Welcome to World War III: Is Trump Mad, Bad, Drugged or Just Controlled? By Charles Taylor

     Cucked Deep State pet President Trumpet could have avoided open conflict with Russia by saying that Congress had to act, and that the UN Security One World Government had to give their approval for mass slaughter. Or, he could have stated the obvious, that like the alleged weapons of mass destruction that were supposed to be in Iraq, the US was not even sure what gas was used, so before killing people with bombs, we had best check things out, because after all, we are punishing a murderer and would not want to be a murderer as well. But, no. 

     I thought about putting in Alex Jone’s rampage against Trump, but then I realised that it would not be suitable because it turned out to be just a four-lettered rage, without him using his freedom of speech to name those really behind all of this. Great acting though. Despite all of this bravado, the Russian-backed Syrian Air Defense knocked out 71 of the 103 missiles shot at it, a pretty good hit rate:

     Of course, the attacks will lead to yet another mass migration of young men to Europe to repeat all of the strife previously experienced, and the Left and professional multiculters will champion them with open arms: Europe’s future, here today:

     Don’t blame me, it is on YouTube, so it has to be pc  ok. They have censored all of the bad stuff, haven’t they? Nothing politically incorrect remains, so relax. The West has seriously underestimated Russia’s military might and technology, arrogantly assuming superiority. But, their Satan II missile could take out Britain or France in one mouthful. The Russians have also prepared their people to face nuclear war, having underground living spaces, more so than even the Chinese, while the West has been obsessed with migrants and transgender toilets, not that there is anything wrong with a transgender toilet, of course. But, these toilets do not give optimal protection from nuclear blasts. It is interesting that every time the Deep State wants Trump to do something crazy, they wave one of his possible  sexual misadventures in front of his nose:

     Wow, if anyone survives this insane episode in human history, and if reason does come back to the human animal, it will be hard to convince children in 2200, that all of this was history, rather than horror fiction. Wait, maybe it really  is all  fiction:

     The US has killed at least 1,201 children in Iraq alone, not to even consider the nuclear poisoning from the use of depleted uranium projectiles. Gas is bad, but somehow US depleted uranium is not a problem. If an alien power from outer space decided to use advanced weapons against the US for its war crimes, what would the chattering class say in opposition to this, if they were given 10 minutes to make a case for survival?

     Ps: In the interests of objectivity, here is a good article taking the opposite view to the one pushed in my article:

     If the US is sending a message to Russia, then it is a pretty poor one, given its poor hit rate with missiles. Vis the message: we intend to lose?

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Thursday, 23 January 2020
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