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Those Who Live by Globalism, Die by Globalism By James Reed

     The World Health Organization has now declared the coronavirus epidemic a global pandemic. But it stopped short of advocating closing borders, although sensible countries like Russia, have already done so, and good for them:

“The World Health Organization declared on Thursday that the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak was a global health emergency, acknowledging that the disease now represents a risk beyond China, where it emerged last month. The decision reversed the organization’s decision just a week ago to hold off such a declaration. Since then, W.H.O. officials said, thousands of new cases in China and clear human-to-human transmission in several other countries — now including the United States — warranted a reconsideration of that decision by the agency’s expert committee. The W.H.O.’s declaration — officially called a “public health emergency of international concern” — does not have the force of law. But it serves notice to all United Nations member states that the world’s top health advisory body thinks the situation is grave. Governments then make their own decisions about whether to close their borders, cancel flights, screen people arriving at airports or take other protective measures.”

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Run for the Hills: Survivalism Going Mainstream By John Steele

     This will be my last article for a while, if things go super-pear shaped with the big virus doing the rounds at the moment and it is The End Of The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI), I do not want to be in the Melbourne. Well, maybe not until civilisation is rebuilt. Anyway, I have my supplies, a new Bowie knife with a 12-inch blade, and Cold Steel machete with a 24-inch blade, just as someone named “Steele” would have, so I will be going even deeper into the scrub, bugging out in, my army tent. No nasty bugs here, just clean sunlight, and plenty of heat, but I love the peace and solitude, my version of Walden. Just ask the Americans:

“Cheap housing, deep unease and intense resilience - all forces that are driving a clutch of Americans to swap city life for a fresh start off grid and far from civilisation. Some are survivalists, among them high fliers who fear a looming, urban catastrophe and the mayhem that might follow. Others want a greener, gentler life untainted by the malign forces of capitalism and uncertainty of mainstream politics. Whichever camp, realtors say the new dropouts are not "crackpots" and often include affluent professionals whose run for the hills has boosted rural land values and started to change their property market. "I've had hedge-fund managers and billionaires that have made purchases, and they all have concerns about the direction of the economy and social stability," said John E. Haynes, president of Retreat Realty in North Carolina. "We're on that upward trend," he said. "Inventory of that land on the market is tighter." Haynes has worked in real estate for decades. About four years ago, he rebranded his company to pitch property to a new and growing breed of buyer - those motivated by "concerns about social stability". He had a record year in 2019, and was busy in the run-up to the 2016 election, when Donald Trump came to power.

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Beheaded Christians are Less Important than Harmed Animals! By James Reed

     Not that I would wish to any way justify the massive cruelty that some nations bestow on animals, not mentioning any names, but, Christians getting beheaded is of less interest to the mainstream media than animal cruelty. That must be because Christians are considered to be far less important than animals, or is it just the religious wing of the Great Replacement, which transcends the race issue?

“First there was the beheading of 11 Nigerian Christians during the recent Christmas celebration. The next day, a Catholic woman, Martha Bulus, was beheaded in the Nigerian state of Borno with her bridesmaids, five days before the wedding. Then there was a raid on the village of Gora-Gan in the Nigerian state of Kaduna, where terrorists shot anyone they met in the square where the evangelical community had gathered, killing two young Christian women. There was also a Christian student killed by Islamic extremists who recorded his execution. Then pastor Lawan Andimi, a local leader of the Christian Association of Nigeria, was beheaded. "Every day", says Father Joseph Bature Fidelis, of the Diocese of Maiduguri, "Our brothers and sisters are slaughtered in the streets. Please help us not be silent in the face of this immense extermination that is taking place in silence". The Bishops' Conference of Nigeria described the area as "killing fields", like the ones the Khmer Rouge created in Cambodia to exterminate the population. Most of the 4,300 Christians killed for their faith during the last year came from Nigeria. Nina Shea, an expert in Religious Freedom, recently wrote:

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Feminists Needing Bodyguards! By Mrs Vera West

     Whatever is the world coming to? Feminists needing bodyguards? I thought strong independent women stood on their own two feet and did not need … men!”

