As a kids we read Marvel comics up until around 1971 when Stan Lee stopped writing and Jack Kirby went to DC. Until that time we both competed with each other to collect the most comics. We felt that what we would now call political correctness was getting too thick. So, around 1973, we sold the whole lot of them, and brought our first rifles, and Jack still has his. It was money better spent! There were bits of this pc bs weaved into stories from the beginning, but compared to today, that really was a golden age. The Marvel films were, until Captain Marvel, basically at the 1960s level. However, cashed up from Avengers: Endgame, Marvel is moving into the political correctness stakes, big time. Captain Marvel, and the radical feminist antics of the lead Bri Larson began this:

     There were also bits of feminism thrown into Avengers: Endgame, but the proposed Thor 4 Movie, Love and Thunder will move to the same level that the comics are now at. Thus, Marvel comics has just moved through the cycle of replacing Thor with a female Thor, Jane foster with cancer. This comic cycle was enormously controversial and there was apparently death threats/wishes/curses made against the writers. The story arc ended with the female Thor fighting an over-powered monster, Mangog, hooking it on the hammer and hurling it into the sun. After 60 seconds feminist Thor turned back to Jane Foster and died. My god, who reads this bs? Now that will apparently be the new movie with ageing Natalie Portman playing Thor. What has been forgotten by the brains at Marvel film, is that Thor actor, Nordic Aussie, Chris Hemsworth, is actually loved by female fans as a sex symbol. Natalie Portman is a reasonable actress, but is way down there in the sex symbol stakes, compared to the other actresses she has as competition. Marvel, following in the tracks of a black Bond, may learn the hard-financial lesson of stepping upon tradition. Hopefully, these politically correct movies will go the way of the Star Wars experiment, which the Chinese market despised. And, this time there will be a counter-force here in America too.