The Crash of Testosterone by John Steele

There is something of a broad emerging consensus among the diverse groups and free-wheeling thinkers, going under the umbrella term “Alt Right,” that the key to dealing with the multitude of problems facing us – whether it be the financial/money question, race realities, immigration, feminism, etc. – is that there needs to be strong manly people to seek solutions and to fight for them. But manhood, along with other virtues of our civilisation, has been undermined.

Many see the destruction of manhood in purely socio-political terms, and of course, at a minimum, there is in this, much truth. But, as Roosh, a microbiologist, argues in his article “The Decline in Testosterone is Destroying the Basis of Masculinity,”, there is probably an underlying biochemical explanation for the rise of leftism and general cuckoldry, or what we may now call, “cuckism.”

There is a worldwide crash in both male sperm counts and testosterone levels, with testosterone levels falling by about 17 percent from 1987 to 2004, about 1.2 percent per year, and sperm counts are falling by about 1.9 percent each year. The standard which constitutes “normal’ has been lowered, for otherwise up to 50 percent of men would have low sperm counts.

This crash in maleness is probably caused by endocrine disrupting chemicals, found almost everywhere in modern consumerism, such as plastics, and in foods. Thus, Leftism, may well be for many men, a spin-off of bio-chemical pollution.

Roosh suggests that a ban on these chemicals needs to be made, but progress on this will be difficult because the chemicals serve so well the interests of the elites: if endocrine disrupting chemicals did not exist, they simply would have to be invented.

The best one can do is attempt to minimize expose too these chemicals, eat organic food and possibly investigate methods of chelation therapy to see if the toxins can be removed. It is not easy being a man, and soon it may well be impossible.



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Thursday, 29 July 2021
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