“A feminist professor from Oxford University had to resort to bodyguards after receiving threats from transgender activists. The radicals were miffed that Selina Todd had written on her website that transgender individuals “sometimes harm the rights of women,” according to a report by the New York Post. “Like every other gender critical feminist I know,” Todd wrote, “I encountered the current debate about whether transgender people should be able to self-identify as such (without fulfilling other legal and medical requirements) from the instinctive standpoint that I wanted to support transpeople’s rights. “But after months of research, I concluded that this position would harm the rights of women, because so often what is being asked for is free access to women-only spaces.” Soon after, faculty began receiving messages demanding Todd be fired. A pair of students informed the prof about potential threats they saw in email groups. After investigating, Oxford officials provided Todd with security for the remainder of the school year.

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Feeding Research into the Great China Machine By Brian Simpson

     You will not see too much about how China sucks off research from the West on the Dissent Right Sinophile sites, because they are too busy saying how the Chinese are “so much smarter than us,” their form of ethno-masochism.  But, consider:

“Four researchers were forced to resign from their positions at the University of Florida after a federal investigation revealed that foreign countries including China had exploited medical research at the university with the researchers’ help. According to a report by the Tampa Bay Times, the University of Florida was the target of foreign manipulation. Federal investigators concluded that professors employed by universities around the United States that receive public funding are funneling research data to other countries, including communist China. The four researchers left the university after the National Institutes of Health penned a letter that suggested that some researchers were exploiting the university’s research and sharing it with other countries. After the National Institutes of Health sent a letter to the University of Florida suggesting that certain members of the faculty and staff were stealing research, the university conducted its own internal investigation. Three researchers resigned and another was fired. Three of the researchers resigned and one was terminated after the university received a letter from the National Institutes of Health regarding questionable foreign meddling in grant research and funding. The terminated employee worked part time for the university’s College of Medicine. Two were from the College of Engineering and one was from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. University of Florida President W. Kent Fuchs told Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) in December that the university had identified several professors that were exploiting their position to feed research information to foreign countries. “The university has identified certain faculty members who were participating or were seeking to participate in a foreign talents program. The university has addressed or is in the process of addressing each of these matters,” Fuchs wrote.”

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Our House is Still on Fire? I Still Make Angry Faces By James Reed

     The little climate princess, with the angry screwed up face … and who would not be angry if they sincerely believed what she, obviously sincerely, but naively believes, was at Davos, ripping into the elite for doing nothing about climate change. What! Nothing! Doesn’t Princess Greta know that as part of the New World Order global conspiracy by the Forces of Darkness, for the destruction of all that is good, that the money elite are doing plenty, using climate change to smash everything they don’t want to survive?

“Greta Thunberg did exactly as expected at Davos - delivering her trademark public shaming to the world's most rich and powerful (non-Chinese) leaders gathered on the icy slopes of the Swiss Alps. "Our house is still on fire," the 17-year-old told the World Economic Forum. "Your inaction is fueling the flames by the hour." "I wonder, what will you tell your children was the reason to fail and leave them facing the climate chaos you knowingly brought upon them?" she added, delivering a verbal flagellation to elite climate sinners that want to repent - as long as they can brand themselves as 'green' and make hand-over-fist in the process. Thunberg is pushing immediate, radical change in order to achieve 'net zero' carbon emissions by 2050, along with the planting of 1 trillion trees to offset pollution, in order to keep temperatures from rising beyond 1.5 degrees from preindustrial levels. She and a group of young climate activists have called on private investors and governments to immediately halt exploration for fossil fuels, to stop funding their production, to end taxpayer subsidies for the industry and to fully divest their existing stakes in the sector. -NYT "Let’s be clear. We don’t need a ‘low carbon economy.’ We don’t need to ‘lower emissions,’" Thunberg told the audience. "Our emissions have to stop."

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There are No Differences between Men and Women; Deny it an be Sacked! By Mrs Vera West

     If there are no differences between men and women, and if both are pure social constructions, or fabrications, then feminism which is based upon the idea that there are women, and men, wicked as men are, who oppress them, so that affirmative action jobs must be given to sub-standard feminist intellects, would fall apart. Should I have rewritten that sentence?

