Genital Mutilation is Now Just Part of British Multiculturalism By Peter West

     Contrary to all the textbooks pushed in social sciences courses to brainwash the young at universities, multiculturalism is not about ethnic diversity within the existing liberal-democratic framework. Multiculturalism, after mass immigration gets past a critical point, becomes changing the system and replacing the previous majority with a new majority, and tossing out institutions like the liberal/democratic rule of law, and replacing them with something new and sinister, a “rough beast,” to use William Butler Yeat’s phrase, that we have not clearly seen yet. It does not happen overnight, but it is the inevitability of Fabian gradualism:

“A report has slammed the “national scandal” of the UK failing to prosecute a single child abuser committing or enabling Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), saying it shows the system is failing to fight the practice, which is associated with some migrant groups. The document, produced by the Quilliam Foundation, claims “Britain remains alone in Europe in its inability to prosecute FGM” and examines different explanations, including “a lack of witnesses”, “cultural sensitivity”, and the “existence of legal loopholes”. It highlights figures showing that, in 2016-2017 alone, 5,391 new cases of FGM were recorded in the UK, but authorities failed to bring a single perpetrator of FGM to justice. Altogether, around 9,000 women sought National Health Service (NHS) help because of the practice in that 12 month period.”

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Hillary’s Great Russian Fetish By Chris Knight

     Hillary Clinton cannot let go of the idea that the Russians stole the US election and thus stopped her from becoming president, and in turn going to war with Russia, thus ending all intelligent life in the known universe. Now, she throws dirt at Russia whenever she can like the spoilt Boomer that she is:

“One-and-a-half years after Hillary Clinton lost the election, she’s taken her baseless claims of Russian collusion to her alma mater, pulling out a Russian hat while speaking at Yale’s graduation ceremony. The former secretary of state, who has hardly taken a breath in her campaign against Moscow and claims that it colluded with Donald Trump, wasted no time before jumping straight into the topic of Russia on Sunday. After a few obligatory “thank yous” to students and the faculty, she got stuck in. “I see you are following the tradition of over-the-top hats [at graduation], so I brought a hat too – a Russian hat,” she said. “I mean, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.”

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Pope: God Makes People Gay; But Does He Make Popes Communists? By Peter West

     I knew it, I just knew it! The Pope would say something bloody stupid just about now, and he did not disappoint me, because I am beyond disappointment: 

“A victim of clerical sex abuse has said Pope Francis told him God made him gay and his sexuality “does not matter”. Juan Carlos Cruz spoke privately with the pontiff last week about the abuse he suffered at the hands of a prominent Chilean priest. After his sexuality came up in conversation, Francis reportedly told him: “Juan Carlos, that you are gay does not matter. God made you like that and loves you like this and I don’t care. The Pope loves you like this. You have to be happy with who you are.” The comments are arguably the most explicit acceptance of homosexuality publicly spoken by a head of the Roman Catholic church, which teaches that gay sex is a sin.”

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China Set to Rule the Waves By James Reed

     Hands up who can see how the West will end? It could be by ethnic explosion, immigration implosion, or China will just rise and crush all before it:

“China’s navy is on track to be double the size of the United States’ by 2030, which puts U.S. interests at risk in the Asia Pacific and around the world, a U.S. military expert testified at a recent congressional hearing. “The future size of the [People’s Liberation Army] Navy will be about 550 warships and submarines by 2030. That is twice the size of today’s U.S. Navy,” said Retired U.S. Navy Capt. James Fanell at a House Intelligence Committee hearing on Thursday. “As such, it’s clear the U.S. Navy is at great risk. We simply are not adequately sized or outfitted to meet our national security commitments in the Indo-Asia Pacific, let alone around the globe,” said Fanell, former director of intelligence and information operations for the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Fleet. Fanell said the Chinese navy, or PLAN, currently consists of about 400 warships — at least 330 surface ships and 66 submarines. Meanwhile, he said the U.S. Navy has 283 warships — 211 surface ships and 72 submarines.” So, China is set to rule the waves.

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China is at War, Almost By James Reed

Get ready for war, because China is all set to go in the South China Sea:

“China announced on Friday that it has begun landing bombers on the artificial islands it created in the South China Sea, in preparation for the Battle of the South China Sea. The announcement appeared on China’s Ministry of Defense website: A division of the Air Force’s aviation division has recently organized multi-model multi-bombers such as the -6K to carry out training on islands and reefs to take off and land in the southern seas, tempering the ability to “reach all regions, conduct full-time air strikes, and strike in all directions.”…The aviation division equipped with the H-6K and other multi-type bombers, keeping in mind the strategic requirements of “ideological and political should be strong, have good skills to fight and must be strong in fighting style”, are fully committed to advancing training in the new era and are preparing for the West Pacific and the Battle of the South China Sea.”

