Why Aussie Police, Even When They Have to Kill People, are Far Better than US Police! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     As usual, following the rather shocking police brutality of an officer putting his knee on the neck of Black guy George Floyd, and killing him, Blacks have gone on a rampage, burning and looting stores. As well, a white woman in a wheel chair who tried to stop the looting in one store got beaten up, showing the level that these rioters operate on:

     Let us be clear, there was no justification for the treatment of Floyd, and it is reasonable for people to be angry and want justice, as restraining someone by putting a knee on their neck is simply deadly. But, looting stores and beating up innocent people does not get justice for Floyd, nor does endangering life by burning down America. It is all just an excuse for mayhem and looting of electronic goods, and does nothing to secure justice.
There is a serious problem with US police, who use excessive force, some are little more than thugs and criminals themselves, but they do face brutality each day, so it is a Catch 22 situation. In Australia, your police are much better and give people a chance to surrender before shooting them, as a recent incidence shows great restraint:

Our police need to learn the same restraint that Aussie police have, before shooting people dead, or crushing their necks, it would be an improvement. How could “central park Karen” possibly be scared, with all of the peaceful protests across America? And what happened to “believe women,” or give them the benefit of doubt, even if they are ultimately mistaken?



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Monday, 19 April 2021
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