“Stuart Reges, a principal lecturer of computer science at the University of Washington, alleges that he was demoted for being sympathetic to James Damore, the fired Google employee who wrote the controversial Google memo in 2017. In an article for Quillette, Reges wrote that it all started in 2018 when he wrote another piece for the outlet titled, “Why Women Don’t Code,” which gained popularity after Jordan Peterson tweeted a link to the story.  "I am convinced that our diversity efforts are entering a dangerous phase" The recent Quillette article states that he was initially hired to run UW’s introductory computer science classes to which he developed two “highly successful courses that have over 4,500 enrollments combined per year.” Yet after his 2018 Quillette piece graduate students at the school filed a grievance against him with their union. Reges told Campus Reform that he was deeply concerned about what happened to Damore and that he hoped it was an overreaction but said, “I've since concluded that he was the canary in the coal mine.  I have seen more and more emphasis on what I call the equity agenda in tech in general and at my school in particular.”

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The End of British Social Capital By Richard Miller

     Britain’s trust in social institutions is at an all-time low, and why should it not be when some parts of the police virtually aided and abetted the rapist grooming gangs, all for the sake of political correctness, not looking like racists:

     If there was any justice in Britain, then new jails should be built to house these guilty cops. Or, build the jails in the deserts of the Middle East, where the cops can feel morally superior with hard labour in the sun. The cops will get nice suntans.

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Letter to The Editor - There are grounds for believing that our continent has experienced several invasions in the past

To The Australian         Yingiya Guyula is a champion of his Yolngu culture and deserves respect for that ("Our culture is not to blame for all this violence", 3/2). However, he seems to be too ready to blame others for "violence and abuse" in Aboriginal communities. Those who misbehave must take personal responsibility for their actions; and it does seem that some aspects of Aboriginal culture are not helpful in the present time. Moreover, Guyula's references to "foreign solutions" and "colonisation" suggest that he is approaching the issue of Aboriginal welfare in a separatist spirit which is, rightly, anathema to very many Australians. Finally, his description of his society as one "that has existed since time began" is questionable. There are grounds for believing that our continent has experienced several invasions in the past. The ancestors of some Aboriginals may have been much more recent arrivals than is at present widely believed.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Australia; Globalist and Ecologically Insane By Brian Simpson

     If the coronavirus, or the next big one is any guide, Australia due to its globalism and deracination, will simply be open to wide contamination. Maybe a good plague might wake up those who survive, but I doubt it:

“Australia's gateways, major tourist destinations, universities and suburbs in Sydney and Melbourne with large numbers of Chinese have emerged as the frontline in the fight against deadly coronavirus. Authorities are closely watching key meeting places around the country for signs of outbreaks as the World Health Organisation declares a global public health emergency. Fears are held thousands of Australians could have been unwittingly exposed to the virus in airplanes, restaurants and shopping centres by nine confirmed infected patients. And every week up to 49,000 people are landing in Australia on 167 flights from China, where 170 are dead and more than 7,700 infected. Many of those arriving are heading to holidays spots such as the Gold Coast, visiting family and friends in suburban Sydney and Melbourne or returning to east coast universities. But first they must come through the international airports, where checks have already been rolled out for those arriving from all Chinese cities.

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Baby Muhammad By Richard Miller

     Of course, it doesn’t show anything about mass immigration or changing demographics; people simply want diversity in names:

“The popular Islamic name “Muhammad” has broken into the top ten United States baby names for the first time ever in American history. The most updated list for popular baby names reveals that the name Muhammad is now the tenth most used name for newborn baby boys in the U.S., according to BabyCenter data. This is the first time in American history that the name has been included in the top ten most popular baby boy names.

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Now They Take Even the Toilet Away from Us! By Bruce Bennett

     Is nothing “sacred” anymore?

