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The Australian Multiculturalism Act: Making the Dispossession of Traditional Australia, Law! By Peter Ewer

     Here is the next big battle: the Australian Multiculturalism Bill 2018, a gift from the Greens, who are big on social justice pc, but weak on important environmental issues, such as immigration and population expansion, because they are basically red inside:;query=Id%3A%22legislation%2Fems%2Fs1143_ems_e61c8a43-68bc-4cde-b0f8-b817f5fa0b45%22

This Bill enshrines in legislation the principles of multiculturalism and diversity. Enshrining the principles of multiculturalism in law is consistent with state legislation and ensures multilateral and ongoing support for multiculturalism.

The Bill establishes a federal multicultural commission, (to be named the Australian Multicultural Commission), which will provide advice to the Minister on issues pertinent to multicultural communities, acts as a single coordination point for integrated responses to community issues, undertakes wide ranging consultations with various bodies and develops and maintains relationships between community organisations.

The Bill also outlines annual reporting requirements for Commonwealth entities.
These reporting requirements include:
â?¢          a summary of actions undertaken by the entity during that period to promote the achievement of Australia’s multicultural policy;
â?¢          the use of interpreting and translating services by the entity during that period;
â?¢          communications in languages other than English made by the entity during that period;
â?¢          the extent to which people from diverse backgrounds were represented during the period on boards and committees established by the entity or for which the entity had responsibility; and
â?¢          the collection of statistical data during the period to enable the development of policies, programs and practices which are sensitive and responsive to the multicultural character of Australia.

For the purposes of the bill, a person from a diverse background is defined as either being born overseas or having one or more parents born overseas.

… The bill outlines that the Australian government:
â?¢                      recognises Australia’s First Nations people and that Australia has been a proudly multicultural country since before British arrival;
â?¢                      recognises that Australians come from diverse cultural backgrounds and that multiculturalism is a fundamental aspect of Australian heritage;
â?¢                      protects the equal treatment of individuals under the law, while respecting the cultural, linguistic and religious diversity of those individuals;
â?¢                      fosters an appreciation of diverse cultures and to advance community harmony in Australia by demonstrating a national commitment to the value of diversity;
â?¢                      encourages and assists the institutions of Australia to be inclusive of our multicultural community;
â?¢                      ensures that all Australians are equally entitled to participate and contribute to the social, cultural, economic and political life of Australia;
â?¢                      ensures that all Australians are able to confidently access government-funded services.

     This politically correct bill on steroids which is basically a bill of rights for multiculturalism, all at a time when the world is supposed to be facing ecological doom, according to the Greens. Some priorities. It will have untold effects upon the law, with the ethnic lobby exerting unheard of powers over every law. All criticism of anything multicultural will become illegal and all freedom of speech will die. It will create an even bigger drain on the public purse than multiculturalism does at the moment. Wait until the pc judges get their claws on it! As they say; you’ve not seen anything, yet!

     This is Australia’s version of the suppression which we have covered of Europe and the United States. If this succeeds, then the Labor Party will push ahead with the strongest vilification legislation in the world, something that was fought and defeated in the Gillard regime. Organisations like the League will simply have to shut up shop. Don’t expect social credit to be a convenient shield, since the elites will go back over Major Douglas and Eric Butler’s work, and inevitably link it to today’s work. Anyone reading the material covered at this site will know what can be done, and truth has nothing to do with it, when you have power. It will be game over. Most of us have been warning about this for some time, and the warning signs from America are very clear.

     Thus, unless you are about to die, contact Pauline Hanson and get the ball rolling, along with your local member of parliament, and any other independents. Hopefully, this can be defeated, or at least watered down more so that it becomes just a token, but defeat is better, as was done to the Gillard legislation. I don’t expect most people to send an email, but you can pick up the phone and ring Pauline’s office. Hello, my name is whatever. I have heard that there is a multiculturalism bill. I oppose this because, and say your bit, or if you can’t, then just say you oppose it. Please, we need to start winning some of these battles, and it can only be done if the ordinary people take a stand.

Pauline Hanson

Electorate Office
(Principal Office)
Suite 6, Level 36, Waterfront Place
1 Eagle Street
Brisbane, QLD, 4000
Postal address
GPO Box 228
Brisbane, QLD, 4001
(07) 3221 7644
(07) 3221 8422
Parliament Office
PO Box 6100
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600
(02) 6277 3184
(02) 6277 5805

Bob Katter may be worth a try too:

 Electorate Office 1
(Principal Office)
Corner Edith and Owen Streets
Innisfail, QLD, 4860
Postal address
PO Box 1638
Innisfail, QLD, 4860
(07) 4061 6066
(07) 4061 6566
Electorate Office 2
42-44 Simpson Street
Mount Isa, QLD, 4825
Postal address
PO Box 2130
Mount Isa, QLD, 4825
(07) 4743 3534
(07) 4743 0189
Parliament Office
PO Box 6022
House of Representatives
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600
(02) 6277 4978
(02) 6277 8558

     The brilliant guy who writes those wonderful letters to the newspapers is well welcome to write some more, on this topic.



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