The French Revolution 2.0 By Richard Miller

     The French yellow vest protests appear to becoming more radical, not petering out as the media hoped, with hands being torn off, and houses of elites being fire bombed, and action, action, and more action:

“Violence broke out on the streets of Paris today as anti-riot police confronted a mass of French yellow vest protesters on the 13th consecutive weekend of demonstrations. Tear gas and baton charges were used around the Champs Elysee, after demonstrators threw stones at officers and vandals tried to smash shop windows. Shocking footage shows protesters gathering around a man whose hand appears to have been ripped off which spurts blood as he cries in pain. Other grisly scenes show demonstrators trying to topple boards, throwing planks of wood and cornering police as more tear gas is thrown. Many businesses were shut as the Yellow Vests - who are named after their high visibility jackets - mobilised across the country. …

It comes as a criminal enquiry was launched after an arson attack on the home of the President of France's National Assembly. Richard Ferrand, who is the equivalent of the Speaker in Britain's House of Commons and a close personal friend of President Emmanuel Macron, described the attack on the property in his Brittany constituency as 'violence and intimidation'. The National Gendarmerie discovered a blanket, tire residue and a homemade torch soaked in fuel on the site, leaving 'the criminal origin in no doubt,' according to a statement from Mr Ferrand's office. The Yellow Vests have been joined by extremists from the far Right and the ultra-Left, as well as anarchists intent on causing as much damage as possible. The independent Mr Macron, leader of the Republic on The Move party, won the French presidential election in a landslide in 2017, but he is now dubbed the 'President of the Rich' with polls showing his popularity rating struggling to get above 30 per cent. Today's ugly scenes are typical of those that have regularly reduced Paris and other towns and cities to a war zone.”

     This is all very interesting, since most theorists of social breakdown see the final conflict as a Left vs Right fight, but here we have a plurality of Leftists joining with Rightists, in a movement against many ill-defined things, but most certainly in opposition to globalism. This battle is redefining how the breakdown of the West is going to proceed.   



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Wednesday, 27 January 2021
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