The End of Trump, the Crumpet Trumpet By Charles Taylor

     Trump is facing his end, and is going down like a flaccid crumpet. He made a big song and dance about stopping the illegals coming in the “caravan” from Central America, and now they are here and getting on the refugee gravy train. “Civil” rights lawyers are out in force now to ensure that all of South America, along with Mexico gains free entry to the US. Trump does nothing, because he has been told to. As he would Tweet: “sad.”

     As a form of symbolic resistance, Trump must also be destroyed, even though he is useless, merely as a display of Deep State power, like the evil villains do in classic form in the superhero movies.  The Deep State are now nearing completion of their plan to have him removed via an impeachment, because it is an offence to oppose the New World order agenda, even on paper, and the deplorables need to be taught a lesson by their masters:

“We will close with this extremely important excerpt from Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog and his recent interview with former CIA officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp which sums up everything that we’ve been witnessing ever since President Trump was elected and explaining exactly why America is still in such danger as a ‘Constitutional crisis’ the likes we’ve never seen in America continues to unfold in the days and weeks ahead. You can the entire interview embedded as the final video below. Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp says what is going on with Donald J. Trump “is an ongoing coup to remove a duly elected President.” Shipp contends, “This is a huge constitutional crisis like the country has never seen before. This makes Watergate look like a Sunday school class.”

On Friday, Shipp and other retired top officials at the CIA, FBI, DOJ and NSA held a press conference and demanded Attorney General Jeff Sessions prosecute top Obama era officials for obvious crimes against the incoming Trump Administration. Shipp says, “We have a coup within our government right now at the senior levels at the CIA, DOJ and the FBI attempting to unseat a duly elected President who was elected by the American people and remove him from office. . . .This is, at worst, treason with senior officials in the shadow government or Deep State . . . to attack Donald Trump and remove him from office.”

Shipp goes on to explain, “There is essentially a civil war involving parts of senior management and upper parts of our government that is occurring in the United States. It’s between the ‘Dark’ side and the ‘Constitutional’ side. There has never been anything like this in history. It is extremely serious, and this is an extremely serious hour for our government and especially for our constitutional freedoms. . . . This essentially is a global criminal cabal that has penetrated into our government and now has senior level officials colluding and, I would argue, conspiring to unseat this president.”

In closing, Shipp says, “People need to understand that the Democrat Party today is not the Democrat Party of John F. Kennedy. The Democrat Party with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is more Marxist than anything else. They think the Constitution should be a ‘progressive’ document. In other words, the Constitution is outdated and should be redone. They are both directly connected into George Soros, who wants to destroy the sovereignty of the U.S. government. . . . The Democrat Party is now made up of Marxists and leftists that have penetrated that entire organization. . . . Their entire goal is to change our form of government and destroy our sovereignty.”

     Sorry, but the Deep State has long ago destroyed democracy. The issue now is whether or not the deplorable sheeple can pull themselves up by their bootstraps and fight like human beings instead of beings encased in wool, grazing all day on contented pastures of consumer grass. While it lasts.



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Thursday, 29 October 2020
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