The Australian War on Cash By James Reed

     Perhaps you may not have heard of this news if you just read our Australian media, although I found one report there, but it has been reported that Australia has made a grand leap frog in the New World order inspired war on cash, by  banning cash payments of over $10,000. This is allegedly aimed at dealing with the black market economy, but it does not take much thinking or knowledge of current affairs to see that this is just bs, and is part of a globalist movement to phase out cash so that people can be at the mercy of electronic transactions. Toe the line, or bingo, bank accounts frozen, or drained and you starve.

     Given the cowardice and apathy of the ordinary sheep, and let’s face facts here because our survival is at stake and it is suicidal to see the world through rose-coloured liberal democratic glasses. People will need to adopt survivalist, off grid strategies. Part of these involves stockpiling physical goods that will store and last a long time. Think dries beans and lentils versus frozen meat. Have on stock enough clothes, shoes/boots, toiletries etc. to last for the longer haul. These items should be things that you would spend money on anyway. There is a large segment of the survivalist movement focussed on gold and Bitcoin and other cyber-currencies. I have not qualifications for offering financial advice. What I do know though is that it is hard to go wrong having stashed in one’s shed items that do not spoil (e.g. toilet paper, dried goods etc.), that one can use in hard times, leaving above the iceberg, one’s normal job-money, which for most of us is the pitiful amount given by Centrelink.



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Saturday, 28 November 2020
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