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Let’s Talk about the Coming EMP By John Steele

     I am not aware of any interest, outside of this site about the EMP (electromagnetic pulse) issue in Australia. With the threat of a war with China fast approaching, ordinary people should be aware that EMP attacks, by exploding an atomic bomb in the atmosphere, have the capacity to knock society back to a pre-electric era, by destroying unprotected electronics, and that is a lot of the modern world: There is some discussion of this issue in the US, where, unlike Australia, the issue is being taken seriously:

“A federal EMP commission report warns that even the smallest EMP attack on our grid system would down it for about a year, if not longer.  A year-long blackout would certainly be coupled with a massive death toll that would devastate entire populations. The so-called EMP Commission report said that this threat is very real, jeopardizes “modern civilization,” and would set back living conditions to those last seen in the 1800s. As a result of the chaos, millions would likely die, according to the report titled “Assessing the Threat from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP),” from the recently re-established Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack.

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The Myth of a Gay Greece By Mrs Vera West

     We have been told that homosexuality was a vibrant part of ancient Greek culture. But, was it? What proof is there of this? Adonis Georgiades in Homosexuality in Ancient Greece: The Myth is Collapsing (2004): 

     He has conducted an extensive review of sources including Greek mythology the works of Athenian poets, vase illustration, the laws of Athens and Sparta as described by classical authors such as Plutarch, and various law suits. His general conclusion is that Greek culture viewed homosexuality in a generally negative light. I will not go into deals about all of this here, not being knowledgeable in classics, but will be content to mention the issue and give references for readers with more time on their hands to run to ground. Ancient Greece, therefore, cannot be used as a poster child for the politically correct agenda of today.

Deconstructing Jordan Peterson By Brian Simpson

     Jordan Peterson has been considered part of an “intellectual dark web,” a loose knit of thinkers who are daring to question sacred cows of the modern regime. That shows how much in decline the universities are, since one would have expected academics to perform fundamental questioning as part of their pay. But, no.

     Peterson himself has done good work on the gender agenda and on manhood. However, he has a critical weakness on race and immigration, as these critics have established: 

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The End of Britishness By Peter West

     The British new class elites, as seen in the example of the BBC, have viewed the recent Royal wedding as showing that there is nothing essentially white about Britishness, that Africans can be just as British as those who trace their ancestors back to the Saxons, for example.

     Of course, this cultural nihilism is not extended to, say, the African migrants, or Muslims, who do have a culture, and an absolutely fab one at that. How then is this double standard justified? In short, it is not because these elites now rule so there is nothing to justify because they make the rules. These elites are the same sorts of creatures who see nothing at all wrong with modern London:

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White Privilege Update By Tom North

     If you were doing an Arts/social science course at one of our cultural Marxist Australian universities, I think it would be that part of the day, where you put on sack cloth and ashes, feel very guilty and check your white privilege: 

     Oh, that was “their” ABC pumpimping (a new word I invented) out propaganda for children on white privilege. Ok, Leftoid. Let’s close down the ABC, sell of all of its equipment and give the money to the poorest people in the world. Then we start on the university academics, call them out, sell off their goodies, and channel their salary and super in the same direction. Would they still be squawking? Bring on the zombie apocalypse, anything to just end this!! Wait… we still have Mark Dice on YouTube so all hope is not lost. Just hearing his Christian guy smash the loopy liberals helps my psycho-political neurosis.

Total Data Collection By Brian Simpson

     Hands up those who think that Google et al., are not on the road to world conquest and domination, much like the villains in the old 007 movies with Sean Connery and Roger Moore?

“Google has built a multibillion-dollar business out of knowing everything about its users. Now, a video produced within Google and obtained by The Verge offers a stunningly ambitious and unsettling look at how some at the company envision using that information in the future. The video was made in late 2016 by Nick Foster, the head of design at X (formerly Google X) and a co-founder of the Near Future Laboratory. The video, shared internally within Google, imagines a future of total data collection, where Google helps nudge users into alignment with their goals, custom-prints personalized devices to collect more data, and even guides the behavior of entire populations to solve global problems like poverty and disease. When reached for comment on the video, an X spokesperson provided the following statement to The Verge: “We understand if this is disturbing -- it is designed to be. This is a thought-experiment by the Design team from years ago that uses a technique known as ‘speculative design’ to explore uncomfortable ideas and concepts in order to provoke discussion and debate. It’s not related to any current or future products.”

