Walk Softly, but Carry a Thumping Big Stick By John Steele

     The US conservative sites, to be distinguished from survivalist (prepping plus guns), are concerned about the developing chaos in the US, and are now talking about self-defence. Not so much guns, and getting ready for the inevitable zombie apocalypse, when everything falls apart, but, more polite stuff like carrying a gentleman’s cane, as men in the Victorian era did, while strolling back from a big  dinner, and going to the theatre, cigar in hand. The following relates to the US, only. As defenceless Aussie bunnies, we simply watch, unblinking, dazzled by the spotlights.

“Any sort of implement is better than no implement at all. A simple walking stick can be a devastating tool of self-defense. There are many sites on the net where the proper use of a cane to protect yourself can be studied. If nothing else, get a cane and practice what you see there on an old duffle bag. Better yet, round up a few friends and ask your local martial arts dojo to set up some classes for proper instruction. It would be hard to imagine police confiscating canes from, let’s face it, our somewhat silver-toned ranks. Do not bring anything that looks like a cudgel or shillelagh to a meeting/event. The cops will confiscate them—and they are actually less useful than the common cane with its crooked end. In this new age we find ourselves in, I don’t know why we all don’t just carry walking stick all the time. They are not illegal and are quite traditional. Let’s start a right-wing fashion trend.”

     Of course, that is the US, and as a disclaimer, for Australia, recognise that you have no right to self-defence, especially with a weapon, the police will always be there to protect you, therefore use of a stick is solely as a walking aid. If you have a bad back, get a doctor to consider whether you need a stick, and carry the medical certificate with you. At all times be meek and passive, the Australian way. If you do not have access to an olive tree, where you can cut a nice stick, dry it (for about 12 months) then apply varnish, check out the sticks that Cold Steel company sell, solely as walking aids:

     All for walking, of course. Did I say that enough? Even mainstream sites are looking into this cane business a bit deeper:

     Oops … pay wall. But, if the Financial Times says that having a cane and being like Moses (who had a staff) is ok, then who am I to disagree? But to conclude, if things get beyond the cane level, which they will:

“If things do get worse, we need to understand that, in an environment of social violence, only the social cohesion of the healthy can resist successfully. Do you know your local conservatives? Consider quietly networking with patriots in your area. No skullduggery here, no secrets cells, just form one of those little platoons Edmund Burke wrote about. Get together and discuss the local situation. In the event of civil collapse can you help each other? If the cops can’t or won’t defend your neighborhood, who are the men in the area willing to guard it? A friendly chat about this in advance could be a lifesaver. As violence intrudes into our lives, we will need to attend to our safety in well-thought-out ways. But we can take heart in the knowledge that our enemies are limited by their own dysfunctional obsessions and self-confounding objectives.”

     As always, the best self defence is joining with like kind in a community. You have to sleep sometimes, except for me, ever awake, with one eye open all through the night just in case I get attacked. Thank you ‘Nam.



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Wednesday, 21 October 2020
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