The Asian Nuclear Arms Race – and Australia Will Remain Unarmed and Take in Even More Migrants By Paul Walker

     We should not be surprised about an Asian nuclear arms race,  because Asians do not have the liberal cucked world view that has come to dominate our world. Thus, it has been reported that Asian is about to embark on an inevitable nuclear arms race, fuelled by fears of North Korea, but no doubt reinforced by long-standing fears of China’s increasing power and aggression: The Australian, May 26, 2017, p. 1. This will almost certainly lead to a nuclear exchange occurring somewhere; recall that India and Pakistan, both nuclear-armed sit eternally on a knife-edge:

     Australia, from the time of Mr Populate and Perish, Fabian socialist Arthur Calwell (1896-1973), the “father of multiculturalism” and Asianisation:, has pursued a policy of dismantling its ethno-racial Anglo-Saxon heritage and culture. If you are 50 years old or more, you would have seen first-hand how this was done, and it is now celebrated for what it truly is, but it was not openly proclaimed as this at the time by the elites: How could “Australian nationalism” be founded on this basis of Fabian socialism, as some still seem to think?  If you think so, then read more carefully the article  above.
Along with this, even the Christian moral and legal framework that past Anglo-Australians grew up with has been slowly deconstructed, brick by brick, so that today not only is homosexuality mainstream, and same-sex marriage likely to soon be law, as it is in America and Ireland, championed by the same class of elites, but transgenderism and beyond are moving up the ranks:

     Hence, a fully-cucked-out Australia has the cultural cringing politically correct grovelling of the Victorian government apologising to the chinese community “for the racism and unjust policies their ancestors endured during Australia’s gold rush era”: Never mind that no Asian nation would offer such an apology: Nations are very reluctant to apologise for mass murder, let alone policies which were part of the law of the land at the time, and still are. In other words, China would never offer such an apology to Australia. Who knows what lawsuits are going to now arise because of the apology.

     Facing a nuclear-armed Asian, Australia will take the path of surrender. It could have been a nuclear power, like Britain, but instead was led down the road to national suicide by the elites. The future Australian flags will be solid white, one for each of us, unless we–the remaining traditionalists–can pull this one out of the fire before it is too badly charred.



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Sunday, 25 October 2020
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