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The Vatican and IT Global Control By Peter West

     Having relentlessly criticised the Pope for his globalism and pro-immigration sentiments, I am duty bound to report the good things that the Vatican does in the interests of fairness and balance. Here the Vatican is on the right track in recognising that the computer algorithms of the IT masters of the universe are devised to search their interests, not necessarily ours:

“The Vatican voiced its concern over the production and use of personal data, “and the preponderant role of the algorithms that process the data and produce, in turn, additional data and information, at different levels, also available for those who intend to use it for purely commercial, propaganda or even manipulative purposes and strategies.” While the Vatican was dealing specifically with the use of digital equipment and online technologies by the tourism sector’s operators and users in its 2018 message for World Tourism Day, the Vatican department of Human Development also delved into more general concerns about the dangers of online data sharing and the unseen agendas behind the use of that data. “Algorithms, in fact, are not simple numbers and neutral sequences of operations,” said the message, which was signed by Cardinal Peter Turkson, “but rather elaborations of intentions that pursue precise aims and can be used to influence personal choices and decisions, and effect [sic] the formation of individual thought and consciousness.” “When technological tools become omnipresent, they do not favour the development of a capacity to live wisely, to think in depth, to love generously,” the message states.”

     This message has come as the debates over the IT giants “shadow banning,” manipulating “trending topics,” and the selective censorship of conservative views, reaches a peak. Thus, despite my previous criticisms of the Vatican, I welcome its present attack on the masters of the universe.



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Sunday, 12 July 2020
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