Sweden Takes a Moderna Covid Vax Pause By Richard Miller (London)

Sweden has taken a pause in the use of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine for  younger age groups after reports of side effects, including myocarditis as data pointed to an increase of myocarditis and pericarditis among youths and young adults who had been vaccinated. The Swedish Health Agency said that the association was especially clear after the second jab. It now recommends Pfizer/BioNTech’s Comirnaty vaccine instead. Good luck with that one.


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Biden, Back Off Covid Boosters! By Chris Knight (Florida)

I understand that the health authorities in Australia are line with endless booster shots, perhaps open to having it every five months as Dr Fauci here recommends. But, not all US health authorities are on board with this. A group of experts made a call to false President Joe Biden advising that the booster jabs only be given to "people most at risk of severe Covid-19 to reduce hospitalizations and deaths.” That is some departure from the mainstream Covid narrative which is simply taken from Big Pharma. Biden has given no indication of changing his boosters forever position.


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Tucker Carlson Shreds Australia Tough Covid Restrictions By James Reed

Tucker Carlson in the YouTube video linked below attacks Australia’s over-the-top Covid restrictions. Nothing we have not covered but good to see these things being said in the mainstream media, if it is in the United States.


Singapore Tightens the Covid Net By Brian Simpson

Does mass vaccination result in things opening up and business as usual, even with 100 percent vaccination, in the ideal? Well, look at Singapore, which is the sort of authoritarian illiberal society that Australia is moving towards, not to put Singapore down, it certainly is a well-ordered, safe and clean place. But, even given one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, Singapore has moved to work-from-home as the new normal, masks and social distancing. So, how will Australia ultimately be any different?


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The Collapse of Covid Vax Antibodies By Brian Simpson

The steep decline in antibodies in people given the Pfizer and AstraZeneca shots, has recently been reported by the Swedish national broadcaster, SVT, based upon research done in Sweden. The study found that for Pfizer-vaccinated people who haven’t had COVID-19, antibody levels were halved after only three months, and after seven months, only 15 percent of the original levels remained, a decrease of 85 percent. The system implicitly is accepting these result as yet another new normal, requesting booster shots. That was never part of the deal when the vaccines were first rolled out as magic solutions.


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Open for All, Vaxxed or Non-Vaxxed! By James Reed

In these times of medical apartheid, with the vaccine passport society, it is good to see some resistance. An on-line directory featuring businesses open to all, both vaccinated and unvaccinated has been launched, the “Open for All” initiative. Use it, so you know where to shop. Hopefully, as the roll-out gets to Israel levels, where “unvaxxed” is defined as not having infinity jabs, people might vote with their wallets and patronise the open to all stores. Actually they have little choice.


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The End of America By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Todd Bensman, a  reporter and fellow at the US Center for Immigration Studies, says migrants from over 120 countries are traveling to the U.S. with the assistance of human smugglers, and governments of nations south of the border. It is a planned invasion of the US, permitted by the immigration-mad Democrats, who think that this will secure their power forever by speeding up the racial transformation of America, by the Great Replacement of whites. But, as detailed below, it is much more likely to collapse America. Hence, all the more reason for secession, the breakup of America, before that is democratically impossible as well.


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The Legal Challenge to Mandatory Vaccinations By James Reed

John Larter, a paramedic, has raised more than $127,000, on the fundraising campaign on GoFundMe, to mount a legal challenge against rules making it mandatory for all NSW health workers to be fully vaccinated by November 30.

Larter has already filed a challenge in the NSW Supreme Court seeking relief from the NSW Public Health Order making vaccinations mandatory for health workers. This is very good news, and shows what a dedicated freedom fighter can do. If a victory can be scored here, it will be a precedent for further legal challenges. We need this to happen soon.

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Thousands of French Paedophile Priests By Peter West

Thousands of French paedophile priests, well to be exact, 3,200 of the monsters, have operating in abusing children since the 1950s. This is the result of an independent inquiry set up by the French Catholic church in 2018. It is conjectured that the figure is a minimum, and that the numbers are vastly greater. It is but one more sign of cultural collapse, in these end times.


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What Vax do You Choose to get the Edge in Heart Inflammation Rates? By Chris Knight (Florida)

What a tremendous thing diversity is, especially among Covid vaccines. How so? read on for the answer to one of life’s great riddles.


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Covid Vax Limitations as Told by the Mainstream Media By Brian Simpson

Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine antibodies disappear in many by 7 months. Please explain. Let’s see what Reuters.com, a mainstream primary news source has to say. There is no discussion of this incredible disappearing potency of the vaccines in the Australian media, although it is implicit in the requirement for boosters. But since Israel has had three and going for four, surely the question has to be asked at some point, do the vaccines work adequately? If one had to have a vaccine every minute say, would that still be satisfactory? So, where is the cut-off point?


