A Lawsuit Against the Vaccine Mandate! Natural Immunity, Rules! By Chris Knight (Florida)

A small point, but it shows the spirit of resistance to the Covid regime. “A University of California Irvine professor has filed a lawsuit against his system’s board of regents and campus president, challenging the legality of their COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Professor of Psychiatry Dr. Aaron Kheriaty filed the lawsuit on behalf of individuals in the UC system who have natural immunity to COVID-19 due to a previous infection of the coronavirus, including his own immunity from a bout with the virus in July 2020.” Hopefully we will see similar law suits in Australia if the universities go down the same road.


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Teachers Saying: No! More Good Stuff By James Reed

I was very surprised to see this, but a group of teachers are opposing the mandatory Covid-19 jab. I was surprised given the political correctness of schools, which is still true, but this Covid issue is starting to spill over the old political divides. Just watch things if the I am Legend vaccine apocalypse turns out to be true.


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What If It was Me, or You? By Brian Simpson

Here is the story of one young lady, in the prime of her life, who received  debilitating conditions, including severe neurological complications, pain and at times, an inability to walk, following her first jab of Pfizer’s Covid vaccine. In reading this, I cannot but think, well, what if this was me? I certainly would not want to go through this. The authorities say that the odds of this happening are small; and maybe they are. But, so what, if they are MY odds! I don’t want to play this probability game at all with something that is still experimental. I have had the tetanus shot, with no worries and was never anti-vax, but I did not get any shots beyond tetanus, believing in the superiority of natural immunity for the standard diseases. And, I still do. If I get Covid, I get it. If die, I die.


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This Week’s US Covid Vax Misery Report By Brian Simpson

Each week thanks to the greatly informative site Children’s Health Defense.com, I give their summary of Us deaths and adverse effects from the Covid-19 vaccines, so that we in Australia can see what is happening with a much bigger population sample space than ours. In summary from data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).  showed that between December 14, 2020 and September. 3, 2021, a total of 675,593 adverse events following COVID vaccines were recorded. This included a total of 14,506 reports of deaths, an increase of 595 over last week. As well, there were 88,171 reports of serious injuries, including the reports of deaths, during the same time period, an increase of 2,200 compared with last.


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When is a “Vaccine” Not a Vaccine? By Mrs Vera West

Dr Mercola in a must-read article, outlines the true nature of two of the Covid “vaccines,” which are not traditional vaccines as previously defined, but are gene therapies, with the term, “vaccine,” now being re-defined by the CDC to encompass this. The claim that these “vaccines” are gene therapies is regarded as false news by the fact-checkers. Dr Mercola goes into detail about why these so-called fact checkers are wrong, and that the mRNA “vaccines”: are gene therapies, as the mRNA prefix well illustrates.  The argument is complex, as expected, but explained simply enough for most of us to follow. He looks at how the classic definition of a “vaccine” was changed by the CDC to accommodate the Covid mRNA “vaccines,” and the political and public policy significance of this.


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With the Missing Votes, How Could the Election be Fair? By Charles Taylor (Florida)

The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) has  released a research report on the 2020 election Thursday, reporting that more than 440,000 mail ballots in Pennsylvania “went missing or undeliverable” in a state Joe Biden won by a certified margin of only 80,555 votes. There was a total of 3.1 million ballots mailed to Pennsylvania voters in 2020, but what happened to 425,606 of these mail ballots is “unknown,” according to data provided by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission and analysed by PILF. There were 15,175 votes determined to be “undeliverable,” and 34,171 mail ballots returned by voters were rejected by election officials. It is possible that most of the missing votes were for Trump. We don’t know this, but it should have been enough to decertify that state. Nobody won it.


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To Hell with the Economy! Go Ahead, Shut Me Out! (Am Already Out!) By John Steele

Bull Hansen has produced some interesting, thoughtful videos on survivalism and the Covid tyranny. In his recent vid. he deals with the real issue of how the Covid communist state, as seen in Australia and other places like Italy and France, is squeezing the unvaccinated out of mainstream society. While, like us, he suggests pushing back against this, as people are, there should be a Plan B, to live off grid as much as possible. That may be difficult for city people living in high rise Covid-enriched ghettos, so all the more reason to move beyond that. Maybe there is some better life in country and regional Australia, especially if one has a trade. It may be possible, indeed necessary, to build alternative communities and local economies, outside of the mainstream.

There is a wealth of literature on the back to the land movement from the 1960s, one of the only good parts of the Left. They had their reasons for this that we do not accept, but still, there are things that can be borrowed, from bartering to permaculture. This form of radical decentralisation, is consistent with basic social credit principles of individual liberty, and the flourishing of freedom. I will cover practical off grid living in articles to come at this blog.

