Letter to The Editor - Warming came before Coal

     If human use of coal and oil is causing the Modern Warming, what caused the Minoan Warming, the Roman Warming and the Medieval Warming, all of which were warmer than today? Every warm era was followed by a mini-ice age – a time of blizzards, iced rivers, starving stock, failed crops and hungry humans. Only fools would try to kill the warmth by reducing aerial CO2 plant food. And only idiots would destroy their reliable electricity supply in this futile crusade.
  Viv Forbes, Washpool, Qld

Authorised by K. W. Grundy
13 Carsten Court, Happy Valley, SA.

Letter to The Editor - Testing Green Energy

     Let’s carry out a real energy experiment in Australia. Insist that Victoria and South Australia become “zero emission states” with all electricity generated by wind, solar or hydro and backed up by giant batteries. Mandate electric cars and levy a climate tax on all emissions from cattle and petrol/diesel engines. Let Qld choose freely from unsubsidised coal, gas or green power with no climate taxes. Leave their cows, cars, and trucks alone. Stop all interstate transfer of electricity into test areas. Let’s see what happens to electricity reliability and prices, industrial activity, jobs and interstate migration of climate refugees.
  Viv Forbes, Washpool, Qld

Authorised by K. W. Grundy
13 Carsten Court, Happy Valley, SA.

Diversity, Australian Style By Peter Ewer

     In no way being critical or making any adverse comment at all, I refer the gentle reader to this article where various individuals appear to be raising objections to Australia’s joyous  diversity, but I do not know why and am afraid to ask. In fact, I type this from the shelter of the dark nether region under my bed:

“A radical Muslim group held a conference on Saturday afternoon discouraging members and their children from singing the Australian national anthem – while refusing to condemn ISIS. Global Islamist political party Hizb ut-Tahrir, which is campaigning for Sharia law, hired a community hall at Campsie, in Sydney's south-west, for the event. Yellow taped lines were placed on the carpet segregating men at the front from women at the back, with Daily Mail Australia witnessing ushers directing men to sit at the front of the auditorium. This was despite a 2016 New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal ruling which found Hizb ut-Tahrir's gender segregation policies at public events were a form of unlawful sex discrimination. After taking a seat Daily Mail Australia was asked to leave the Orion Function Centre as about 300 Muslim men, women - all wearing either hijabs or niqabs - and children were arriving. Asked why the media wasn't allowed at the four-hour 'Unapologetically Muslim' forum, this reporter was informed it was an 'Islamic conference' and complied with directions to leave.

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Climate Change Doomsday Nonsense! Give me a Real Apocalypse, Anyone! By James Reed

     Yes, I am a doomsayer, but one who argues from religious fanaticism rather than climate change fanaticism, which is more rational, or at least is a longer tradition of madness. Now, we have the spectacle of a leading medical journal, The Lancet, which always brings up the image in my mind of some doctor lancing some pus-filled wound and collecting …anyway you are not interested in that … embracing climate change apocalypse with a vengeance. The item in question is a glowing book review of David Wallace-Wells, The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming, a book which I am too bigoted to read, but for good reason.

The Lancet journal has joined the ranks of the most crazed climate propagandists, warning of a climate meltdown comparable to nuclear war. In its review of David Wallace-Wells’ The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming, the once prestigious medical journal underscores the extreme nature of the author’s predictions, only to insist that things are actually worse than what he describes. Starkly titled “Climate Armageddon,” the nearly hysterical review by Lancet’s Laurie Garrett declares that just since 2017, when Wallace-Wells laid out his theories in an essay that forms the foundation for his book, “a number of record-breaking severe weather events, hastening melting of polar ice, rising sea temperatures, and the massive die-offs along Australia’s Great Barrier Reef have raised the tone of urgency among climatologists and earth scientists.” Garrett oozes praise for Wallace-Wells’ “gorgeous command of the English language,” declaring that he “knows how to lay down prose that moves the reader at such a clip that one feels like a Kentucky Derby-exhausted mare at the end of each chapter.”

