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The High Intensity Geriatric Workout By Mrs Vera West

     I know that for most of us, a walk around the block with the old dog towing us, is about all we can manage. Yet, there is evidence that high intensive exercise for us older folk, can boost memory, so long as (1) we can do it without a heart attack, and (2) we can remember to do it, to kick start the whole process:

“High-intensity treadmill workouts may not immediately spring to mind when considering a suitable exercise regimen for seniors. But, according to a new study, these workouts can significantly boost memory function by up to 30%. Researchers from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada recruited 64 seniors between the ages of 60 and 88 for the twelve-week study. Other than having a low activity level before the study, the seniors were otherwise healthy. The participants were split up into three experimental groups, one group did moderate treadmill exercise that pushed their heart rates up to 70-75% of their maximum for their age, another did more intense workouts which pushed heart rates up to 90-95%, but for shorter bursts of time and the third group did gentle stretching exercises. Seniors in the high intensity exercise group experienced significant improvement on memory tests of up to 30% after the three month program. Interestingly, participants in the moderate exercise or stretching group showed no average improvement in memory. “The test looks at the ability to remember the details of new memories without mixing things up,” said Jennifer Heisz, an associate professor in the Department of Kinesiology at McMaster University and lead author of the study. “For example, if you meet two new people today, it is important to not mix up their names or personal information, or to remember that you took your medicine yesterday rather than today,” she added.”

     I am sorry, but my arthritis is too bad to even consider this. I will have to manage my memory by diet. But, if you consider this, go get a doctor’s clearance first.



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Sunday, 31 May 2020
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