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Uncle Len the Ex-cleaner on the Splendour of Gender Neutral Bathrooms By Uncle Len, Eager for a Job

     Once upon a time I was known as Len the Cleaner, and I wrote a mighty fine blog, between cleaning men’s toilets. I was never permitted to clean women toilets, that being done by my evil sister, Lennette the Cleaner.  Now, we have transgender bathrooms and people all over the internet have been sending in emails wanting to know my opinion about them. Look here is the enlightened public service doing the right thing again with people’s money:

     I think that the more toilets and genders we have the better things will be for people like me, who were born to clean up other people’s messes. And, the more genders, the better. I think there are 32 at the moment, but I could think up that many at breakfast. As that great defender of freedom, comedian Charlie Mao said, “let a thousand flowers bloom.” Somebody who killed millions would know a thing or two about messes.

     We need to have a thousand genders, and a thousand toilets for each of them, no I mean a thousand toilets. Is that what I mean? Anyway,  maybe then I would have my old job back again, and I would be as happy as a pig in mud.



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Friday, 03 July 2020
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