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False News Mainstream Media By Bruce Bennett

    Here is a story where the mainstream media, eager to try and do another right wing car attack story, screwed up multiple times, and still kept screwing up.

“NPR has altered an article after they were busted using a misleading photo of a 'vehicle ramming' in Louisville to make the claim that 'right-wing extremists' are targeting protesters with cars. Here's what actually happened - the driver of the car, a woman with dreadlocks, was attacked by the 'peaceful' protesters, one of whom reportedly pulled a gun on her - and another who was struck as she accelerated to escape: The driver of the vehicle came forward and won't face charges, while two of the protesters have been arrested. The incident near 6th and Liberty streets during the Wednesday morning rush was captured on a real-time crime camera. Police said protesters had blocked the intersection, standing in front of the woman’s car with a megaphone. During a verbal altercation between the driver and the protesters, someone ripped out one of the driver’s dreadlocks. When someone pulled a gun, the driver sped off and struck a protester. When she stopped at a red light a block later, someone pointed a gun at her. Police said that man was 21-year-old Darius Anderson, who allegedly passed the gun off to 19-year-old Brioanna Richards. Both are charged with rioting, disorderly conduct and obstructing a highway. NPR deleted their tweet and changed the photo in the article to a 3-year-old image of the Charlottesville vehicle ramming.”

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The Racial Hypocrisy of Liberals By Brian Simpson

     Well blow me over! With all the Leftist chest thumping about race, it turns out that strictly speaking the liberal left are the biggest racist around:

“Everyone knows that Leftists are hypocrites. White “Black Lives Matter” protestors who have incited and even participated in horrifying disorder, demanded the abolition of the police, and “taken a knee” to virtue-signal, returning home to overwhelmingly white, safe suburbs. Social Justice Warriors who proclaim that all races are “equal” in every way, and vociferously condemn and campaign for the firing of scientists whose work contributes to the overwhelming empirical evidence that blacks have a lower average IQ than whites, don’t believe it deep down. And now we have scientific proof. Soon-to-be-published research, by psychologists at Yale and Princeton, one black and one white, has now proven that, beneath all the “humility,” American “Liberals” who claim blacks are “equal” also tend to speak to them as though they were intellectually inferior. “Conservatives,” by contrast, tend to speak to people of all races in the same way. The eye-opening study is entitled “Self-Presentation and Interracial Settings: The Competence Downshift of White Liberals” and is to be published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Written by Cydney Dupree [Email her ] of Yale University, and Susan Fiske [Email her] of Princeton (pictured right, with Cydney above) it begins with a striking statement:

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Accepting the End of the Traditional University, with Joy By James Reed

     These comments by an ageing academic, made as part of’s fun raiser are spot on:

“As an elderly academic, I have predicted for more than 40 years that the American higher education system would eventually destroy itself in a frenzy of suicidal mayhem, intellectual dishonesty, and downright graft. The Coronavirus has accelerated the decline of higher education and laid bare to all its shallowness, hysteria, and anti-white animus. It gives me no pleasure to see the academe in ruins, but I realize now that nostalgia for the almost irenic setting of my undergraduate days is merely a form of self-delusion. No more lamentations for a past that cannot be reproduced. Like a beloved pet that has become rabid, alma mater must be put down, and the sooner the better. It is inhumane to prolong its agony. I have stopped all contributions to the college from which I graduated. That money now goes to Counter-Currents. I urge all of my readers to do the same. The intellectual depth and quality of the writing in Counter-Currents far exceeds any scholarly journal currently being published. I am proud to be a writer for the website. Counter-Currents is now my university.”

