USSA Purges and Show Trials, Now! By Chris Knight

The failure of Trump to take a last stand has led to the unfolding of the destruction of the once, United States of America, before our eyes. We will see Beijing Biden bury the country perhaps even before he is buried and Queen Karma Harris grabs the throne. But for now, after throwing his supporters under the Leftist tanks, the great purges begin, Soviet style:

“The renowned historian H. G. Wells once said of Joseph Stalin, “I like Uncle Joe very much. He’s a great man.” That would be a terrific motto to replace the outmoded slogan of slavery and white supremacy, “In God We Trust,” that is currently emblazoned behind the podium of the Speaker of the House. Now that Stalinist show trials have come to Congress, we all like Uncle Joe very much. Or else. And you have to give them credit: this impeach-a-private-citizen-because-we-hate-him business opens up a whole universe of sparkling new possibilities. Yesterday I offered a list of five presidents who must be impeached now, but that’s just the beginning.

As fifty-five senators are now on record saying that the impeachment of a former president is perfectly constitutional, there is no reason not to extend wokeness back to 1789 and cleanse the ugly blot Leftists think of as our history. Washington? Jefferson? Slaveowners! Impeach them! Andrew Jackson? Trail of Tears. He clearly has to go, too. James K. Polk? Started a war with Mexico when he should have just opened our borders and given all non-citizens the right to vote, free housing, and a COVID-19 vaccine. As Rashida Tlaib would say, Impeach the mother…..! Theodore Roosevelt? Imperialist! Woodrow Wilson! Racist! Impeach them all! In fact, we must impeach all previous presidents, even Saint Barack the Hussein, for none of them, none at all, were woke enough. Remember Obama’s opposition to gay marriage? They all must go, every one, or Ilhan Omar’s moral superiority will be affronted. That must not be.

Nor do we have to stop with former presidents. Trump is, remember, not president anymore. He is a private individual who holds no office, just like you and me. He is being impeached for being a dictator, telling protestors to proceed peacefully and having them disregard his words and disobey his instruction, which is how people always respond to dictators. So it’s clear that impeachment in today’s woke America is just a tool to get back at those who threaten the hegemony of those in power. We know who the threats are today, and now it’s time to stop them. Impeach Rush Limbaugh! Impeach Tucker Carlson! Impeach Thomas Sowell! Impeach Tom Paine! Impeach your Ma! Impeach your Pa! Don’t have anything on them? Make it up! It worked for Stalin. It worked for Pelosi. It will keep working.”

It is only the beginning. So much for the Trumpet justification of being the law and order party, when the rule of law is just destroyed. Yet, the most criticism of Trump occurs at an Australia website, which says spades about our conservatives. What chance of victory can such a diluted people have?




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Thursday, 15 April 2021
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