punishment of Australia is to make an example of any nation that dares to challenge it on its role in spreading the Wuhan flu. Of course, as covered elsewhere, Beijing Biden will let his masters get away with this, and even the kitchen sink. This gives the Left, warm and fussy feelings, to be dominated by China.


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Suitcase Scandal Revealed By Chris Knight (Florida)

Here is the latest news today, advertised as a game changer for Trump. Whether that proves to be true or not, we will see. This is known as the “suitcase scandal.


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Lying about Covid-1984 By Richard Miller (London)

This is interesting, to see in the mainstream media a profound questioning of the official narrative on Covid-19.


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Beijing Biden Rides Again By Charles Taylor (Florida)

While China is now embracing a broad-based attack upon Aussie exports such as beef and coal, showing the foolishness of your elites putting everything in the China basket, while they made quick profits and ran, Biden is getting his orders from the Chinese Communist party, to stop US allies confronting China. Sounds like treason to me, and grounds to impeach him immediately. If they can launch an impeachment against Trump merely for existing, then there needs to be “return fire,” so to speak.


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Statistically Implausible By Brian Simpson

I have been recording everything I have seen where mathematicians critique the US election results. Here is the latest:


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The Shaman and the White Privileged Princess By Richard Miller (London)

Once upon a time there was racist objection to the typical coupling of white women, almost always as light complexion as possible, with Black men. But, all that has gone in the times of multiculturalism, Black nationalism and BLM, and of course everyone is dancing with joy about that. Consider though the new racist twists and turns as seen in this story:


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China Continues to Punish Australia By James Reed

It was beef yesterday, but now it is coal, so China seems to mean business. Thus, I wonder how long it will be before our political leaders are on their knees, as China the other day suggested?


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Whoa! Now Pakistan Involved in US Electoral Fraud By Charles Taylor

Everyone must have had a hand in pushing the Democrats over the line, even Pakistan intelligence. Don’t tell me commo China was not the kingpin.


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Regress Australia Unfair By Peter West

Just face it, everything we white Australians have done is racist, racist, more racist! We are damned! Our national anthem is also intrinsically flawed too, no matter what language it is sung in, and it has the word “fair” in it, too, so it has to be wrong.


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Communist Windmill Power! By Bruce Bennett

Advance Australia (check them out at the URL below), has a news release about the absurdity of windmill power in New South Wales, something country people pay the environmental and health costs for, so the urban elite can feel good about climate change, and other trendy nonsense. We cannot guarantee all of the claims, or indeed any, but see the comments as in the public interest, already being released.


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Finally, I Found that Lost Turmeric Article! By Mrs Vera West

This was one that got away, but I found the article on a magical effect of turmeric the other day. Here, let me share it with you now:


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Biological Sex is Real; Ok You are Fired! By Mrs Vera West

This is how crazy the universities are now, fully justifying their closure to clean the manure from the stables, a professor says that biological sex is real, and gets sacked! Under the new woke totalitarianism, this is a thought crime.


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What is Scientific Truth? By Brian Simpson

There has developed something of a debate about the nature of scientific truth, and its excesses, in scientism, the belief that only science can give us truth. But, what sort of claim is it, that “only science can give us truth?” The claim does not appear to be an empirical truth, nor a logical/deductive truth, as in mathematics, so scientism seems to be internally incoherent. But, a simpler refutation comes in 2020, with all the nonsense we have heard from “science” on the Wuhan flu.


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Once were Vikings … By Richard Miller

The Vikings of old would be amazed, and ashamed to see where it has all led in the lands of the north. But, all who fly eventually crash. The crash of the West though will be like nothing humanity has ever seen, as now this is a global smash, with no-one to rebuild. Except perhaps, deplorables like us. But, with Denmark there is some hope:


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Hypertension and the Gut By Mrs Vera West

This series continues where I am seeking an understanding of my high blood pressure problem, also known as hypertension.

There may be even more wisdom in the old saying, “you are what you eat,” with increasing evidence pointing to the gut as being almost a type of second biochemical brain, important for much human behaviour and health:

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UFO Tech; Enter the Conspiracy with Your Tin Foil Hat! By Brian Simpson

This one has everything, except white racists, but maybe they are there somewhere. UFO technology apparently is held by the US and China. So, it is going to be Star Wars, with hypersonic fights, you name it. And, it will be over quickly.


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The Magic of Olive Oil By Mrs Vera West

Olive oil, organic and extra-virgin, which refers to oil low in acidity and highest in quality, not its infinitely negative sexual inexperience, has enormous health benefits. Witness:


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