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The Power of Solitude By John Steele

     Things are beginning to slow down for the Christmas period, people are going to sleep, and the elites are working full steam now to roll civilisation while we sleep e.g. impeaching Trump while he eats a big fast food Christmas dinner, before being taken away in chains. Anyway, on relaxing, there are some good videos by Viking bushman Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen, that a lot of people from the Dissent Right are quoting because these pieces hit a mark. Manhood, the craziness of the climate change hysteria, bushcraft, many things discussed, only in the snow and cold. It hits a spot with me. Here is a good one of the peace that can come from being alone in the bush, getting a fire going, having a pot of billy boiled tea, and then having the freedom to have a pee on a bush without any violations of local pollution laws!
Yes, it is a world that most blokes in their hearts miss:

     On the other hand, watching Eddie Hall, world deadlift record holder guts down masses of food in record time is enough to put me off of meat for life, and gives me severe indigestion just watching the gluttony.

     What would the starving Africans think?



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Sunday, 31 May 2020
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