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The Case of Rayshard Brooks By Chris Knight

     The guy in the latest shooting, Black of course, or we would hear nothing of it, as White Lives Don’t Matter, is being portrayed as Mr Dad. But consider the reality:

“Rayshard Brooks was on probation and faced going back to prison if he was charged with a DUI, can reveal. It was the fear of incarceration that likely caused Brooks to panic in the face of imminent arrest and caused him to make a break for it. Brooks was shot and killed on Friday, June 12 when cops received a 911 call to the Wendy's at University Avenue in Atlanta. Brooks was drunk and asleep at the wheel of his car and blocking the fast food restaurant's drive-thru lane. The 27-year-old father of four was polite and compliant with officers across the 20 minutes during which officers Devin Brosnan, 26, and Garrett Rolfe, 27, questioned him as to how much he had drunk and how he had ended up in the drive-thru. As the interaction neared its tragic conclusion, Brooks suggested to officers that he could just walk home saying that it wasn't far. But after Brooks failed a field sobriety test and blew 0.108 when breathalyzed (0.08 is the legal limit in Georgia), Rolfe who has since been fired, moved to cuff Brooks who suddenly resisted. Both officers were clearly taken by surprise. As their bodycameras fell to the ground in the scuffle that ensued one shouted to Brooks to 'stop fighting' and warned him, 'You're going to get tased,' but the peaceable incident quickly escalated into violence.

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On Getting the Chop in CHOP By Charles Taylor

     Here is the latest dirt on the new US-base country of CHOP. There was two shootings, and the resident warlord, Raz Simone had to beg ambulances to enter his country. And, you guess it, so,me are blaming the right wing Nazis in the place who supposedly did it.

“A leftist Seattle councilwoman who embedded herself in the front lines of the city's George Floyd protests - which culminated in the establishment of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (now called the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest, or CHOP) - has suggested that a deadly shooting in the anarchist district might have been a "right-wing attack." In a late Saturday statement, Kshama Sawant wished her "deepest condolences" after the shooting which left one protester dead and another in critical condition. "Socialist Alternative and I stand in solidarity with the family and friends of the victim, and with the injured protester now in the hospital, as well as with all community members and fellow activists," she said, before delving into her conspiracy theory. Though we await confirmation of the details of the killing, there are indications that this may have been a right-wing attack. If so, this would not be the first such attack on the Capitol Hill Black Lives Matter protest." If this killing turns out to be a right-wing attack, President Trump bears direct responsibility, since he has fomented reactionary hatred specifically against the peaceful Capitol Hill occupation, and even threatened to intervene with federal troops. -Kshama Sawant

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No Knee for Marion Le Pen, Kneeling Represents Humiliation Rather than Tolerance. And Nice French Too. By James Reed

     If only I was 60 years younger and French …

There Goes the Pyramids By Peter Bennett

     It is because the people believe that slaves built them, so tear them down so all their work was for bloody nothing! Makes as much sense as anything in this insane clown world:

“After bringing down statues, symbolic of racism and oppression in the US and the UK during the Black Lives Matter protests, some social media activists started calling for the demolition of the Pyramids, basing their argument on the contested notion that they were built by slaves. The hashtag #pyramids has been widely circulating on Twitter in recent days, but not for the reasons one might expect. The fact that Cairo is preparing to reopen the country for tourism within weeks or that many travelers are eagerly waiting for the coronavirus threat to subside, to visit Egypt — if only to feast their eyes on the centuries-old monuments in Giza — has little to do with the viral hashtag. Oddly enough, the Pyramids have instead been cited multiple times in an online discussion between Twitter users on whether or not these massive structures built as tombs for the pharaohs of Egypt's Old Kingdom more than 4,000 years ago should be torn down for allegedly having been built by "slaves." "Take down the #Pyramids. Slaves built them!" was one tweet advocating destruction of the monuments that have stood the test of time. Nigel Hetherington, archaeologist and founder of Past Preservers, a heritage consultancy, dismissed the calls as "not serious," saying, "I don’t think that those were ever real calls to pull down the Pyramids." "The image of thousands of slaves toiling under a burning sun and a vicious pharaoh is hard to shake, it seems. Despite years of study and archaeological research and discoveries, the Hollywood version of Egypt still seems to captivate people," he told Al-Monitor.  