“The new design is intended to make it unbearable for workers after five minutes, shortening employee’s toilet breaks in the process. The “Standard Toilet” made by a start-up in the UK of the same name is sloped so it sits at a 13-degree downward angle. According to developer Mahabir Gill from StandardToilet, this will increase strain on the legs similar to a gentle squat thrust. While 13 degrees is optimal, StandardToilet holds the patent for anything from five to 35 degrees. At a maximum, the company estimates that a 35-degree downward slant would reduce time in the toilet by 30 per cent. This is a clear benefit to customers, said Mr Gill, as industry research from the company suggested that the average person spent 25 per cent more time in work toilets than necessary. The cost to business of this was estimated to be roughly $A31 billion (£16 billion) per annum, according to their website. Meanwhile, by cutting time spent on the toilet by 25 per cent with a 13-degree angle, Standard Toilet estimates it can save businesses $A9.20 billion (£4.8 billion) a year. The news of the toilet has been met with criticism online, with people questioning how this toilet would be legal for people with accessibility issues.”

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Letter to The Editor - The Bible in many parts is filled with life-sustaining and life-enhancing wisdom

To The Age        Brian Kilday's claim (1/2) that the Bible and especially the four canonical gospels contain many "contradictions and obvious errors" is not entirely wrong. However, in order to convey truths of a state of being beyond that experienced by us in everyday life, both these literary devices are needed. They have the power to shock us into a new awareness - as Sufi tradition, in particular, tells. For example, instant cures of leprosy sound like nonsense, until it is realised that, symbolically, leprosy stands for an inability to sense modes of higher understanding. That restorative light can certainly flood into a human soul and effect enormous psychological change in a flash. Read critically and not obsequiously, the Bible in many parts is filled with life-sustaining and life-enhancing wisdom.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave

Letter to The Editor - He claims that there is "a ten per cent rusted on group of Australians who will never support recognition in any form."

To The Australian         If the government plans to hold a referendum on constitutional recognition of our Aboriginal people ("Wyatt sets deadline for vote to recognise", 30/1), then it must ensure that the No case is given equal support to the Yes case. Remarks by Ken Wyatt do not encourage the hope that such fair play will occur. He claims that there is "a ten per cent rusted on group of Australians who will never support recognition in any form." That term, "rusted on", is an unjustified insult. Moreover, Wyatt obtains his figure from a partisan source (Reconciliation Australia). The real number of those implacably opposed to a foolish and divisive campaign is likely to be much higher and threatens the failure of any referendum.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

French Chaos By Richard Miller

     French fire fighters protested about poor pay, such as a hazards allowance that has not been increased since 1990. Police went in and did the usual thing, beating people with their little clubs, firing tear gas, and the like.
    Imagine if the firemen, standing united, took it to the next level, and went on strike, letting buildings and the fruits of capitalism burn down? Or, they simply refused to put out fires in police stations? It might happen, if people get sick of being beaten up.

Girls “n’ Guns; Alex Zedra By Mrs Vera West

     While women tend to be anti-gun, not all are, and some combine firearms with traditional female good looks and sexiness, like Alex Zedra:

     I saw this on a sidebar while searching for something else on YouTube, but found it intriguing. Rapists beware! In fact, if most European women were this gutsy there would not be a rape problem. In fact, she puts most men to shame!

UFOs and Nukes By Brian Simpson

     When working in dark depressing places that we work on, day after day, week after week, eventually either your mind explodes or you start wandering. It has happened to me; I got to doing some research on UFOs and nuclear weapons. I mean if the little green men are out there, watching us, and stealing our cattle, as well as probing human digestive systems, which, after all, is what an intelligent life form would be eager to do after travelling through wormholes to reach Earth, nuclear weapons might cause them some concern. Well, the short of the long, after one goes through all of this, maybe dozing off a few times, is that the green men are concerned about nukes, and have the techy to deactivate them.

