What the Environmentalists Have in Store for us By James Reed

     We need to understand that it is not just the race/immigration issue operating here for our destruction by the elites, but everything, your total standard of living, because the bs pushed now is that the climate challenge is so great that only bacteria are going to survive:

    Honestly, if things are that bad nothing at all could be done. Totally dismantling the entire global economy and going back to the caves would not be enough. Since the conclusion is absurd, so must be the starting point. But, that does not stop the environmentalists one jot:

“Progressive political elites have decided that in order to save the environment, ordinary citizens must submit to radical lifestyle changes (while those same elites fly around the world on private jets and enrich themselves from trade with China, the world’s biggest polluter). The reality may even be worse than the headline. Not only have progressive environmentalists suggested that we all switch to a diet of bugs instead of meat (especially steak, because cow farts produce carbon dontcha know), one Swedish scientist even suggested we devour the flesh of deceased humans to cut greenhouse emissions. This followed an article published by Newsweek in which two psychologists mused on the human taboo against cannibalism, noting that “philosophers have argued that burying the dead could be wasteful in the context of the fight against world hunger.” Cannibalism for the climate — that’s how far they’ve gone!”

     However, it is one rule for us, and another for them, so while the deplorables will need to curb, say meat-eating, the US Democrat Leftists were happy to eat 10,500 steaks as the   Democrat presidential candidates took part in the Polk County Democrats Steak Fry in Iowa. Yes, consistency is something you do not have to have if you are Left.

    Indeed. And what about China, the world’s largest carbon polluter? Well, China had no part of the global climate strike, and opposed protests. In fact, China does not like any protests about anything, because protests indicate lack of social harmony. Fair enough.

    The environmentalists say nothing about China, the world’s greatest carbon polluter because they have this notion that it would be “racist” to attempt to preclude China from enjoying the growth the West has had. But wait a minute! Wasn’t one moment ago the entire planet at risk? Doesn’t that mean that it is just too bloody bad for China? Of course not. The endgame was never really the environment but only dismantling industry in the West, a part of pathological white altruism.

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Monday, 17 February 2020
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