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Australia Under Cyber Attack … Now Who Could Be Doing That? By James Reed

     Who else could it be but our beloved trading partner, treating us with the respect we deserve:

“Australia is currently being hit by a major cyber-attack which is targeting all levels of government, political parties and private businesses. Scott Morrison has revealed that a state-based cyber actor” is undertaking the attack. “Based on advice provided to me by our cyber experts, Australian organisations are currently being targeted by a sophisticated state-based cyber actor,” the Prime Minister said in Canberra. “This activity is targeting Australian organisations across a range of sectors, including all levels of Government, industry, political organisations, education, health, essential service providers and operators of other critical infrastructure. “We know it is a sophisticated state-based cyber actor because of the scale and nature of the targeting and the trade craft used.”

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Russian Ultra-Racist Politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky On the US Race Problem By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     Quick, lynch him …. Oh, he is safe in Russia behind a nuclear shield that even the most politically correct cannot penetrate. But, might does not make right, does it oh ruling class?

“While the world is being rocked by mass protests against racism and police brutality, in Russia the situation is viewed through a starkly different lens. Far from being concerned with the rights of minorities, Russian experts, pundits and government officials worry in appalling language about the fate of white people—and obsess over Donald J. Trump’s declining chances of re-election. Nationalist politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia in the State Duma, or parliament, argued that the United States should resort to racial segregation, splitting up into “Black” and “White” states. Zhirinovsky is known for being outrageous. But, far from being ridiculed, his obscenely racist suggestion garnered coverage in the Kremlin-controlled state media, as well as support from a fellow parliamentarian. Appearing on Russia’s 60 Minutes, Anton Morozov, a member of the Russian State Duma Committee on International Affairs, wholeheartedly boosted Zhirinovsky’s proposition. In an obvious nod to Trump, Morozov remarked that “Negroes are getting in the way of making America great” and suggested sequestering Black people on reservations. In all seriousness, Morozov argued that Trump or the federal authorities could adopt such measures. “A white person is afraid to step outside,” the politician asserted, arguing for the necessity of such a grotesque “solution.”

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On A Divorce from China By James Reed

     If Australia was a real country, with even a moderate level of self-respect, instead of being the equivalent of a fluffy toy, it would be moving to gain independence from a world set to explode. Then something may survive, but our elites are too low grade and degenerate to think beyond making a quick buck/ Renminbi/yuan, then getting out to let the place sink. But, soon there is going to be nowhere left to run.

“Australia's relationship with China is not a happy one at the moment. Canberra's push for answers on the pandemic's origins has angered Beijing. In the past month it has put in place some bruising sanctions and travel warnings. Many have urged Australia to reduce its economic reliance on China, but is this really an option? "I love the Chinese," says Chris Kelly, an Australian who's sown barley on his family farm for decades. "Love them. Every barley grower in Australia loves the Chinese because they've made us wealthy." Last year Australia produced over 8 million tonnes of the golden grain used in beer and pig feed. China bought more than half - at a premium price. But last month, China imposed an 80% tariff on Australian barley. It came after Canberra, echoing the US, called for an investigation into Covid-19's origins - a move that Beijing labelled "politically motivated". China has since suspended some major Australian beef imports, and warned students and tourists against travelling to the "racist" country. This week, in a secretive process, it sentenced an Australian man to death for drug smuggling. It's fuelled frenzied discussion in Australia: Is China retaliating against accusations it mishandled the coronavirus? Could this be the start of a trade war like that seen between the US and China?

