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The Rise of Pedophiles: Now the End Begins By Mrs Vera West

     The last article I wrote ended with talk about the end times, and here I am with another article, further down the track on the same theme. Well, the source is from an email I received from the editor, who sits on the computer from 6 am to 9 pm everyday,  feeding  us juicy cyber  worms throughout the day. Imagine us writers to be like hungry young birds in a nest, crying for food, and like a good mother bird, he feeds us, forgetting about the gender role confusion. Speaking of the young, and gender roles, and confusion, word association would lead us to pedophiles, who, like everyone else, want to come in from the cold (and molest your children):

“Pedophiles are rebranding themselves as “MAPs” or “Minor Attracted Persons” in an effort to gain acceptance and be included into the LGBT community, according to several reports from LGBT news sites. According to Urban Dictionary, the blanket term MAP includes infantophiles (infants), pedophiles (pre-pubescent children), hebephiles (pubescent children), and ephebophiles (post-pubescent children). Some MAPs also refer to themselves as NOMAPs or “Non-Offending Minor Attracted Persons”. These pedophiles seek to be a part of the LGBT+ community, even going so far as to make a “Pride” flag for Gay Pride Month. Many blogs exist on Tumblr showing support for MAPs, claiming that they should be a part of the LGBT community and attempting to create “safe spaces” for these “minor attracted persons”. The blog “Pedophiles about Pedophilia” also presents many sob stories of “marginalized” pedophiles in pretty pastel colors, claiming that they mean no harm and just want to be loved like everyone else as shown in such headlines as “Why Pedophilia And Pedophiles Are Not A Risk To Children”, “Growing Up A Pedophile” and “How I came out as an anti-contact pedophile to the woman I love”. This name change seems to follow in the liberal trend of rebranding things by giving them more “politically correct” names, but is the next step really normalizing pedophilia?”

    Of course it is, and it is obvious that within a few years, pedophilia will be normalised. The normies will view it just as they now view every other progressive ideology, accepted since the 1960s, with no resistance. How else can the power elites simply keep getting away with it? Expect future diversity laws to make any such thoughts that we have shared a crime punishable by death, perhaps after Medieval style torture. Can we really anticipate what is coming anymore? One reader once  asked why the elites don’t finish us off by germ warfare, or a simple bullet in the head, and just get it over with? I have mediated upon that thought and believe that the elites would feel that this would be all too quick. The death of the West must be a long painful process, by a billion cuts, all very s-l-o-w.



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Thursday, 02 July 2020
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