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A Bush in the Hand is Better than a Terrorist in the Bush. What? By Chris Knight (Florida)

The title is the sort of senile garble of former president George Bush, who has publicly compared 9/11 to Jan 6. They want Trump supporters treated like jihadists, so that they can kill them, because the system is evil and genocidal, in short, and good men have done nothing, so evil has flourished. It is like The Lord of the Rings, only with no army of good guy warriors, and dark clouds of evil all over the land.


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Australia Needs to Study Israel By James Reed

The Australind Covid position reminds me of the most extreme of religious cultists, who hold to some dogma however false, in the face of all contrary evidence. Why is there no discussion of an example of the end goal that Australia wants, a vaccine rate like Israel’s?   But in Israel,  nearly 60 percent of the country’s 514 patients who are currently hospitalized with severe or critical Covid  virus symptoms, are fully vaccinated. This has been detailed in an August 16, 2021 report. “Israel is among the world’s highest vaccination levels, with some 5.4 million people—or 78 percent of those 12 and older—fully vaccinated. The vast majority received the Pfizer shot. The country is, however, showing one of the highest infection rates in the world, potentially a sign of waning vaccine immunity as the Delta variant now accounts for the largest portion of all COVID-19 infections in the country.” But in Australia, that news is just water off a very oily duck’s Covid back. The faith is that the magic vax will solve all problems, clearly a medical cargo cult.


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“These Vaccines are Unlikely to “Completely Sterilize” a Population”: Professor Sir John Bell, SAGE! By James Reed

Hear this to the end as Professor John Bell matter of fact says that the vaccines are unlikely to “completely sterile” a population, only 60-70 percent! That is great news! I thought 90 percent was the New World Order kill figure! It just goes to show how merciful the Dark Satanic Lords of the Covid New World Order are!


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BS from SCOTUS! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Here is the Supreme Court of the United States showing its Left wing bias: Justice Stephen Breyer said on a broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” that they did not hear President Donald Trump’s 2020 election case because it did not meet “normal criteria.” He did not say what this meant, but it is nonsense on stilts. For one thing, there were affidavits by thousands of witnesses seeing fraud before their very eyes, and evidence of mathematicians of the statistical impossibility of the election results, only a small sample of the evidence. But in any case, SCOTUS did not even grant standing to the state of Texas to be heard. So, go ahead Biden, put ten thousand Leftist judges on this corrupt circus. Conservative America needs to break away from this utter rottenness. It is finished, so wake up or die!


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Heart Problems in Teenage Boys after the Magic Vax By James Reed

These sorts of facts should be considered by the vaccine-crazed establishment, but they will not, that a US study has found that teenage boys, aged 12-15 years, are six times more likely to suffer heart complaints, such as cardiac myocarditis from being given the Covid jab, than from Covid itself. The problem here speaks for itself.


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Abandoning the Australia that Abandons Liberty By James Reed

People are getting out of Australia, and who can blame them? We have seen from the Covid plandemic that there is no respect of the traditional values of liberty and more broadly, freedom, by the majority of our parliamentarians, and elites running our institutions, into the ground. They are all prepared to steam-roller those disagreeing with their Covid New World Order. This has created a great divide in Australia, more fundamental than the one previously seen between nationalists and globalists. It is between those putting individual liberty first, and those favouring state control, without limit. If the Covid freak-out did involve bodies piled 10-high in the street, these policies might be justified to some degree, but as numerous articles have pointed out, this mortality is simply not so, by the longest of shots. And by the totalitarian “logic” of the Australian Covid state, a hypothetical pandemic that was out of control in a city, could justify destroying the entire city, as in some zombie apocalypse movies. Only, Australia does not have nukes, and the Armed Forces, what there still are, probably could not destroy a city even if they wanted to.


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Time is Racist! By James Reed

I have been reporting on absurdities erupting from the universities, much like the Left suppose that gas erupts from cows. Today’s madness takes a metaphysical turn, and relates to the nature of time, where Western conceptions are viewed as racist by the woke crowd. Time viewed purely as a social construction means that Leftist students, the little dears, will not be subject, in the particular Leftist classes, to time constrains, such as deadlines for handing up work. Why bother handing it up at all? Good communists should just hand out grades like Biden handed out weapons to the Taliban.


