The “Chinese Virus” By Peter West

     I have just got back from the doctors, and it was like something out of a zombie infection movie, being met at the door by staff, who assessed me as to whether I would be of any risk with respect to Covid 19 infection. My doctor said the clinic could close, so he wrote me a pile of scripts to see me out for maybe a few months, after which I will probably get sick and die, or find out that I did not need the meds at all, and was better of without them. I speculate. This was in my mind when I read this piece by James Fulford, on why Trump was right to call Covid 19, the “Chinese virus.” However, Fulford spells out the details of Chinese dietary practices and the health consequences, coming from the close interaction with all sorts of animals like bats, which are eaten. I respect the Chinese, but, I suppose the point has to be made, because if it was us that did the following, they would be pretty upset too, and rightly so:

“The Novel Coronavirus, aka Corona, Wuhan Virus, or “Kung Flu,” came into being apparently via the unsanitary Chinese habit of eating live bats, etc., in the “wet markets” of Wuhan. This is not a racial characteristic, but a cultural one. People outside China don’t do it, much, but the whole world is suffering from it. David Cole of Takimag explained this on February 4, 2020 in a column Crazy Rich Asians Will Kill Us All:

There’s a quote I’m sure you’ve heard, and it’s usually attributed to Einstein (although he was far from the first to say it, and even he said it different ways at different times): “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought. I know only this: World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” Well, here’s a quote with only one author (me): “I know not the source of the next extinction-level pandemic. I know only this: White people will not be allowed to discuss it.” Cole gave as an example an “anti-racist” polemic from James Palmer at Foreign Affairs magazine: Don’t Blame Bat Soup for the Wuhan Virus—Racist memes target Chinese eating habits, but the real causes of the coronavirus are more mundane. (January 27,  2020).”

“There’s a lot of suspicion on the right at the moment that Wuhanvirus is a bioweapon that was cooked up in a lab, but that kind of talk plays right into the hands of the Chinese, as it obscures the fact that Wuhanvirus was totally predictable (and thus avoidable). As the AP flatly stated in 2004, “Most flu strains start in China.” This is a simple fact. But now, because apparently reality’s not exciting enough, a lot of MAGA types are acting like it’s somehow suspicious that a virus came from China (next you’ll tell me that a koala came from Australia!).  “For much of the past century, Asia has been the cradle of influenza, including two of the three major human flu pandemics,” the AP reported sixteen years ago. “80% of the new human flu strains the last few decades appeared in China.” The scientists interviewed by the AP agreed on one very important central point: China is a flu breeding ground because of its customs regarding animal consumption and storage. Claiming Wuhanvirus escaped from a lab lets the Chinese off the hook. They’ve had warning after warning that their customs and cuisine could kill us all. Three years ago, Smithsonian magazine ran an article that asked, “Is China ground zero for a future pandemic?” and the answer was yes. Smithsonian concluded that China is the likely source of the next major global pandemic, and again, the scientists were unanimous as to why: the animal cuisine and the country’s barbaric “wet markets” (for the record, the Smithsonian piece was written by a Chinawoman who was Newsweek’s Beijing bureau chief).

Speculating about lab-created germ warfare not only erases Chinese cultural culpability, it also encourages panic buying by reinforcing the myth that Wuhanvirus is more than a flu. People are hoarding like it’s the end of days because they’ve been led to believe that the world is facing something unprecedented. It isn’t. Wuhanvirus is a flu strain; it’s most deadly to the old and infirm, and it can be fought off with standard anti-flu precautions. Wuhanvirus is not a superbug, and its origin is no surprise. At this point, no matter how Wuhanvirus pans out casualty-wise, it will definitely hurt our economy and possibly sway our election. And the Chinese are doing everything they can to divert attention from the virus’ origin. It’s ironic that certain MAGA types seem intent on helping them (give rightists a colorful conspiratorial story to explain the mundane, and they’ll take to it like flies on pupu every time). Responsibility for Wuhanvirus is on the entire Chinese nation. The government could have easily bullied its people into abandoning their reckless animal customs (I mean, hell, the CCP damn near bullies the citizenry about everything else), and the Chinese citizens, having birthed new flu after new flu, could have taken it upon themselves to change their ways. So why didn’t they? For a nation so concerned with international trade, especially with the U.S., why the cavalier attitude when it comes to gifting the world with new diseases? Because, as I mentioned earlier, the Chinese have learned our weaknesses.”

     I think that his article is a bit excessive in blaming the entire Chinese people, when the main harm was the Chinese communist rulers who did not take pre-emptive action to control the animal eating practices of a poor people needing what protein they can get. It seems then, that the liberal globalist obsession with not saying anything remotely “racist,” which translates today as whites not criticising anything about another culture, will have deadly effects. It will also produce a backlash, as people faced with fearful situations, respond as all animals do.

“As nations across the world struggle to contain the Wuhan coronavirus, they should realize it is also long past time to quarantine the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The people of China must understand that their future under the Communist Party is as outcasts, lepers, pariahs – isolated and quarantined by the civilized world. If that is not the future they want, the time to rise up and overthrow the Communists is now. The future of China is warehouses stuffed full of rotting and decaying goods no one will buy, accounts filled with money they can’t spend, travel instantly blocked at the first sign of pandemic because that’s the only responsible way for the world to handle the Communist Party. The early days of the Wuhan outbreak provide a deadly and unforgettable lesson that the Communists cannot be trusted to do anything except protect their own political and financial interests. They love to turn the rhetoric of civilized nations against them, nattering on endlessly about global standards, international law, and “win-win cooperation,” but they believe in none of those things. The lives of their own citizens matter very little to the CCP, the lives of foreigners even less. China kept international officials from visiting the hot zone, politically corrupted the World Health Organization (WHO) – which was advising against travel bans just as the Wuhan virus was exploding into a global pandemic, and wouldn’t even admit it was a “pandemic” until one week ago, when it became impossible to deny the truth – and is now expelling foreign journalists, cutting off the meager trickle of clean information to the outside world.

China is far too opaque, far too dismissive of basic human rights, to be welcomed into reputable international organizations as a full member. The CCP corrupts every organization it joins. It should be expelled from all of them, or relegated to observer status only. WHO could begin this process by correcting the unspeakable injustice of excluding Taiwan to protect China’s vanity. Taiwan should be a full member of WHO, and China should be an observer at best. That assumes WHO cleans out all of the officials who bowed to the CCP’s demands and becomes an organization worth belonging to. Taiwan’s exemplary handling of the coronavirus may actually have been helped by not being a member of the World Health Organization, insulating the island from Beijing’s propaganda and political demands. What clearer signal could there be that China’s rulers must be quarantined before they can infect any more important international structures with their politics? The world was left no choice but to handle China this way. It was probably inevitable, communism and fascism being what they are. It’s on us for letting things fester until now because some globalists wanted to get rich quick, and some ideologues can’t call evil when they see it. China’s system is nominally communist, but its current incarnation is closer to fascism in the most important ways, including the illusion of private commerce dominated and controlled by the CCP. The world must understand there is no such thing as an independent Chinese business or billionaire. Everyone and everything is subject to Party control.”

     The Chinese Communist Party is the entity which both the globalist Left, and money economic Right, on the Big end of Town, suck up to. This should not be forgotten.



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Sunday, 25 July 2021
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