Every US Senator, except Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders, voted for the Russian sanctions, even though there is no evidence that Russia did interfere in the US elections. Even if it did, Russia performed a service of exposing corruption, if not criminality, but the power elite do not worry about that:

     All that counts is having something on Trump, who, for all his defects, has become a symbol of opposition to the New World Order, or as it is now called, globalism: http://www.unz.com/tsaker/sanctions-smoke-and-mirrors-from-a-kindergarten-on-lsd/.

     The world, at present is itching towards nuclear war, with the wild card being North Korea. It is utter insanity to provoke Russia at a time like this, especially given China’s no doubt support for North Korea’s nuclear program, and its own advancement in missile technology.

     As noted at the site linked above, the Russian sanctions will do effectively nothing, and will only make Russia more anti-US. It is a continuation of the sort of Russia-baiting that the Democrats were geared up to deliver, but the Republicans now do their dirty work. But, work for whom? What power? Here is one suggestion, the Neocon lobby, or what we would call, globalists:

“We also have to keep in mind that the Neocon Lobby is unlike any other lobby in the list above. For one thing, it does not represent US interests. Neither does it represent the interests of Israel. Rather, it represents the interests of a specific subset of the US ruling elites, in reality much smaller than 1% of the population, which all share in the one common ideology of worldwide domination typical of the Neocons.
These are the folks who in spite of their 100% ironclad control of the media and Congress lost the Presidential election to Donald Trump and who are now dead set to impeach him. These are the folks who simply use “Russia” as a propagandistic fulcrum to peddle the notion that Trump and his entourage are basically Russian agents and Trump himself as a kind of “Presidential Manchurian Candidate”.
Keep in mind that the historical record shows that while the Neocons are fantastically driven, they are not particularly smart. Yes, they do have the kind of rabid ideological determination which allows them to achieve a totally disproportionate influence over US policies, but when you actually read what they write and listen to what they say you immediately realize that these are rather mediocre individuals with a rather parochial mindset which makes them both very predictable and very irritating to the people around them. They always overplay their hand and then end up stunned and horrified when all their conspiracies and plans come tumbling down on them.
I submit that this is exactly what is happening right now.”

     As I see it, this group is essentially fanatical and detached from reality. They hate Russia because of its nationalism, and its revolt against the religion of political correctness. Consequently, they want to destroy Russia, by force. They are insane enough to think that they can win. No-one is going to win.

     So arrogant are these power elites, in serving their globalist masters, that they have taken the unconstitutional step of removing the president’s authority to revoke the sanctions, completely violating the separation of powers. These are the same folk who split hairs over an alleged Russian interference in the US elections, but they themselves are openly violating the constitution, by spitting on the separation of powers. But, they do not care one jot.
     This is all going to end very badly. But, I suppose the evil system needs to be brought to a head, like some vile infection, that will need to be politically lanced and drained.