Woke Film is Broke Film By Michael Ferguson

     Marvel has announced that a trans character is coming very soon in a film … I can hardly wait. They have begun the woke, politically correct push with the Captain Marvel film, which did ok riding on Avengers: Endgame, but most other woke films have gone belly up, especially the no doubt final Terminator movie, Cats, and Charlie’s Angels, all with an over-the -top feminist ideology:

“Unpopular social justice messages are to blame for some of the biggest failures as Hollywood continues to force feed left-wing ideology to audiences, who are catching wise to the game and rejecting it wholesale. Franchise fatigue was another factor, as creatively bankrupt studios continue to pump out sequels and reboots to diminishing returns. Hollywood is in panic mode. The domestic box office is expected to drop 3.6 percent in 2019 compared to last year, the largest percentage drop in five years. Audiences are shunning the cinemas in favor of at-home entertainment options, which include Netflix and a growing array of competitors. Here are some the year’s most notable box-office flops, and how much each stands to lose.

Terminator: Dark Fate
Estimated budget: $185 million
Domestic gross: $62.3 million.”

     And so it goes on, with losses of up to $ 100 million. I could not be happier, hating Hollywood for the sheer amount of pc bs it produces. But, although I am often cynical about the apathy of 5the sheeple, at least in this respect, they voted with their guts, and did not throw away hard-earnt welfare money, to be abused.

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Thursday, 02 April 2020
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