The Cloud: Ready for World War III By James Reed

     I am pleased to spend many hours each day swimming through the shark-infested waters of the internet, indeed, sometimes surfing, to joyfully bring to you, World War III, or is it IV?, news and updates. Here is the latest from the Russian front:

“The Russian military is building a massive cloud which will serve as backup internet in the event of a war. The cloud will be ready in two years and will allow Russia to survive in wartime, even they are totally disconnected...
President Vladimir Putin’s top IT adviser Herman Klimenko has previously stated that during wartime the country could run on the military’s pre-existing internal network – called the Closed Transfer Segment. “Technically, we are ready for any action now,” he told Russian TV station NTV back in March. It was first revealed the country was creating an “independent internet” at the end of last year, which would operate separately from the Domain Name System (DNS) used worldwide. During a meeting of the Russian Security Council, officials discussed an initiative to create an alternative to the DNS, claiming the move could protect Russia and a handful of other nations in the event of a large-scale cyber attack.

However, there is some speculation that this “war cloud” could be a way for Russia to launch its own malicious operations, Defense One reported at the time. According to a new report, the country could run commercial traffic using its own internal network aptly dubbed the “war cloud.”  The war cloud, which is being built at a cost of 390 million rubles ($6 million/ £4.5 million), will rely on data centers all over the country and the first one has purportedly already been completed in the military’s Southern District.  The creation of this first center increased Russian power and influence in the area as well. According to a report by Defence One, this is an area that includes the illegally annexed Crimean peninsula as well as parts of eastern Ukraine.”

     So, Russia is getting all of its IT ready. But, the time frame of two years may not be satisfactory, if it is true that the US is now  preparing  a false flag chemical attack in Syria to kick start World War III, because it would be a fun thing for bored world weary elites, with too much power in their hands, to do.

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Saturday, 29 February 2020
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