Problems for Out-of -Africa By Brian Simpson

I am pleased to see continual problems and criticisms of the orthodox politically correct view that humans arose in Africa, abut 100,000 years ago. This theory is wrong, and needs dismantling, but like most theories, such as neo-classical economics, survives for ideological reasons.


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The Origins of White Guilt By Brian Simpson

Dr Tom Sunic has recently written on the origins of white guilt. Why is it that most of the white race, but not all, mainly Nordics (Northern Europeans), feel this guilt, which has become a new religion, while it means nothing to Blacks and Asians … witness the Asian nations who do what they want, not to criticise them, but to praise them for their strength:  

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Beijing Biden and China’s Coming Seizure of Taiwan By James Reed

The mainstream narrative, one I used to accept, is that China will invade Taiwan, leading the US to fight a war over it. Wars have started for less. But, I feel that the present Demon-crat (=Demon rat), with Beijing Biden, would welcome China gobbling up Taiwan, and the rest of the world too. They want to see the West annihilated, hating whiteness. It is as simple as that.


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Black Academics Say Race Exists! By Brian Simpson

While the sociology crowd think that they have deconstructed, and/or socially constructed race, a recent paper in the high impact factor journal, The New England Journal of Medicine, takes a slightly different position, which is worth noting: A. Oni-Orisan (et al.), “Embracing Genetic diversity to Improve Black Health,”

Here is the relevant bit:

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The Presence of the Past: A New Science of Life By Brian Simpson


As a biology and maths teacher, I have dipped into both of these books from time to time: Rupert Sheldrake, A New Science of Life, (1981), and The Presence of the Past, (1998). I recall A New Science of Life causing a stir among the stuffy, pompous academics at the time, with one review saying something along the lines, if my memory serves me well, that this is a book for “burning.” Who in science would want to allude to attitudes of the past that oozed intolerance?

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Waiting for Wind By Viv Forbes

Australia’s elected appeasers
Push mad energy plans, just as teasers.
But while coal powers Asians
And nukes help Caucasians
Dumb Aussies sit praying for breezes!


The Last Man of the Sensible Left Rages Against Beijing Joe Biden By Chris Knight

I was given this link by email, and had to modify the URL for conservative readers, easily offended, I understand. But, biting comments.**k-nation/the-gyre-widens/

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Retaining Our Muscles Against Ageing By Mrs Vera West

There is an add on YouTube saying that to retain your muscles as you age you need to take a certain protein supplement. I do not know about this, and would ask for some peer reviewed research papers. Anyway, there is an alternative theory. Say, why does Word suddenly click off causing you to lose everything, even after saving it, done when something politically incorrect is typed? Just wondering before getting clicked off.

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The Origin of Tooth Decay By Mrs Vera West

There is a theory, backed up by archaeological evidence, that cave men did not have tooth decay, at least to any degree of modern times. Nor for that matter did many traditional societies, as Weston Price also noted.

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Gates Against Beef! By Michael Ferguson

Someone opposing the eating of beef, is someone to oppose in my opinion. Now Bill Gates has joined the anti-beef brigade, which is no surprise since he is meddling with everything else.

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The Power of a Potato By James Reed

Never under-estimate the power of a potato, clung by an irate farmer who is being spied on by those dammed drones. That will teach them! And it really does not take much to put a drone down does it?

China Colonisation: But don’t Jump to conclusions! By James Reed

Shades of the Multifunction Polis, Australia’s attempt to be dominated by Japan when they ruled the waves. But the relationship with China not so cosy, so who knows where this one will go? If nuclear weapons are placed in the city, maybe Australians might get worried.

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Elon, No Musk Rat by Brian Simpson

Muskrats are cute:,range%20of%20climates%20and%20habitats.

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Covid Evolves? The West Devolves By Mrs Vera West

A mainstream media report below on coronavirus, or as we call it, the CCP virus, on the genetic march and evolving. Maybe it will evolve intro something interesting, like an elephant, dinosaur, or even a big fluffy soft toy? Who knows, anything is possible in the theatre of the absurd that we act in.


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Imagine: A World without Google, Facebook and Amazon By Brian Simpson

This is sung to the terrible communist tune of John Lennon’s Imagine:

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Back to a Bad Back By Mrs Vera West

I have had a bad back for a long time, with arthritis in the lower discs. While I can still get around with a walking stick, I feel my mobility decreasing year by year. It is scary, indeed, and a bane of one’s life. But, better than being dead, though.

I have been reading two classic books on treating bad backs naturally, since the surgical options are limited, I think even orthodoxy admits this. The books are Hans Kraus, Backache, Stress, and Tension, (2012), and Norman Marcus, end Back Pain Forever, (2012). The key figure here is Dr Hans Kraus, who treated President John F. Kennedy’s back pain, after all other treatments had failed, with success.

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On Tent Living: Life as a Backpack Journey By John Steele

Many people – well at least one -  have written over the years, fascinated by my life style of minimalism, living out in the Victorian scrub in a tent. Today, people are making do with what shelter they have. Uncle Len in Adelaide, who has been silent from our blog this year, some say due to ill health, others say madness, lives in a friend’s shed. It would be hot. Me, I prefer tent living, away from it all in the great outdoors. I seldom see anyone out here, being in lock down long before it became the Victorian fashion.

How does one get the basics? Well, one starts by through-hikes, and this lovely Southern belle, “Dixie” tells you how at her YouTube channel of Home-Grown Wanderlust. The mind boggles.

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Herbal Antibiotics By Mrs Vera West


Big Pharma antibiotics, as wonderful as they are, will run out in any sort of severe social breakdown situation, as has been seen in collapse situations in South America, such as Venezuela. Hospitals, even if open, simply run out of supplies. Even in the so-called affluent West, the Covid freak-out led to various made in China items, such as face masks, becoming as scarce as hen’s teeth. And, then in a collapse scenario, there may not be any more antibiotics produced. Hence the need for knowledge of herbal antibiotics and treatment, to supplement what resources are available in a grid-down situation.

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The Nature Doctor By Mrs Vera West


I continue my survey of books that prudent people should be squirrelling away now for the hard times that are coming, and in fact, are already here. My argument is that we have seen how there can be restrictions upon medical services, in a sense, through lockdowns, with people perhaps technically legally able to travel to a doctor, but perhaps not wanting to risk facing the Covid police. Apart from an outright collapse, this represents some of the same aspects. Overall, it is time to get control of one’s health, learning more about medical conditions, both traditional, orthodox and complimentary treatments. And, the usual disclaimer, this is a discussion only for education purposes, not recommended medical advice, and so on.

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The Coming Nuclear War By James Reed

Nuclear war between the Us and China, and or Russia, or even a threesome, is likely, a US admiral has warned.

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