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Beijing Biden’s Masters’ Lust for Power by Covid By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Another great article from Mises.org, by Ryan McMaken on the way the Beijing Biden regime is using Covid as a naked power grab. The mandate is for all employers with more than one hundred workers for workers to be vaccinated or to test for the virus weekly. As well, there will be Covid vaccinations for the 17 million workers at health facilities that receive federal Medicare or Medicaid, and vaccines are mandated for all employees of the federal government’s executive branch, and all contractors who do business with the federal government. All of these workers must be vaccinated, rather that delivering a negative Covid test result. This is an incredible erosion of individual liberty for a country like the United States, and is more in line with socialist totalitarian countries like Australia, no offence intended, my prayers each night are with you Aussies.


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From China, With(out) Love; Covid Communism By James “007” Reed

When reading this piece by Michael Rectenwald at the fine libertarian blog (and defenders of freedom are all on the same side in this battle now), Mises.org, I was reminded of the Sean Connery 007 movie, From Russia with Love, as SARS Cov-2, is very much a gift of “love” to the ruling Leftoids in the West, by the great mother, not the USSR, but the CCP. The methods joyfully adopted in the West were, as argued in more detail by Rectenwald, straight out of the CCP program, transforming overnight liberal democracies into totalitarian nightmare states, with authorities such as the police and military only too happy to follow orders, and subject citizens to imprisonment which can be viewed as human rights violations. That is how many Americans now view Australia. An important passage: “Deaths from the lockdown measures, meanwhile, may have outstripped the “deaths from Covid,” while causing yet incalculable suffering, including the financial ruin of hundreds of millions.

Furthermore, “deaths from Covid” have been grossly inflated by the inclusion of those who had either tested positive or been in contact with anyone who had within several weeks prior to their death. And the PCR tests for Covid, set at cycle thresholds from 37 to 40, and sometimes as high as 45, yield approximately 85 to 90 percent false positives, as confirmed by the New York Times. Given these issues, it is almost impossible to know how many of the excess deaths of 2020 over 2019 were due to Covid-19 and how many were due to the lockdowns.” But, this uncertainty is ignored as the Dark Lords march ever on with their Covid New World Order agenda.

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England Drops Vaccine Passport Hot Potato By Richard Miller (London)

Here is some hope for Aussies battling the vaccine passport: it is not going ahead here in England, but not Scotland, and if we can beat it, so can you. What occurred here was widespread opposition to it by many of the elites who have influence, such as law makers, the legal profession. The UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid never liked the idea, and said that he is glad that it is not going ahead. You do not have high ranking government officials saying that, so the Australian fight is going to be tougher than ours. But, don’t give up, hang in there and wear them down, legally of course! God be with you in these Covid dark times! There really is a Black Death spreading through the lands, but it is not viral.


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Aborted Human Foetus Cells in Vaccines? By Mrs Vera West

Here is excellent material from a Christian perspective about the question of the use of aborted human foetus cells in vaccine preparation in the US. It is difficult to find information about the Australian Covid vaccine situation, so we should not automatically apply this material to our situation. One would have thought that Catholic organisations would be right onto it, using their vast resources to research the matter and expose it if necessary. But no. Anyway, this is one project that I will work on. It is possible that aborted foetus tissue may have been used at some point in the development, but perhaps not explicitly in a given vaccine. Arguably the same Christian objections given below can be made. While this will probably not cut any legal ice with the psychopathic Covid state, it would, if correct, constitute grounds of conscientious objection.


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A Quick Look at the Dangers New Prescription Drugs and Covid Vaccines By Mrs Vera West

Many questions can be asked about the safety of new prescription drugs, and in fact all drugs for that matter. Consider the example of a once well-used drug, Zantac, a drug for GERDS and heart burn, that has been withdrawn as I covered in an article a few weeks ago: just put “Zantac” into our wonderful search engine. The question to be asked is that if well-used drugs such as this were said to be safe, and had years of testing, but turned out to be not so,  then, what confidence should one have in  vaccines developed at “warp speed,” where the Big Pharma corporations are given total legal protection from any liability? And, we are all supposed to receive endless jabs of this? The precautionary principle would operate here and suggest at a minimum caution, and the need for careful investigation. I offer no health advice, and nor does anything else at this blog, only intellectual debate, so if someone wants the jab, that is their business. But I should have the freedom to choose, especially given the critique of the vaccines summarised at this blog. The following opinions are those of Donald Light, and as well are for public debate purposes only.


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Mainstream Critique of Covid Vax for Kids By Mrs Vera West

Most of this mainstream media article is behind a paywall, but I got what I could. It is worth citing since it discusses Covid vaccine side effects, the over counting of Covid hospitalisations, and the question of vaccinating children. Keep it up your sleave; maybe someone will post it soon. If not, it will date in a week or so, and the debate will march remorselessly on.


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