Yes! Break Up Australia! Ozexit Now! By James Reed

Texas is moving ahead with a referendum for secession, breaking off from the corrupt USA. The same reasons exist for Australia, perhaps not as dramatic, in our culture. Western Australia has wanted to do this before, and is now making further moves in that direction. I would suggest, joining South Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland and Tasmania to the new country, called maybe, New Australia. New South Wales, the ACT, and Victoria, would naturally fall into their own country, perhaps called New China, or Multiculturalia. They will work something out.

“Suggestions that Western Australia could survive if it seceded from the rest of the nation have been mocked as 'comic nonsense' by a legal expert. 

Premier Mark McGowan's coronavirus border closures have reignited debate over whether the should become independent from the rest of the country.

Proponents argue huge iron ore and gold deposits make it not only self-sufficient, but regularly subsidising other parts of Australia.

But constitutional lawyer Professor Greg Craven argued the WA economy waxes and wanes with the iron ore price but never takes responsibility for its lean years.”


Wait a minute, is that the argument of his Secession: The Ultimate States' Right, Melbourne University Press, 1986? Better go back to the library to check. Really, if a state is going to break away, they are tearing up the constitution anyway. Who says it is forever?



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Sunday, 05 December 2021
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