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UK Decay: Drugs for All By Richard Miller

     Living, if that is the word, in the UK, is like knowing that one has an incurable disease that will kill you, and you fill in your time, watching bits and pieces of your former healthy body fall of, or rot. Thus, while the conservatives are bad, the insane Labour Party is determined to push the boundaries of reality, with but one policy being legalising all drugs:

“A Labour government could reportedly consider legalising all drugs if it was recommended by royal commission. “There is nothing more important than preserving the life of our citizens," Diane Abbott, the shadow home secretary, told The Sunday Times. "Our current approach to drugs is simply not doing that." She said the party would "establish a royal commission to review independently all drugs legislation and policy to address related issues of public health." Labour would then follow its recommendations, if it suggested decriminalising some or all drugs including cocaine or heroin. Overdose prevention clinics - state run facilities where users could safely inject themselves - would also be considered, Ms Abbott told the newspaper. Data compiled by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Policy, showed that 8 per cent of young adults admitted to smoking cannabis over the last year in a 2017 study, while the number rose to 12.3 per cent in the UK. Meanwhile at 0.4 per cent, the Iberian country has a lower rate of high-risk opioid use among the population than the UK, where 0.8 per cent of people are affected. Labour MP David Lammy said he was pleased to see his party "commit to an evidence based approach on drug reform”. He added: “The war on drugs is funding gangs, fuelling crime, giving children easy access on social media and disproportionately criminalising working class young men.” 

     It does not take much to see where this will all go, with drugs becoming even more common than they are now in schools, freely circulated like candy. The population can then be totally controlled, more than by any other method, since they can be drugged out of their minds, 24/7.

     The elites must really want the place to disintegrate in record time. Maybe Mike Adams is right, that no sane group of elites would engage in such suicidal behaviour, even for revenge. Maybe it is really about preparing the Earth for alien conquest by a reptilian species. No, I like the idea of giant cockroaches myself.

     It makes as much sense as anything else, which is becoming a common expression at this site now, like blocking a ban on eating dog and cat meat, as this might offend Asians.

“A NEW legal ban on eating dogs has been blocked by Justice Ministry bureaucrats for fear of offending cultural sensitivities in the Far East. Environment ministers have drawn up a new criminal offence in Britain of possessing dog and cat meat. Former DEFRA Secretary Michael Gove ordered the move in the summer despite the sickening practice being rare in the UK. Dog groups persuaded him that it would send a powerful message to South East Asian countries where the practice is still rife, matching a similar law passed in the US last year. But The Sun can reveal that nervous civil servants have stepped in to halt the ground-breaking move. 'CULTURALLY INSENSITIVE'
Campaigning Tory MP Giles Watling was told by the MoJ that one of the reasons it acted was that it would be “culturally insensitive” of the Government to dictate to other nations what they should eat. Mr Watling told The Sun last night: “Dogs are our companion animals. We do not eat them, and that is a very important message to send to the rest of the world. “It’s not culturally insensitive because we’re not telling them what to do – we’re just telling them what we do. “We shouldn’t be worrying about that, so I was surprised that was the MoJ’s objection.” Justice officials also argued that it would be difficult to enforce the law and the current ban on transporting or exporting dog and cat meat suffices. Eating dog is already banned in Germany, Austria, Taiwan, South Australia and Hong Kong. An estimated 30 million dogs a year are slaughtered to be eaten, across China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Most are stolen off the street.”

     It is all about being culturally displaced and ultimately ethno-racially displaced, and it is happening at ban accelerated pace. Thus, the US Democrat drive to impeach Justice Kavanaugh would never be done to a non-white Leftist -  witness the continued support of Bill Clinton whose multiple rape accusations are just water off a dark duck’s back even with feminists as he supported the leftist sacred cow of abortion.



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Tuesday, 14 July 2020
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