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The Left Defends the Most Vicious Gangs on Earth By Charles Taylor

     Let us catch this one before, like most pollution, it just disappears into the environment, making the world a wee bit more toxic:

“Left-wing journalists conceded on Thursday that President Donald Trump had referred to MS-13, not immigrants in general, as “animals,” but still argued that Trump was racist — or that he was to blame for their own failures to provide accurate context.” Well, what has this violent Latino gang got up to that the left are defending, remembering that much of the left still defends the communist revolution?

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Letter to The Editor - There is a long and profound tradition of friendship and mutual understanding between enlightened individuals within all three of the Abrahamic faiths

To The Australian          Jennifer Oriel's spirited defence of religious freedom ('Christianity empowers our Western tradition', 21/5) is vitiated a little by her forgetfulness of past violence carried out by Christian religious fanatics and by her misinterpretation of extracts from the Qu'ran. Surah 8:12 does not, as she claims, 'prescribe violent monotheism.' It is a symbolic (not literal) reference to the battle of Badr (a single historical event). As for Surah 5:51, this gives a valid warning (for Muslims) against a danger in befriending Christians or Jews because each group, naturally enough, is characteristically biased in favour of its own members - something that can be seen in many contexts today. There is a long and profound tradition of friendship and mutual understanding between enlightened individuals within all three of the Abrahamic faiths, and between such individuals and corresponding persons in the Eastern sacred traditions. In recent times this has been apparent, especially, in the writings of the 'perennialists' - Rene Guenon, Ananda Coomaraswamy and their associates. In this context anti-Muslim prejudice looks small and mean.  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Chinese Mass Indoctrination Camps: Coming to a Quiet Suburb Near You? By James Reed

     This item tells of the creation of Chinese mass indoctrination camps in the US. First, one needs to know what an “indoctrination camp” actually is. Here is the good old New York Post to enlighten us: 

“Hour upon hour, day upon day, Omir Bekali and other detainees in far western China’s new indoctrination camps had to disavow their Islamic beliefs, criticize themselves and their loved ones and give thanks to the ruling Communist Party. When Bekali, a Kazakh Muslim, refused to follow orders each day, he was forced to stand at a wall for five hours at a time. A week later, he was sent to solitary confinement, where he was deprived of food for 24 hours. After 20 days in the heavily guarded camp, he wanted to kill himself. Chinese authorities in the heavily Muslim region of Xinjiang have ensnared tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of Muslim Chinese – even foreign citizens – in mass internment camps.

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European Sex Crime Update By Richard Miller

     Sex crimes in Europe have become as common as popular sports, perhaps. But, to take one example, say Finland, a place that we don’t hear too much about, who is committing these crimes? 

“An investigation into Finland’s police data by the country’s police academy, shows that 131 Finnish citizens became victims of sex crimes committed by asylum seekers in the year 2016. A total of 1052 asylum seekers were suspected of crimes in 2016 and virtually all were men, who together represented 29 nations. Two thirds were Iraqis and the age of the suspects was evenly distributed. Finnish women were victims in 8 out of 10 cases committed by mostly Muslim asylum seekers: 108 out of 116 suspects of sexual offenses came from Islamic countries like Iraq (83), Afghanistan (14) or Morocco (6). Almost half of sexual offenses were committed against Finnish girls under the age of 18 of which some were seeking men to access tobacco and drugs, the study says. Among the sexual offenses that asylum seekers were suspected of rape is the most common, with 32% of the reports. Almost one in 7 cases, or 16%, were about was gang rape and another 16% of the reports were for sexual harassment. 3 out of 5 sexual assault with asylum seekers as suspected offenders occurred in public places, 1 in 5 in private homes, 1 in 10 at refugee centres and 1 in 4 in unknown places.”