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Engineering Magic By Brian Simpson

     A long time ago I saw Chariots of the Gods, and puzzled at how people managed to move huge masses of stone, something that would tax today’s equipment. Some folks think that they have the answer, and it does not involve extra-terrestrial, but physics and leverage:

“In 2014, the researchers at the design lab Matter Design, many of whom are from MIT, began studying the way ancient civilizations built giant structures like the statues on Easter Island or the Egyptian pyramids. Using stones that have the right density and center of mass, they found, humans can actually move objects as heavy as a great white shark with their bare hands. With help from the construction-research company Cemex Global R&D, the lab found that it could rotate mammoth stones that appear light as a feather, or assemble objects into staircases without trucks or cranes. To determine which building materials to use and where to place the center of mass, Matter Design relies on a computer algorithm. When the algorithm spots a formula that won’t work in real life, the researchers can make adjustments to ensure the object will be mobile for humans. “Of course, there are a lot of struggles along the way,” Brandon Clifford, an MIT assistant professor and one of the lab’s partners, told Business Insider. But “as we’re designing the element,” Clifford said, “we can always ensure that the center of mass is pulled to where it needs to go.” Clifford recently debuted the lab’s findings at the TED 2019 conference, which focuses this year on larger-than-life ideas. He said the project could change the future of construction by allowing companies to build without cranes, which are often expensive or difficult to access. They might also be able to avoid demolishing structures. While the typical commercial building is designed to last several decades, Matter Design’s structures could last an eternity, Clifford said. They could also be taken apart to form new configurations. “We’re trying to think not just about the end product, like elements that you can deploy around the world,” Clifford said. “The project is not limited in scale.”

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We have Already had Two Wars with China, So Expect a Third By James Reed

     There is an excellent article by Brett Stevens:

Dealing with the coming military threat of China. First, he makes the point that the US, and by implication, Australia, has already fought two wars against China, with over half a million Chinese dying –  the Korean War. Then, China was involved in supplying troops and other support in the Vietnam war.

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Letter to The Editor - Following Foolish Forecasts

     Well-trained meteorologists with mountains of real data and massive computers cannot forecast the weather more than a few days ahead. But make-believe academic “climatologists” using doctored data have created over 100 complicated computer models pretending to forecast global climate decades ahead. NOT ONE model has produced a correct forecast for 25 years. Yet we are prepared to trash our economy, inflate electricity costs and destroy heavy industry on the basis of these massaged models. Only politicians and green dreamers could believe such nonsense.
  By Viv Forbes, Washpool, Qld

Authorised by K. W. Grundy
13 Carsten Court, Happy Valley, SA.

Letter to The Editor - Most Australians have a mixed ethnic make-up, are proud of the various peoples whose blood runs in their veins

     Stan Grant has written most tenderly about his ancestors, particularly his grandmother Ivy Sutton ("Out of the box", 4-5/5). Quite rightly, he feels affection for the different strands in his make-up. Most Australians have a mixed ethnic make-up, are proud of the various peoples whose blood runs in their veins and respect the pride of others in theirs. Grant is also correct that at times box-ticking on forms is simplistic; but sometimes there's not room for everything. Why, however, does he suddenly end with the assertion that "all across Australia" people just like him "are being asked to deny their family members" and even betray them? What's his evidence? And why when, as he reveals, he is part-white, does he define himself as "born black"? He seems contradictory now. Why the special pleading? Is he trying to gain constitutional favouritism for "blacks"?
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic.

Authorised by K. W. Grundy
13 Carsten Court, Happy Valley, SA.

Letter to The Editor - Why Big Miners turned Green

“Big miners like Rio and BHP employ many geologists, chemists and physicists who can show that natural climate cycles have been occurring for millions of years. Why then are their boards pushing the man-made climate fable?
“It’s all about money.
“Wind turbines, solar farms and electric cars need humungous amounts of copper, steel, rare earths, lithium, silicon and aluminium for towers, transmission lines, charging stations, generators, motors, panels and batteries.
“This means higher metal prices and bigger profits, dividends and bonuses.
“All pretty simple.
“In a big race always back “Vested Interest” – you know he is really trying.”

  By Viv Forbes, BSc, MAusIMM, Executive Director, the Saltbush Club

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Trump, the Insane; Biden the Chinese Agent By Charles Taylor

     Covering American politics, as a mirror for the West, takes a heavy toll on one’s soul, at least if one still clings to any faith that this can be pulled out of the fires of hell, not too badly scorched. Take Trump’s latest outburst. Not able to stop illegal immigration, he now wants to charge the illegals a processing fee. Surely it would be better to have nuclear war with Russia and global nuclear annihilation, than to continue to put up with this fool! At least the apocalypse would be interesting!