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Covid Vax, then Menstrual Issues: 10,000 Reports in the Netherlands By Richard Miller (London)

Australian living in the Covid totalitarian state probably are not getting this news, but there is concern about menstrual issues after receiving the Covid jabs. Take the case of the Netherlands, for example, where over 10,000 women have reported irregularities in their menstrual cycle after the Covid jab, according to the Netherlands Pharmacovigilance Centre Lareb, which studies adverse drug reactions. This centre is investigating whether the reports are indeed connected to the jabs. The reports include women who have reported missed periods, more heavy periods and bleeding in between periods, and who have gone through the menopause starting to bleed again. It is odd that these events have occurred after the jab, and did not occur before it.


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Covid-19 and Global Warming By James Reed

Steve Feinstein, “COVID-19 is the New Global Warming,” at The American Thinker.com, gives a good account of how the elites once used global warming as their weapon of fear for social control, but then moved to the Covid plandemic, which got results fast. Of course, global warming is still being rolled out, and some new class link the two, especially those plugging for the bat soup origin of Covid.


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Covid Protesting Parents Treated as Domestic Terrorists! By Chris Knight (Florida)

The US National School Boards Association (NSBA), which represents more than 90,000 school board members in the United States, wrote in a September 29 letter to President Joe Biden that the federal government must “deal with the growing number of threats of violence and acts of intimidation occurring across the nation.” Of course, the real concern are angry parents concerned about Covid-19 restrictions placed on students and the teaching of critical race theory. They characterised the protests as “domestic terrorism,” the common thing for Leftists to do now to get the thugs of the state, like the FBI out to use force to produce social control. I very much doubt that there are the violent protests by parents, so common in the Left. It is almost certainly parents standing up for their rights. All the more reason for home schooling if possible, or done by local communities. The schools are as bad, if not worse, than the universities in terms of cultural collapse, which Critical Race Theory is the philosophy of.


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Wales: A Surge in Breakthrough Cases By Brian Simpson

Wales is yet another case that the Australian medic-technocrats should be discussing, but are not, at least where I can hear them. Vaccinated individuals accounted for 87 percent of all new Covid hospitalizations, even though 69 percent of the citizens are considered “fully vaccinated.” As well, 99 percent of positive tests were from people under the age of 60 and that 63 percent of the total were vaccinated. Please explain, as Pauline once asked.


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Covid-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey By Brian Simpson

Dr Peter Breggin has written a book entitled, COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey. He uses the Covid plandemic as an illustration of the most recent mass psychosis, generated by the elites for the purposes of global control of populations. This is a form of total psycho-political warfare which has been so successful that the majority, not all of course, of people have lost their ability to critically rationally evaluate material. Thus, while Dr Breggin does not discuss the case of recent events in Australia, these covered at this blog well illustrate his thesis. The authorities here are pushing ahead with multiple mass vaccinations and vaccine passports, completely backup by a complaisant media who question none of this, not even covering overseas controversies, let alone more challenging material.

The point of all of this is aptly summarised by Dr Breggin: “The spike protein is the spearhead of an assault on humanity. That has nothing to do with COVID-19 whatsoever, but is planned through COVID-19 in order to vastly increase the wealth of numerous institutions and individuals … many of them unfortunately originating from America, who are working in collaboration with the communist, Chinese Communist Party, to increase this vast exploitation of the world …

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The Pandora Papers: Exposing Global Financial Corruption By James Reed

The Pandora Papers consists of a leak of an enormous number of documents, disclosing the wheeling and dealings of the global elite, political leaders to billionaires. The files have been examined and analysed by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), with more than 650 reporters taking part, with the website linked below. Obviously enough I have not waded through all the material, which would literally take years, if not decades, as there are around 12 million documents and files. But some of the high points, or are it low points include: “They reveal the King of Jordan secretly amassed £70m of UK and US property.

They also show how ex-UK PM Tony Blair and his wife saved £312,000 in stamp duty when they bought a London office.

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Time for Truth-Telling in Glasgow By Viv Forbes

For 26 long years the UN and their tame media have promoted their expensive annual climate carnivals. This month they will flock to Glasgow for COP 26 but they will not arrive on Shetland ponies, penny farthings or sailing boats - hydro-carbon energy will get most of them there and keep them warm and well fed.

These jamborees are designed to spread climate lies and green energy propaganda.

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The Paper Trail Behind SARS-CoV-2 By Brian Simpson

Dr David Martin, as discussed in a now-deleted post by Dr Mercola, has followed the paper trail of the Covid plandemic. There are patents and government documents going back decades that have led to SARS-CoV-2, that is now being used to turn our world upside down. This material decisively refutes threw natural origin bat soup hypothesis, that the new class elites held to until it burst. The story is like a giant detective story, all originating from Dr Fauci. Indeed, he features in every twist and turns of the story, as shown in even more detail in Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book The Real Tony Fauci.


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The Spying UK Military By Richard Miller (London)

The UK Ministry of Defence intends to spy on social media platforms for surveillance of “changes in population sentiment,” by “automated scanning of social media platforms.” As discussed below, the aim is to investigate the new urban terrorists, defined by the oppressive state as those who are unvaccinated and/or question the standard Covid culture of masks ands lockdowns. It is what the new totalitarianism is all about. It is the Covid New World Order, even more oppressive than George Orwell’s 1984.


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