Universities Drowning in Identity Politics By James Reed

     According to The Australian, October 17, 2017, p. 1, history courses at Australian universities are “lost” in identity politics, which means radical Left wing feminism, cultural Marxism and “queer’ studies etc. etc.  An audit of 746 history subjects over 35 universities, found that 244 (about one third), were based on identity politics. The understanding of the basis of Western civilisation still took place, but was declining:

     The conservative response to this is to increase the courses teaching the pillars of Western civilisation, which of course, is a great idea. But, what needs to be noted is that the long march through the universities by cultural Marxism is complete, and in humanities and Social Science topics, even involving the canon of Western civilisation, such a Shakespeare studies, postmodern philosophies and ideologies are used to deconstruct the “racist” texts of dead White males.  Discourse on White racism is spread right through all of these disciplines, and I know of a statistic methodology course at one university which is more about identity politics than mathematical methodology. The universities are full of fanatics, crazy people who do not deserve to be there, while decent scholars have been driven from the campuses long ago.

     These are just some of the reasons why I have argued over the years that a more radical approach to the problem of the universities is needed, namely that they need to be closed down, and replaced by appropriate vocational schools, with a practical job-related basis.  It would improve society not to have the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences as they stand, and save more money than is created by the immigration-based international student mania.



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Sunday, 09 August 2020
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