     Then we have the dude groping Joe Biden who is likely to kick Trump out of the White House, who is openly in the pocket of the Chinese:

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Roundup By Paul Walker

     The bad; talk about the police state; two million New Zealanders have a police alert next to their name, even for having a gun licence. Think about what the Aussie cops have!

     The bad; this is terrible racism: slim people think that fat people are somewhat sub-human, a shocking prejudice.

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Send the Refugees to the Elite Suburbs! By James Reed

     Open border socialists types always like to take the high moral ground because they personally do not have to pay the costs of their promiscuous, pathological altruism. There is also a vast hypocrisy in the system, such as the universities, which while opening advocating all sorts of socialism, will use their obese security guards, usually dressed in play school police uniforms, to kick homeless people off campus. I recall seeing one such police-wannta be scream at a homeless Aboriginal man collecting cans and bottle from a bin. Yet, in buildings not too far away, politically correct academics would be lecturing on white racism. Would these same lecturers dip into their pockets to support a homeless Aboriginal person? Well, I have seen a notable academic who has made a good living off of the white guilt gravy train quickly cross the city street by the university when a homeless Aboriginal person moved in their direction. The universities are hypocritical to the core.

     A good illustration of this large-scale social hypocrisy is the elites and their response to homeless people, and here I have been inspired with insights from Uncle Len, Len Hart, our own dispossessed majority member. The wealthy basically consider that the poor are “unclean,” contaminated, even if they mouth off Leftist ideology in their law jobs or whatever. Evidence:

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The World Just Keeps Getting Sadder By Bruce Bennett

     Look, it can’t be as bad as you guys keep saying. Sure, Rome collapsed, a long time ago, but we have technology and the internet, there is still some sunshine, and I had a good steak meal last night, washed down with a few cold beers. What could possibly be wrong?

“According to a major analysis of global well-being, the world really is getting more miserable. Human beings worldwide are sadder, angrier and more fearful than they have ever been before.  Something just isn’t right on Earth. In Gallup’s annual Global State of Emotions report, all three emotions (sadness, anger, and fear) rose to record levels in 2018, for the second consecutive year. Chad took the undesirable honor of being the world’s most negative country. Wrought with war, political crisis, and human rights violations, the country is the world’s worst in terms of emotional health, according to CNN. Gallup charted humanity’s prolonged slump by holding 151,000 interviews in 2018 with adults in more than 140 countries. It has measured emotions annually since 2006. In 2018, about 4 in 10 people said they experienced a lot of worry the day before the interview, while a third said they were stressed and nearly 3 in 10 said they felt a lot of physical pain.

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Avengers: Endgame and a Teransgender 007: Dropping Movies is Long overdue By chris Knight

     There is shock, horror from Dissent Righters about, first, the elimination of the main white characters from the latest big money movie, Avengers: Endgame, and also from the present 007 James bond, Daniel Craig, who wants a gay, transgender and/or black/non-white Bond. Really, what does one expect in a cultural war? It is somewhat puzzling that so many of the US righters, our equivalents, churn out books on movies, and write so much about them. Don’t they have lives? Movies are even more colonised than the universities, and we need to completely abandon them, not even watching them for free, because this is consumption of toxic cultural  waste. The core reason is that this media is a massive passive time waster, that absorbs time that could be spent doing something to improve one’s mind, such as learning another language, pursuing political actionism, or even studying STEM topics.

     Of course, Hollywood is going to be just like the Democratic Party, or our labour Party on film. Why would one want to have one’s mind and emotions manipulated by this? In watching this bs one is allowing the poison to enter your brain. That does not seem wise to me. If, as the Left argues, guns as objects have the power to turn people evil, then what effects will the total sensory bombardment of cinema do to our state of mind?

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Life On Mars? Life On Earth? By Brian Simpson

     Claims are circulating that life from Mars has been discovered in a meteorite spat out which landed on Earth. Maybe, maybe not. But the real question is will one day meteorites from a dead Earth be sent return to sender to Mars, to perhaps start the cycle over again, or at least to cause some extra-terrestrial explorers to ponder, what the hell went on here?