“Whatever the mysterious lights in the sky were, they seemed to have an interest in our nukes. One of the more out-of-the-ordinary press conferences held in Washington this week consisted of former Air Force personnel testifying to the existence of UFOs and their ability to neutralize American and Russian nuclear missiles. UFO researcher Robert Hastings of Albuquerque, N.M., who organized the National Press Club briefing, said more than 120 former service members had told him they'd seen unidentified flying objects near nuclear weapon storage and testing grounds. Star & Stripes quoted former Air Force Capt. Robert Salas, who was at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana in 1967 when 10 ICMs he was overseeing suddenly became inoperative - at the same time base security informed him of a mysterious red glowing object in the sky. Robert Jamison, a retired USAF nuclear missile targeting officer, told of several occasions having to go out and "re-start" missiles that had been deactivated, after UFOs were sighted nearby. Similar sightings at nuclear sites in the former Soviet Union and in Britain were related. CBS Affiliate KSWT describes "Britain's Roswell," a case of unidentified phenomena in December 1980 incident near two Royal Air Force Bases in Suffolk, England. Several U.S. Air Force personnel reported seeing a strange metallic object hovering in Rendlesham Forest near RAF Woodbridge, and found three depressions in the ground. Speaking at Monday's press briefing, retired USAF Col. Charles Halt said that in December 1980, when he was deputy base commander at RAF Bentwaters, strange lights in the forest were investigated by three patrolmen. Halt said they reported approaching a triangular craft, "approximately three meters on a side, dark metallic in appearance with strange markings. They were observing it for a period of time, and then it very quickly and silently vanished at high speed."

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Is the Coronavirus a Bioweapon? By Brian Simpson

     One conspiracy theory on the internet has it that like in the zombie apocalypse movies in the series Resident Evil, the coronavirus is an escaped bioweapon:

“In February 2017, Nature penned an extensive profile of what it called the "Chinese lab poised to study world's most dangerous pathogens." The location of this BSL-4 rated lab? Why, Wuhan. A quick read of what this lab was meant to do, prompts the immediate question whether the coronavirus epidemic isn't a weaponized virus that just happened to escape the lab: The Wuhan lab cost 300 million yuan (US$44 million), and to allay safety concerns it was built far above the flood plain and with the capacity to withstand a magnitude-7 earthquake, although the area has no history of strong earthquakes. It will focus on the control of emerging diseases, store purified viruses and act as a World Health Organization ‘reference laboratory’ linked to similar labs around the world. “It will be a key node in the global biosafety-lab network,” says lab director Yuan Zhiming. The Chinese Academy of Sciences approved the construction of a BSL-4 laboratory in 2003, and the epidemic of SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) around the same time lent the project momentum. The lab was designed and constructed with French assistance as part of a 2004 cooperative agreement on the prevention and control of emerging infectious diseases. But the complexity of the project, China’s lack of experience, difficulty in maintaining funding and long government approval procedures meant that construction wasn’t finished until the end of 2014.

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Deflating IQ By Brian Simpson

     I continue my battle against what I call the IQ fetish, championed by Dissent Righters like American Renaissance, who hold as a fact, almost like gravitational attraction, that East Asians have higher mean IQs than say Nordic Whites, that Western civilisation is an accident, although what they usually say is “Asians are just so much smarter than us.” Presumably they are not restricting the scope of ‘us” to just themselves. Anyway, I came across this little item at, which deflated IQ delightfully:

“  Michael Aldrin
Answered Nov 18, 2018

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The Threat of Bernie By Charles Taylor

     Not only does Bernie Sanders not know how much it is going to cost to transform America into a version of Venezuela, and create social chaos, but his staffers are on record for making genocidal comments, about who is going to be killed. Clearly this will make Civil War 2.0 inevitable, because it is really going to put people’s backs to the wall, literally.

“A purported staffer for Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) presidential campaign says he’s ready for the United States to undergo a “revolution” and wants to see the elites guillotined, according to undercover footage released Tuesday by Project Veritas. The scene begins with a man identified by Project Veritas as Martin Weissgerber, a field organizer in South Carolina, claiming that he is following numerous accounts on Twitter calling for French-style Yellow Vest protests to take place in the U.S. and says he stands ready to help make it happen. “If Bernie was to lose, I would like to see Yellow Vest protests here, stateside,” the Project Veritas journalist says to Weissgerber.”

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