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How Low Can Reality TV Go? By Mrs Vera West

     When I read the headline about a reality TV show where “men compete to impregnate a woman,” it made even me a bit feministy. I thought that each week some guy would win the right for sex, and then we would see who lucked out in the great sperm wars. No, it just shows how this job of reporting the decline can get to one, But, no doubt, a program like that is down the track:

“Let’s watch, shall we, as a woman struggles with one of the most common sources of distress for the modern middle-aged woman: fertility. She’s got good eggs, some of them frozen, but what she needs is sperm, and the body in which that sperm is contained. Despite being pretty in a Getty-stock-image kind of way, and despite being a successful holistic health and beauty expert, Kristy has not yet found her fantasy husband. So, she has turned to reality television programming to help her out. That’s the premise of the new show Labor of Love, in which 15 men compete to be the “one” honored with impregnating the show’s heroine. As I watched her journey toward motherhood unfold, I thought, finally. Finally, someone has found a way to make a buck off the fracturing of the American family. Of course I don’t mean Kristy, who clearly isn’t being paid enough to live in this McMansion that is decorated like an inspirational quote rendered in brick, tile and cozy synthetic-fiber throws. I mean the host – Kristin Davis of Sex and the City fame – and the production team, the executives at Fox and all the pharmaceutical companies advertising the mood stabilizers that suddenly look good to me at the commercial breaks. The show is traditionally structured, with a group of one gender vying for the heart of this pinnacle, this paragon of the other gender. Kristy’s defining feature is that she is a woman, and like all girls, she is not like other girls. She’ll be a cool mom, still able to get into skinny jeans and levels of Instagrammable cuteness. She’s just looking for someone who will be a real partner to her, you know?

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It is Now Striking Home By Charles Taylor

     This is the coming fate of the useful idiots, who in all revolutions get eaten up by the mob:

“When a group of black lives matter (BLM) protestors made their way into downtown Olympia in early June, they set fire to American flags, smashed out windows and spray-painted local businesses. The mayor of the city, Cheryl Selby, supported BLM and their “peaceful protests” even as they rioted through her city and threatened people’s lives. To show her dedication to BLM, Selby pathetically went down on her knees, bowing to the left-wing mob. This ritualistic display of weakness has become a nationwide phenomenon of cowardice, a mass hypnosis event that is gripping democrats and other local leaders as they kneel in cult-like fashion to violent Left-wing mobs. According to the Daily Wire, a group of 50 BLM terrorists, dressed in black, marched toward City Hall and downtown Olympia, spewing trash from garbage cans and taking road construction signs, while causing damage to property. A second group of thirty followed behind and tried to put things back in order. Despite kneeling to the violent Left-wing BLM mobs, mayor Selby’s home was attacked by them. After getting their boots licked and their violence endorsed by the mayor, the left-wing BLM mob decided to take advantage of mayor Selby herself. Just a week later, they targeted her house and vandalized it, spraying painting BLM on her front door. As they vandalized her property, they chanted, “Abolish the police!” When they were done at Selby’s house, they headed back downtown where they continued to spray paint store fronts, street signs, lamp posts and sidewalks.”

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How Diversity and Inclusion Harms Blacks By James Reed

     This piece is interesting coming out at a time like this; how diversity and inclusion harms Blacks, with a critique by a Black academic. So, what are the elites going to do about him? Call him a white supremacist? Why not?

“Amid nationwide calls for more diversity initiatives at universities, one professor argues that these types of programs fail to address the real issues and ultimately harm minority students. In a recent interview, Henry Louis Taylor Jr., professor of urban and regional planning at the University of Buffalo, said the focus on “inclusion and diversity” on college campuses has been an excuse to avoid any actual confrontation of race issues. Taylor says that the primary issue of the century is race, and argues that society needs to bring more attention to how different organizations handle issues of race and racism.

