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The Ultimate Cosmic Conspiracy Theory By James Reed

     While people have hobbies, such as chess, and fishing, my hobby is researching conspiracy theories, always hoping to find the ultimate conspiracy, that explains the entire universe. This is the  cosmic comic meta-political theory of everything. Seems like the same thing bugs Mike Adams over at Natural, as well:

     First consider all of the problems we face:

1) The desperate effort by globalists to end all national sovereignty, erase all borders and flood the world’s wealthy nations with Third World migrants and violent criminals who will can’t help but vote for authoritarian tyranny. (Which, not coincidentally, is exactly what they are fleeing in their home countries.)
2) The aggressive ramping up of efforts to disarm all law-abiding citizens while granting legal immunity to violent illegals. Why would a rational society want to take guns away from those who use guns to prevent violence, all while granting legal immunity to the criminal class that uses guns to commit violence?
3) The “blowout” economics of endless money creation, now combined with the sudden squashing of debt leverage by raising interest rates among central banks. The combined effort to first create easy money, then to slam the brakes and collapse that easy money, is not an accident. It has a specific purpose.
4) The terraforming of planet Earth with “stratospheric aerosol injections” that mainstream scientists now admit is a form of geoengineering designed to alter the chemistry of the atmosphere and reduce the intensity of solar radiation reaching the surface of the Earth. Importantly, this action would also collapse global food production and sharply reduce the level of oxygen in the atmosphere, making the planet increasingly inhospitable to humans.
5) The increasing talk by cultural leaders and thought leaders about escaping Earth and colonizing Mars, presumably because they believe Earth will not survive as a habitable planet for much longer.
6) The rapid acceleration of cultural attacks on fertility, masculinity and male biology, almost as if everyone has been ordered to declare sperm to be evil and children to be toxic to the world. Canada’s government, for example, has recently declared that giving birth to a living human child is a threat to the sustainability of the planet. The LGBT agenda to erase the concept of male biology and rewrite biological science is also part of this effort.
7) The global installation of 5G cell towers that have the capability to track and irradiate specific human targets while subjecting entire cities of human populations to high-energy radiation that causes brain tumors.
8) The complete transformation of the food supply from something that once nourished humankind to a vector for the mass poisoning of humankind. Similarly, the corruption of language (words, “facts,” reason, etc.) has also transformed words from something that used to inform the mind into something that now poisons the mind.
9) The utter collapse of logic, reason and rationality, to the point where nearly half the population of America’s youth now believe that men can get pregnant and that chromosomes have nothing at all to do with gender. The very ability of mankind to reason is under constant attack and now all but obliterated.
10) The increasing celebration of Satan and death, including Planned Parenthood abortion centers and Satan-worshiping religious movements. Even the Vatican is now lead by an agent of Satan, and numerous churches have been transformed into anti-Christian, pro-globalism obedience training centers.
11) The increasing concentration of all power and influence into the hands of the few, from search engines and online censorship to media publishers and government bureaucrats. Nearly every single thing the people of the world now see, think, believe or consume is controlled by a shockingly small number of companies and individuals who rule through deception and predatory monopolistic practices.
12) The sense of panic and urgency among globalists to defeat nationalism, free thinking and individual liberty, almost as if they are in a race to enslave the population of the planet before some ominous, looming deadline.”

     How does one explain all of this, joining up the dots? Adams hypotheses that the agenda is to destroy the human race:

“Inescapably, a core feature of everything happening today is an anti-human agenda to exterminate humankind. Every major trend taking place today is preparing humankind for a mass extermination event, making sure humans cannot fight back, think for themselves or even reproduce. With the food supply poisoned, male biology attacked and nullified, and even the power to think systematically compromised, the human race has been turned into a slave farm of obedient sheeple, ready to be harvested or eliminated for reasons that are further explored below. Underscoring the truth about this globalist agenda, the NYT published an editorial a few days ago that argued the extinction of humankind would be a good thing because it would stop so-called “global warming” (another incredible hoax perpetrated by the media). The article, entitled, “Would Human Extinction Be a Tragedy?“, lays the groundwork for justifying the mass extinction of humankind in the name of environmentalism. The article quite literally says, “If this were all to the story there would be no tragedy. The elimination of the human species would be a good thing, full stop.”

Ask yourself this question: Who or what would pursue an anti-human agenda for our planet? Your answer is found in that question, because the answer is most definitely not human. No human being would deliberately poison planet Earth, compromise the human race and turn free thinking individuals into a slave race of obedient sheeple. Even insane, authoritarian tyrants still need large populations of humans to order around and exploit for their own gain. Even despots, in other words, still need humanity to survive. Yet whatever is targeting human civilization today has no interest in the sustaining of the human species. This is not about ruling humans but exterminating them. I’ll repeat that because it’s important you consider the ramifications of what you might be coming to realize. Whatever entity is targeting human civilization has no interest in the survival of the human species. They are, in essence, at war with humanity, and they have profoundly influenced cultural and political events in order to turn humanity against itself. If they place no value on the survival of the human species, you might ask what else they see as having value on planet Earth that’s worth fighting to own.”

     At this point Adams hypotheses that the globalist are cooperating with the higher evil entities, in the hope of saving their bacon. Here there is support from now deleted comments made on June 28, 2016  during a session of the European Parliament, European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker claimed that he was in communication with aliens: “You should know that those who observe us from afar, are worried. I have seen and heard and listened to several leaders of other planets. They are very worried because they’re wondering which way the European Union is going. So we have to reassure both the Europeans and those who observe us from further away.” YouTube has apparently deleted the comments but they survive on various websites. With a name like “Juncker,’ you simply now that he is not speaking “junk,” produced by alcohol consumption.

     Anyway, maybe Mike is onto something, but it may not be space aliens, but rather demons from the pits of hell, let loose on the world, to destroy mankind! It would not surprise me in the slightest. But, if there are forces of cosmic bad there must also be forces of cosmic good, as for darkness to make sense there must be light, and that gives us a message of hope, which is what Christianity is about, as I see it in my primitive way.



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Friday, 05 June 2020
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