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Bitcoins Bites too Hard, Dies By James Reed

     Mike Adams was issuing a lot of warnings about Bitcoin a few month’s ago, or was it longer? Things have gone a bit quiet on the Bitcoin doomsday front. Until now: 

“This paper has outlined various methods that are currently used in determining the current and future electricity consumption of the Bitcoin network. These methods tell us that the Bitcoin network consumes at least 2.55 GW of electricity currently, and that it could reach a consumption of 7.67 GW in the future, making it comparable with countries such as Ireland (3.1 GW) and Austria (8.2 GW). Additionally, economic models tell us that Bitcoin’s electricity consumption will gravitate toward the latter figure. A look at Bitcoin miner production estimates suggests that this figure could already be reached in 2018. With the Bitcoin network processing just 200,000 transactions per day, this means that the average electricity consumed per transaction equals at least 300 kWh, and could exceed 900 kWh per transaction by the end of 2018. The Bitcoin development community is experimenting with solutions such as the Lightning Network to improve the throughput of the network, which may alleviate the situation. For now, however, Bitcoin has a big problem, and it is growing fast.”

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All the Vibrancy of the Royal Wedding By Peter West

     I imagine that there may be one or two peole who feel a little uncomfortable about the choice of partner that Prince Harry made: Meghan Markle, a 36-year old divorced multiracial actress. And, they married on the same date that Henry VIII had Anne Boleyn’s head chopped off, surely a good omen: 

     This is a wedding which the Queen approved, perhaps because she had no choice. As the establishment papers have been pouring out, this brings Britain into the 21st century. Welcome to their world, not your world, or that of your ancestors, which is being quickly dismantled in the New World Order, or is it Disorder. Yes, accepting mass immigration which has transformed many British cities into non-white majority enclaves, is not enough, for every institution must be deconstructed. Expect some future Royal wedding to push the agenda further with the first gay marriage. Then transgender, then whatever the elites are pushing next. What about a Muslim Royal? Why Not? It would be racist not to, surely?

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Another Gem for the Gun Banners By Charles Taylor

     Yes, another shooting here in  the US. It was getting near the time when one would expect the Deep State to either rollout another psy-ops, or alternatively, for some kid on Big Pharma meds, to flip a switch and go mad:

“The suspect in a Friday’s deadly Texas high school shooting has been identified as 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said 10 people were killed and 10 others wounded in the shooting Friday morning at Santa Fe High School south of Houston. The suspected shooter, who was in custody, also had explosive devices, including a molotov cocktail, that were found in the school and nearby, said Gov. Greg Abbott, who called the assault “one of the most heinous attacks that we’ve ever seen in the history of Texas schools.” Police found pressure cookers and pipe bombs around the school, one law enforcement source told CBS News.

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Oh, What a Tangled Web They Weave By Chris Knight

     It is hard to keep up with the “Russia stole the US election” nonsense. The issue at the moment seems to be that there really was an FBI/CIA/M16 spy-op, but this was directed towards the Trump campaign, not Hillary Clinton: 

“Following two weeks of mounting speculation over the FBI’s so-called “mole” inside the Trump campaign, the New York Times and Washington Post published separate accounts on Friday detailing the infiltration of the Trump campaign - a scheme revealed in a Wednesday report by the New York Times in which “at least one government informant met several times with Mr. Page and Mr. Papadopoulos.” The Wednesday report also disclosed the existence of “Operation Crossfire Hurricane” - the FBI’s code name for their early Trump-Russia investigation. Thanks to Friday’s carefully crafted deep-state disclosures by WaPo and the Times, along with actual reporting by the Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross, we now know it wasn’t a mole at all - but 73-year-old University of Cambridge professor Stefan Halper, a US citizen, political veteran and longtime US Intelligence asset enlisted by the FBI to befriend and spy on three members of the Trump campaign during the 2016 US election.

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Killing Everybody to Make the Economy Strong! By James Reed

     Shamefully, a conspiracy, tin foil hat guy like me did not go the final step and think of this one, which just shows how limited my intellect is. Never mind. Here is Mike Adam’s depopulation hypothesis, which I reproduce because Mike is a great guy that likes to spread the word. At first, I thought that the idea that governments just want us all to die was wrong because there was the agenda of white genocide and all that. But, probably he is right, for it just makes economic sense, in the black magic world of conventional economics, for everybody, sans the super-class, to just die to keep their system going:

“Ever wonder why governments allow so much deadly pollution to be dumped into food, water and soils? Part of the real reason may surprise you: Governments no longer want people to live long enough to collect entitlement benefits, and allowing the contamination of everything with death-inducing substances actually saves governments money by accelerating the death of citizens. This is all covered in my video, below. Here’s a brief introduction: Three generations ago, governments wanted more people to run the factories, settle rural lands and generate economic productivity that could be siphoned off by the political elite. Over time, continued promises of entitlements such as social security, Medicare, pensions and welfare payouts caused large populations to become financial burdens to the sustainability of those same governments.

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