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Peter Turchin: Civil War 2.0 By Chris Knight

     He predicted using maths a coming era of hyper violence beginning about now, and today he thinks civil war in the US is likely. Meet the views of Professor Turchin:

“A decade ago Peter Turchin predicted that 2020 would be "mayhem", including "widespread civil unrest". Turchin teaches cultural evolution at the University of Connecticut and, in 2010, predicted in the scholarly journal Nature that America would "suffer a period of major social upheaval" starting around the year 2020. “They had no reason to believe I wasn’t crazy,” back in 2010, he told Time. “People did not understand that I was making scientific predictions, not prophecies.” And from the current vantage point, he looks to be exactly right. 2020 started with a global pandemic and has torpedoed into further chaos with the killing of George Floyd and the ensuing riots and protests. Turchin isn't especially excited about being right: “As a scientist, I feel vindicated. But on the other hand, I am an American and have to live through these hard times.” Turchin has spent decades studying crises in America and the structural defects that helped created them. He said there were "many signs" that there would be upheaval starting in this decade. Turchin says that worse conditions could be on their way, as societal crises often last 5 to 15 years. He believes that the underlying roots of the unrest need to be addressed to prevent situations like those playing out in South Africa, where protests about inequality have been taking place for 26 years. "President Donald Trump’s administration has denied that systemic racism exists in the U.S. law enforcement system, which could delay change longer," Turchin says. With the coronavirus still worsening the wellbeing of the country and millions out of work, he now believes that the unrest “may escalate all the way to a civil war.” "Things are not as bad as they can be," Turchin concluded.

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Defunding Not the Police, But Ivy League Universities By James Reed

     Ivy league US universities are  in alphabetical order are Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, and Yale University. Ann Coulter seems to have joined me in wanting to defund these institutions, rather than the police. I think that this would be grand:

“Corporate plunderers, globalists, the wolf of Wall Street, 8 million “diversity” jobs (that go to Indians, not the descendants of American slaves, as intended)—that’s the America they revere. The new arrivals are fine with Red Guards going into cemeteries, ripping up symbols of our heritage. Just don’t dare lay a finger on their privately owned Rothkos! What do the Republicans say? No problem! Senate Leader Mitch McConnell says he’s “OK” with changing the names of military bases. Trump tweets narcissistic bluster. How about a bill withholding all federal funds from Yale University until it changes its name? The school’s namesake, Elihu Yale, was not only a slave owner, but a slave trader. Quite a dilemma for the little snots who attend and teach there! It will be tremendously damaging to their brand. After all, true sublimity for a Social Justice Warrior is virtue signaling and advertising their high SAT scores at the same time. If you refuse to fight, Republicans, don’t you at least want to have some fun?”

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vDare and the Reign of Terror By Chris Knight

     It looks like the vDare site will be wiped out, going to the deep web. Stunning, since it is really only a conservative site in the 1950s sense, with a smatter of race realism, but that is how insane things are now:

“This Monday, June15th, Network Solutions, our domain name registrar, suddenly gave us 10 days’ notice of its intention to terminate our account, after some 20 years. It gave no specific reasons beyond alleged violations of its Acceptable Use Policy, but said “we consider your continued use of our services a serious issue and risk to our business and corporate reputation.” What does this mean and what can you do? A domain name registrar handles the reservation of web addresses. Without registration, would be inaccessible on normal web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge. Thanks to our patriotic donors (join them here!), has pursued its mission of America First non-profit journalism unchangingly since we opened on Christmas Eve, 1999. So why are we being kicked off Network Solutions now? Because the political environment has changed. The Left’s Reign of Terror is intensifying. It is desperate to keep the immigration issue out of public debate until it succeeds in Electing A New People. Network Solutions is only the most recent example corporate complicity in the suppression of Free Speech across America. But it’s perhaps the most shocking. To my knowledge, withdrawal of registrar services has never happened to a site as mainstream as Moral: no-one is safe. No access to Of course, we’re fighting back. We will never kneel. Our lawyer has challenged Network Solutions. And my team and I are actively searching for an alternative registrar solution. We hope we will find one. But we know it is likely only a matter of time before the new company caves under Antifa pressure, too. In other words, it’s not impossible now that will indeed ultimately lose registrar services altogether. If that happens, you will NOT be able to access VDARE at the normal "" address!”

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Diverse Skeletons in Facebook’s Closet By Brian Simpson

     I am not surprised to learn that Facebook has a secret diversity board; and why not, since that is their goal, to be diverse?