“SCIENTISTS have raised hope there could be life on Mars after fossilised bacteria was found in a meteorite from the Red Planet. Experts say they have found microfilaments created by fossilised Martian microbes on the meteorite, known as ALH-77005, after using advanced imaging techniques. Dr Ildiko Gyollai and his team from the Hungarian Academy of Science (HAS) Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences used optical microscopy and infrared technology to study the textures and features of the thin sample of ALH-77005. The textures and features left behind by organisms are called “biosignatures”. They also analysed the minerals in the stone and undertook isotope tests to find out if there were any chemical compounds required for sustaining life. The rock they had been looking at was discovered in Antarctica by the Japanese National Institute of Polar Research on a mission from 1977-78. The researchers concluded the microscopic filaments could be evidence of bacteria that survive by eating iron dust. The study's authors said in the paper: “Comparing recent results and interpretation with other meteorites, it can be raised, that on these similarities the microbially mediated biosignatures can be proposed microbial mediation by iron oxidising bacteria on Mars.”

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A Fish Rots from the Head By Chris Knight

     Not every day, but most days, Paul Craig Roberts has some insightful dark things to say, and this is a time of darkness, unparalleled. The appropriate metaphor for our times is decay, and the idea that a fish rots from the head first pretty much sums up how cultural Marxism has wormed through the institutions, to putrify all before it.

“A fish rots from the head. In the Western world rot is accelerating. The rot in Washington is swiftly spreading to state and local governments and abroad to the Empire’s vassal governments. Washington’s attack on journalism represented by the illegal arrest of Julian Assange has now spread to France. The US government’s policy of sanctions against sovereign countries that do not follow Washington’s orders has spread to the state of New York, where the governor has threatened sanctions against financial institutions that do business with the National Rifle Association. In France the vassal president Macron has ordered three journalists — who revealed that Macron’s government knowingly and intentionally sold arms to Saudi Arabia and the UAE to be used for the slaughter of women and children in Yemen — to report for police questioning. The report proves that Macron’s government deliberately lied when it said it was unaware that French weapons were to be used for attack rather than defense use in violation of the Arms Trade Treaty of 2014. The journalists are under investigation by the French gestapo for “compromising national defense secrets.”

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Rebuilding Politically Correct Notre Dame By Richard Miller

     The burning of the cathedral of Notre Dame was almost certainly arson, but the crime is so immense and sensitive that even if it was, the Deep State would not admit it. After all, they still want to keep the consumer multicult wonderland in one consuming piece.

     What matters now is how the cathedral will be rebuilt, and surprise, surprise, it will be in line with multicultural ideology, not the Christian past and traditions:

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Who Needs the Australian flag When There is the Rainbow One; More Colours By Mrs Vera West

     Just reporting the facts, without saying whether or not this is a good or bad thing, which is something we are lucky to still be able to do. How I miss the world of the 1950s, a golden age.

“The Australian flag will be taken down from the Woodend clock tower next month, with the Macedon Shire Council voting to fly the rainbow LGBTQI+ pride flag instead. The Macedon Ranges Shire Council voted to fly the rainbow pride flag at the council offices in Gisbourne and Kyneton, and the clock tower in Woodend. There is only one flagpole at the Woodend clock tower, so the Australian flag will be lowered to allow the rainbow pride flag to fly. At the council offices in Gisbourne and Kyneton, Torres Strait Islander flags will be lowered to accommodate the rainbow pride flag. The rainbow flags will be flown from May 13 to May 20 to acknowledge the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism and Transphobia.”

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Japan and Vaccinations By Mrs Vera West

     If there must be mandatory vaccinations, and all the hysteria we see in Australia and the United States, with people virtually vaccinated at gun point,

what about the more laid-back Japan? It should be wiggling out the door with disease, but it is not:

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Letter to The Editor - Why Big Miners turned Green

     Big miners like Rio and BHP employ many geologists, chemists and physicists who can show that natural climate cycles have been occurring for millions of years. Why then are their boards pushing the man-made climate fable? It’s all about money. Wind turbines, solar farms and electric cars need humungous amounts of copper, steel, rare earths, lithium, silicon and aluminium for towers, transmission lines, charging stations, generators, motors, panels and batteries. This means higher metal prices and bigger profits, dividends and bonuses. All pretty simple.
  Viv Forbes, Washpool, Qld

Authorised by K. W. Grundy
13 Carsten Court, Happy Valley, SA.