“Facebook has a secret “Diversity Initiative Board” that governs the latest diversity push by the company, but those in the know are ordered to keep its existence quiet, according to an alleged internal HR report obtained by Project Veritas. According to the Project Veritas report, the alleged Facebook memo explains that the Diversity Initiative Board (DIB) will be allowed to recommend termination or reeducation in a “Diversity Training” program for any unlucky Facebook employee who gets in the way of the company’s new diversity initiative. The alleged memo, intended for Facebook employees working in the company’s HR department, insists that the existence and operations of the DIB be kept as secret as possible. “Inform only select employees of the existence of the DIB on a “need-to-know” basis,” the document instructs. “Do not inform employees of who is on the DIB.” “Do not inform employees of the DIB review process.” “Giving unnecessary information to employees may damage the integrity and effectiveness of the DIB.” According to the document, the DIB will be empowered to recommend “Termination, Diversity Training, or No Action” as the company’s response to instances of noncompliance with the diversity initiative.

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White Strike! Preclude to Civil War 2.0 By Chris Knight (Florida)

     Just before civil war 2.0 engulfs the US, with the likely outcome being Chinese nuclear strikes in the chaos, other non-violent forms of counter protests could be mounted by whites still having animal juices left. The idea of a mass strike is a good one, originally used by Trotskyites, but let’s pass over that, since it is so late in the game now that we cannot be totally ideologically pure. There is a video linked here which I do not endorse in all aspects, but it is all I could find in these early days, as beggars can’t be choosers.

     I think that a strike of food producers and transporters will play havoc to urban city elites and Left Terrorists, who could not grow food if their lives depended upon it, which it will.

The Nonsense of the 1.5 Metre Rule By Brian Simpson

     We are still supposed to keep to the 1.5 metre distance rule, which is 2 metres overseas in most places. It is absurd, and as useless as teats on a bull.

“The two-metre rule has no basis in science, leading scientists have said as the Government comes under increasing pressure to drop the measure. Writing for The Telegraph, Professors Carl Heneghan and Tom Jefferson, from the University of Oxford, said there is little evidence to support the restriction and called for an end to the "formalised rules". The University of Dundee also said there was no indication that distancing at two metres is safer than one metre. The intervention comes as two Government ministers suggested on Monday that the rule is likely to be relaxed following a review commissioned by Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister.”

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The Corruption of the Legal System By Charles Taylor

     The US is a living experiment of how a diverse liberal society self-destructs, and other Western countries march closely behind it.

“Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas are two of the biggest feminists on the Supreme Court. This, anyway, is the conclusion you would be forced to reach if you followed the logic of the TERF (trans-exclusionary radical feminist) movement, which for years has argued that trans people must be discriminated against to “protect” women, and which now finds itself standing with those men on the wrong side of history. The Supreme Court’s 6–3 ruling on Monday that queer and trans employees are protected under Title VII is a milestone for gay, lesbian, and bisexual people, who for decades have fought for equal employment protections. It is also, even more significantly, the first major decision about trans rights by the Supreme Court. The victory has rightfully been celebrated. But equality advocates would be wise to pay close attention to the dissenting opinions by Brett Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas, and Samuel Alito — because their arguments are aligned all too closely with conventional TERF talking points. Alito’s dissent, in which Thomas joined, echoed TERF rhetoric point for point: “For women who have been victimized by sexual assault or abuse, the experience of seeing an unclothed person with the anatomy of a male in a confined and sensitive location such as a bathroom or locker room can cause serious psychological harm,” he wrote. This argument has been raised in the past by figures ranging from Mike Huckabee to the trans-exclusionary Women’s Liberation Front. It also appeared, in a slightly different version, in British author J.K. Rowling’s TERF manifesto, published late last week, wherein she argued that trans rights would “throw open the doors of bathrooms and changing rooms to any man who believes or feels he’s a woman” and “[play] fast and loose with women’s and girls’ safety.”

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